DJ Samurai

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DJ Samurai
LocationRedmond, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven SpinGlobal
Black Samurai
Cold Hands
Spinradical Security
Toxic Tension


In which a quartet of samurai are hired to do samurai things.

The Meet

The runners are all doing their own thing when they’re contacted by Warboss (except for Cold Hands, who is not familiar with him, and who has the call forwarded by their own fixer), being told to meet with him in the OU. When they all arrive, they are greeted to the sweet sounds of goblin rock (who Samsara identifies as one “Toxic Tension”) - he tells them that he needs them to get them to stop playing at all hours of the night, and also to get his autograph for him. Sanjuro makes the bold choice to give Warboss a friendly punch in the shoulder, earning herself a full-force punch in the face back (thankfully he keeps the spurs retracted), which she takes on a chin like a champ.

The Plan

Warboss leads them to a tunnel that will grant them entrance to the Spinrad facility where they are playing, giving them a set of explosives to breach it before leaving; Black Samurai, realizing the disaster in the making, finds the most responsible ork that Samsara knows (Weirdboi) to dispose of them properly, and Weirdboi goes off to use them to install a rocket fist into someone.

Sanjuro decides to get betameth’d up, and Samsara succumbs to peer pressure and joins her in tweeking; while Samsara (with Cold Hands’ assistance) starts to smashing blow her way through the collapsed tunnel, Sanjuro and Black Samurai head up to the surface to the entrance to the Spinrad facility itself to simply ask them politely to turn the music down. Black Sam manages to talk his way inside by pretending to be Kakei Steve, however Sanjuro is tweeking too hard to talk her way inside and is sent back down to the tunnel to help with the digging.

The Run

While the infiltration commences, Black Sam (somehow) manages to talk his way through the Spinrad facility as Steve, being introduced to the manager; he manages to (again, somehow) sell a whopper of a lie that the band needs to stop playing for a few days while he clears up some legal issues with the filming of their new video. To his great surprise, the DJ comes out to speak, talking of how excited he is to film the fight scene; Samsara and Sanjuro start begging Black Sam to let them star in the music video, and to his great consternation he complies. Black Sam tells the DJ that he has a trio of fighters on standby ready to go, and almost immediately after the cameras are rolling the team burst their way through the floor and strike dramatic poses. Samsara, seizing the moment, leaps onto Toxic Tension (a cybercentaur combat DJ) and rides him into the studio. Sanjuro takes out one of her incendiary arrows for some impromptu pyrotechnics as she, Black Samurai and Cold Hands charge in with their swords in hand. A battle of truly radical proportions ensues, with the entire team taking the opportunity to out-perform eachother with epic stunts and other such shenanigans.

Of course, the runners are the heels, and they realize that Toxic Tension has to “win” the fight - thus they begin to key their performance to making them look as radi-cool as possible, allowing themselves to be dispatched one by one and exit stage right by being tossed through the hole in the floor that they came through. Once the whole thing is cleared up in post it should look great.


The runners beat a quick retreat through the OU back to Warboss, while Samsara crashes on accelerator and wakes up in Weirdboi’s clinic; providing him with Toxic Tension’s autograph, they earn the Skraacha leader’s approval - they also receive contact info from the combat DJ for their inevitable rematch.


  • Toxic Tension (Connection 4) at Loyalty 4 - 7 RVP
  • 10 CDP - 4 RVP


  • Tough As Nails - 5 RVP

Samsara and Cold Hands:

  • Perfect Time - 5 RVP

Black Samurai:

  • Groupthink - 5 RVP
  • Optional Contact: Warboss (Connection 6) at Loyalty 3 for - 8 RVP or -16 CDP for getting him Toxic Tension's autograph

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Wooo! This was awesome! I got to hang out with Black Sam and work/do drugs with Sanjuro and met that cool elf biker lady Cold Hands and oh man I totally met and fought with one of the best DJs around, that was great! I mean like, of course he won, because he’s awesome and it was also for like a music video and stuff, so like, gotta keep kayfab - learned that from wrestling that one time. Still, it was super cool and rad as heck - can't wait to see the music video!


This was super fun! Warboss punched me in the jaw but I apologized so I'm sure it's fine and then I punched through rock, learned I might be magic and then we recorded this super cool music video! The guy was super strong and I like went for this super powerful sweep that would probably have killed most things but he just tanked it and fell over and then he got back up and we all had to get defeated dramitically and go for super cool stunts and there was fire and it was SO COOL!!!!

Cold Hands

"Bautista has been sending me on some... unusual jobs. When I met up with Warboss, a prodigiously-sized troll leader of the OU, I wasn't expecting the job to be settling a noise complaint. Nor was I expecting the end result to be a staged yet potentially deadly fight with a cyber-centaur. Nor did I expect a team wholly consisting of close-combat specialists, some of whom could punch through solid rock. In fact, the entire experience was downright surreal."

"Regardless, I know it wasn't a dream since I woke up with that AR autograph display sitting up on the counter, right beneath my section of a rather well-rendered painting. I didn't think there were samurai in this day and age that kept to the old tradition of mastering both a sword and a paintbrush."

"Warboss now has my number. I'll have to balance the payout of more varied work against the distinct possibility of getting my jaw dislocated on a regular basis."

Black Samurai

I've been in Most Urban Brawl games and this was much more intense. On one hand, everyone's trying to make the battles seem real. On the other hand this is the first time I have ever been knocked out on a run. Ever. So it seemed pretty real.

Holy shit...the hooves on this thing were MASSIVE. I've got six bruised ribs, a couple of hairline fractures, and coughed up something that looked like it was supposed to stay inside my abdomen so that's a little concerning. But--like--this was a job where we got to do what was asked and help the opfor as well...a win win, and that feels good.

Except--shit--I pretended to be that Yakuza Steve guy. Shit. Oh well; I'm sure he won't find out.