Sibling Rivarly

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Sibling Rivarly
Factions Involved
Binary Belisarius
Casualties and losses
Prince's pride


The runners are hired by Alcatraz to deliver a gift to his sister, Rina Blackmore.  


Alcatraz has irritated his sister, Rina to the final straw. After a botched hit on her from some haven runners (Murder at the Theatre) she is out for blood, and has everyone in the family hunting him. Alcatraz is looking for the runners to give her a gift, and to help him prove that he does love and care for her.

The Meet

The meet was scheduled at the Raven's Nest downtown around 5PM—Collecting outside of the bar, there was some inter party debate if Belisarius could could bring their chainsaw halberd into the meeting with the J. Eventually overruled, the weapon was stashed in Prince's car. Down in the manager's office, the learned the deal—What Alcatraz had done, and how he wanted the runners to fix it. Drinks were ordered by some, notably motor oil for Belisarius. They were given her address in Bellevue, and left to plan.

The Plan

The plan quickly dove tailed from what the J wanted—Prince convinced Alcatraz that in order to make the apology seem more genuine, he'd be better off giving it in person.  

The Run

Splitting off into Ice and Belisarius, and Prince, Catharsis and Alcatraz, Ice called in Jade in order to secure a bodyguard BTL for Belisarius, then dug up some information on Rina Blackmore and her activities, the Blackmore Society's funding from the DA being one of the main points. While Ice searched, Beilsarius attempted to call Dominus Faust but due to Faust's cyberpsychotic nature, the meta link simply ended up a melted pile of plastic. Not liking what they were seeing matrix wise, Ice elected to contact Informer who suggested she follow the money.

Once they arrived at Blackmore's estate, Ice quickly forged a delivery notice in order to bypass the gate guards, and much to Prince's envy, Alcatraz unmasked himself, before glamoring his beauty away to something much more unrecognizable. Entering the building, they realized that in the large mansion, they had no way of finding Rina--(un)fortunately for them, Alcatraz called out in a glamored voice, 'Hey sister-Rina Blackmore!'. This of course, attracted a pair of guards, who immediately flagged the group as runners. Well, except for Catharsis. In order to cover their tracks, Belisarius claimed she was a hostage, who they would have no issue maiming the childhood friend of Rina in order to gain what they wanted—A private audience with Rina. After some debate, some lying about cyberpsychosis and some concessions, they were able to secure an audience with Rina, but Belisarius had to stay downstairs by the guards.

Slipping through the mansion, they entered a conference room where Rina was sat. Once the door was closed, Alcatraz dispelled his glamor, and began to give his own apology. With some convincing from Prince, Rina didn't immediately reject him at first glance, and instead opened the box. Disgusted, the group was given their final warning, and after being walked through how to give a proper apology by Catharsis, Alcatraz issues a genuine apology to his sister, explaining that he wanted to hurt their father, and that she herself was not the actual target. Less than pleased with the gift of her fiance's head, but seemingly satisfied with his apology, Rina offered Alcatraz a deal—She'd call off the hit if he refocused onto their father instead.


Safe for now, the group left the conference room, to see black oily ichor everywhere—Belisarius can drink motor oil, but not digest it. Prince and Belisarius mopped up the vomited out motor oil off the floor of the entryway and then everyone went home. Informer returned to Ice with news some something strange going on in the astral, the head of the Blackmore facility was building something in the astral, something that they suspect is aiding Jeremiah Blackmore to become the next prince of Tir Tairngire.


  • 10,000 Nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 3 Karma (3 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Optional Rewards

  • 20k Nuyen (5 RVP) Gear Rewards in Weapons or Cars
  • Alcatraz C3/L2 (4 RVP)
  • Belisarius: One elven head

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I didn't think holding a pretty decker hostage to get an audience with some prissy high-ranking Tir Elf would be on my to-do list, but there I was. Trying to solve a sibling rivalry where the brother wanted to hand the sister her ex-fiance's head as a gift to reconcile. I don't know which one of us looked into the future and saw the alt-death scenario where we handed the target this head and she killed us all, but we brought the J in and he had to explain, and then we beat an actual apology out of him. I'm glad I chose Prince for the mockery of Tir Elves, just as easy marks as any other metatype.


This run was particular i would say...Elf buisness i never really looked into it i'm mostly into Corporation buisness...But maybe i should give it a try.


Again, another run where you seemed to blink and everything went sideways. It started off normal enough, family feuds in the crime world happen, and they can often escalate beyond control. Ice was quick on their feet and thankfully got us into the mansion. However I somehow didn't get flagged as a runner. So my normal looking-self was suddenly a hostage to someone who not several hours before had been claiming the chainsaw they were hefting was a religious item. Thankfully some of my more soft skills became applicable as we got to the apology--However, word of the wise: Do not give severed heads as gifts.