Peeking through Bars

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Peeking through Bars
LocationSeattle and Freecal
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Dead Shot Inc.
Major Corp Enemy mercs
Cold Hands
Six of Hearts
Casualties and losses
mage, 2 riflemen


so mercenary Co primary focus on assassination needed to get three individuals smuggled back into Seattle and have requested runners should drive all the way down to San Francisco to pick up these new recruits and it turns out but it was somewhat of a dangerous job along the way


Two mercenary bands have always a massive disagreement with each other and now seeing how one is moving to expand into the territory of another they decided to take a bit of umbrage to that an begin to attack one another. so we come to the day where one needs to acquire a few new members an sadly cannot because they're constantly being attacked by the other company

The Meet

It was like any other meat for most shadowrunners asides they had to meet at a unconstructed building that is crawling with people wearing suits so it was definitely something they were not used to you know most are used to heading to a bar and just having a advantage against Johnson, but one day Johnson is literally a handler for a bunch of assassins it's quite a bit difficult and so after meeting with the Johnson they would be told about the jobs that they need to acquire some interesting cargo from San Francisco and the Johnson did not tell them a bit about the information early on because they never asked. they worded giving a special vehicle to use to transport the cargo back to Seattle. all seem well on their way there. a bus was attack and it was not there and staying at a truck stop with ghouls trying to get in and killed for trying to nom on people. so they made it to SF and made their way to pick up the cargo.

The Plan

There wasn't much of a plan aside pick up their cargo and avoid any dangers along the way. using burner sins and other means of getting past the border it was all a simple affair but they did ready themselves in case they had to get into a fight and luckily they did

The Run

Once they arrive at the location they began to notice things were strange and for a few of their sharp eyes. they notice that the security guard was this patch and his blood was a bit on the location and well as his corpse was shoved into a nearby trash can. they began to move up and the spirit detected three lifeforms which was two of the cargo an one of the opposers who was not on lives door for much longer before he was executed by a massive magical tiger. once the runners entered the facility with the help of the J talking over the phone to help calm down the dangerous wildlife they managed to see that these things were actually shapeshifters and could understand them but due to their extensive wounds they were not able to participate in the fight and stayed back at the bus preventing anyone from sabotaging it on their way out. while the runners heard the sound of gunfire and began to move that way where they would help assist the other two cargo who are currently being attacked by the opfor. Each other others perform to their ability Downing the enemies left and right .wychking knocking themselves out by reckless casting two spells which leave their spirits up. Skadi using their sniper rifle too extreme effective and taking down a target or two and cold hands getting into melee combat with or one of the bosses among the enemy mercenary company. and six providing good tackle assistance and along with engaging the enemies they were able to handle them and take in the boss alive back to deadshot incorporated.


in the aftermath of the events they have acquired all of the cargo who are somewhat wounded aisde  the prototype who was completely knocked unconscious, for the hold right back and with the boss of the small mercenary group now in the custody of the runners who constantly was being knocked out by a spirit an by a shapeshifter who sat on his chest entire ride. they would make it back to the deadshot incorporated construction site where they would be paid and offer a few interesting rewards if they would take it


20k (RVP 10 GMP)


40k in assassin gear type items (RVP) 18 avi and below


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


The ride was nice... nothing terribly out of the ordinary... until the shifters showed up. They kept nice and calm, so it was not an issue. Taking down the other mercs was good fun. I am also fairly certain Wychking has a deathwish. Do sleduyushchego raza, moya lyubov'!


Shifters being smuggled out of Japan? Talk about an unexpected set of circumstances. I'm glad that I managed to get through to them and help them out of a tough spot, nobody would like being in a cage like that, but... who exactly ended up being after them? I don't really see the whole picture here and maybe it's better if I don't shove my nose into places it doesn't belong. Still...

Cold Hands

"Getting paid for a road trip is nice, even if the circumstances weren't great. We got to see all the attractions of the great outdoors, including checkpoints, undead attacks on trucker stops, intelligent awakened pack animals, and more checkpoints. After driving a bus up and down the west coast, I think I'll stick to bikes."

"Ran into a chromed-up blade-wielder when we faced the OpFor. He was adequately fast, but his technique had the unrefined, rough nature of a man who relied on the strength of metal limbs. If he survived being knocked out and left tied up, perhaps he'll learn from it."


...Those were a bunch of weirdly conspicuous assassins. They're not my problem yet, so I'm not going to do anything about them for now. The team was excellent, and I didn't expect to meet another giant this far from home.

PS: Animal assassins might backfire horribly for these assassins; we'll have to see in the future.