Riding with Private Malone

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Riding with Private Malone
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Humanis Aztechnology
Ty Vallynn
Humanis Grunts Various Aztechnology Grunts and a Strike Team
Casualties and losses
Various Aztechnology Grunts


Sister Hana has the hallowed halls of Saint Paul's Cathedral being haunted by a spirit named Private Malone. She wants the runners to figure out the spirit's problem and solve it.


A world war two era spirit, named Private Malone has appeared in Saint Paul's Cathedral, demanding someone help stop some human trafficking ring.

The Meet

The runners are requested to meet at 4AM in Saint Paul's Cathedral, a Catholic Church with a WWII infantry solider spirit amongst of the halls. Meeting with Pvt. Malone they find out the private has found out about a human trafficking ring named 'Unitarian Recquizators'.

The Plan

The plan was, to have a plan. Catharsis hopped onto the matrix and dug into their target, finding out that they, like most other Humanis, operated out of Snohomish. Going to the main Humanis site, they found out a Humanis rally was going on that evening at around 7PM. From there, they would see what they could dig up and find.

The Run

Catharsis, Ty and Ryōma headed for the Humanis meet--Catharsis and Ty surfed the crowd learning of a hotel on the Salish Shide boarder while Ryōma spoke to a man they would later discover was an undercover cop. Ryōma approached the man asking about work at the aforementioned hotel, and the cop suggested that Ryōma meet with a man named Jefferson in a club in Northern Snohomish. Once the speaking and rallying began in full, Catharsis escaped outside first, hacking into the KE officer's comm and sending a message to Jefferson to send them straight into the belly of the beast.

Catharsis had the bright idea of stuffing Ty (who had shifted into a fox) into her bag, so they could all ride together. The runners made it to the club, and met with Jefferson briefly before departing for the hotel. An old creepy hotel which was using it's basement to hold meta-humans of all shapes and sizes prisoner. A quick trip in the matrix sorted out the locations of where the prisoners were and how to get to them. As they finally located where the captives were, the Azzie strike team began to close in. Running for the road master they were all loading in, Ty drove while Catharsis began to free people, looking for those amongst them who could help them escape. While Ryōma fired on the Azzie's, their luck prevailed and they found a rigger who could help them escape, and a lone distressed Dyrad technomancer whom the corp was chasing after. With their combined efforts of some decent driving, dataspiking cars into the ground and one excellent stroke of luck to have the assistance, they were able to escape. One rough ride later, the group was able to discern that these were random people picked up off the street doing a variety of mundane activities.


The dryad was directed to the Aztland pyramid, and the other Humanis victims were sent to Saint Paul's Cathedral to be sent home fed and clothed to their families.


8 Karma or 16K money (8 RVP)

Optional Contact Private Malone 2/3 (4 RVP)

Sister Hana 3/2 (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Ty's first run. He was excited and nervous. The job was pretty straightforward, if lacking in initial details. After doing what felt like a bunch of legwork on Catharsis's part the group figured out where to go. Ty did not like the Humanists. He had never dealt with them before, but he would rather not again. Unless it was with the barrel of his gun. But, I digress. Everything was going good, until it wasn't. We spotted the undercover cops, found the secret meeting place, and got through the door. Then Catharsis said something about an HTR team? Aztechnology? Ty didn't know all the details. He did know HTR=bad. But with some quick thinking and solid work by Catharsis, Ryoma, a dwarf rigger, and a very cool technomancer, they managed to escape. Ty did learn a lesson here about scrubbing your astral signature. Apparently it can be followed, which can be really bad.


This run felt gross--Not because of the J or because of what we had to do, but because it was filled with Humanis. Dragging my poor persona through Humanis drek on the 'trix, and then having to drag my meatself through their disgusting antics in person. We had made it to rescue folks, when a fragging Azzie HTR team showed up, looking for their Techno. Thankfully, they and a rigger were willing to cooperate to get us all out of that hell hole. It was nice, setting people free. It felt equally mournful however to send that techno back to Aztechnology. But that's where they wanted to go.