Grandma's Pearls

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Grandma's Pearls
Status Threat Level: Milkrun
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Paracritters


Three runners were assembled to retrieve a new and flighty J's missing jewelry. Along the way, the discovered that Shadowrunning doesn't always have to be hard, but it isn't always easy either. Also, beware of furry creatures.


The three runners were all contacted by their various fixers and informed of a seemingly simple run put out by a newbie J. They made their various ways to the meet way out in Puyallup, a location which the runners remarked on as an odd choice, especially when the J rolled up in a ROLLS-ROYCE PHAETON.

The Meet

After the driver got out and opened the door, the J bounced out, a bubbly elven socialite. The J needed the runners to discretely search out a thief, and recover the J's sentimentally valuable pearls. The J then made clear the need for discretion, and that the runners would need to do their work without drawing the attention of other members of the household. After agreeing on payment, the J re-entered the car, and the driver closed the door. When questioned by the runners, the driver reluctantly stated that the household staff had been dealing with some pests around the house, mostly insect in nature, and that this incident was the closest the whole household had gotten to learning of the issue. He gave the runners the coordinates of the mansion, and his commcode so that he could discreetly escort them onto and off of the property. While the runenrs were discussing things with the driver, some rustling was heard in a bush nearby, and 2 of the runners went to investigate, finding only tracks of an opossum. Finding no connection with the mission at hand, they left the animal to its foraging.

The Plan

After the J left the meeting location, the runners then planned their entry method into the property. The runner agreed that they would need some costumes for disguises, and between multiple calls to contacts and a quick visit to the Crime Mall, the team found themselves outfitted with (seemingly) all they would need to blend in and complete the job. While exiting the Crime Mall, a few Halloweeners attempted to take by force the cleaner's cart acquired by Cold Hands, and were quickly and thoroughly defeated by the runner team.

The Run

The team then hopped in Orchid's Roadmaster and headed up into Everett. Upon approaching the area of the mansion, they found themselves blocked by a manned checkpoint. After an initial nail-biting SIN scan for Suzanna, a second scan allowed the runners through. The driver then allowed the runners onto the property, and escorted them up the stairs and into the J's room. After some investigation, the runners discovered strange scratch marks on some of the furniture, and similar damage to the the window lock. After noting that this kind of damage was seemingly animalian in nature. Heading back outside and looking for tracks, the runners follow the animal sign to a tree. Orchid decided to climb the tree, following her nose. As she climbed, she began to hear hissing as she approached a hollow in the tree. The runners on the ground readied their weapons, and Orchid hissed right back at the creature in the hollow. Unbowed by this attempt at intimidation, Orchid continued climbing, and came under attack by a Bandit. After grabbing the attacking animal, Orchid dropped it to the ground, where Suzanna used her adept skills and shock glove to knock out the Awakened creature. Orchid came under attack a second time when she attempted to reach her hand into the hollow, and she again managed to eject the animal from the tree, down to the ground where Suzanna was again able to quiet the attacking creature. Upon a second attempt at entering the hollow, Orchid found 3 raccoon kits, and an assortment of jewelry and valuables, including the Johnson's missing pearls. The team gathered up the procyonids and head back towards the mansion to meet up with the driver.


The runners met the driver at the backdoor of the mansion, whereupon the driver took receipt of the recovered valuables and handed over the runner's payment. He then politely asked the runners to leave, and bid them goodnight. Orchid and Suzanna piled into Orchid's Roadrunner while Cold Hands hopped onto their bike, and the runners drove off into the night. They headed for a wildlife refuge where they dropped off the animals and headed in their various directions homeward.


10k nuyen, items acquired during the run.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cold Hands

"Straightforward lost item request from the Johnson. Obvious inexperience in dealing with runners aside, the Johnson honored the terms of the agreement and paid us for a completed delivery. OpFor, if you can call them that, were efficiently disabled and relocated so that future conflict with the Johnson is unlikely."

"Incidentally, I am writing up this cleaning cart as a business expense - far too much blood was shed over it for me to leave it off the ledger. I'm keeping it, too."


"Orchid did a good job of wrangling raccoons off a tree while in a maid uniform. Her performance should reflect positively if considered for future work."

Suzanna Diu

"What fun! I'm so glad the little critters are safe! And such lovely pearls! Those maid outfits were a hoot! I might have mine tailored later to really make it shine."

"It felt good to get back out there and feel the rush of a job. And for a good cause! I wasn't sure how much I'd have in common with my fellow runners, but I suppose we're all here for the same thing."

"Speaking of which, I simply must find a way to celebrate! I wonder what Lady Saturday is up to..."


Not the first time I had to deal with gangers or dress up as a maid. people think it's weird I have so many outfits. but when you been in this line of work for years. learn to be ready for anything.