Chinchillas Are Rad?

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Chinchillas Are Rad?
LocationRedmond, Touristville
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares
Six of Hearts
Cold Hands
Katherine Tyler


Alessa P, punk rocker that she is, desires an awakened chinchilla for her bar, The Daze. She hires some runners and shenanigans ensue. The chinchillas are Royal Persian Angora Chinchillas.


The chinchillas are being kept at a Maximus Tactical Family Outlet - Guns And Toy Store. The awakened version of them is somewhat hostile (imagine a devil rat with angora fur).

The Meet

Alessa P cusses everyone out, offers them 4k nuyen, and tells them not to fuck it up. 🖕

The Plan

Everyone goes back to Six of Hearts' apartment for a meal, then goes to bed.

The Run

They decide the next day to send in Six of Hearts while Cold Hands watches from the outside. A Karen touches Gremlin's fur and gets bitch-slapped, which causes a scene that Six of Hearts is able to defuse. Cold Hands and Katherine Tyler manage to find the Karen's vehicle. Shortly afterwards, Gremlin sneaks onto the roof of the store and Six of Hearts starts asking all sorts of questions about dogs five minutes before closing time. The bored and exhausted employee eventually takes her to the section manager who is extremely chipper and upbeat (and high). Six of Hearts manages to Karen her way through a 20 minute conversation with the manager, starting 3 minutes before closing time. Six of Hearts also gets the bored and exhausted employee fired, who then causes a scene. Meanwhile Gremlin sneaks up to the roof and then into the ceiling.

After an hour, Gremlin lets the other runners into the store and the team manages to sneak into the store without alerting the security systems. The team slowly sneaks to the chinchilla enclosure (after getting some rabbit supplies) and then they erase the tags on everything they're taking. Six of Hearts and Cold Hands lift the enclosure and the team just books it towards the exit! This obviously alerts the security system, and drones armed with lasers fire at them! Fortunately the team manages to dodge, but then an employee suppressive fires at them with an Ares Alpha. Fortunately, everyone either manages to (mostly) soak or dodge the bullets.

As Katherine Tyler's vehicle is parked in the fire lane, the team manages to get away without taking more fire. Katherine Tyler manages to speed the vehicle out and the team makes it to The Daze. Without firing a single shot the entire run.


The Daze now has Awakened Royal Persian Angora Chinchillas with little vests made out of their own fur.



  • Alessa P at Loyalty 2 - 5 RVP
  • 2 CDP
  • No nuyen as the team donates their money to the person they got fired

Six of Hearts

  • Honest Face + Common Sense - 8 RVP


  • 2 karma + Animal Empathy + Outdoorsman - 8 RVP

Cold Hands

  • 1 karma + Vehicle Empathy

Katherine Tyler

  • Resistance to Pathogens and Toxins - 8 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I am honestly surprised that Gremlin did not shoot that woman... granted, she deserved it... but i am honestly surprised. those strength augmentations certiainly came in handy... and that fake K.E. badge. Do sleduyushchego raza, moya lyubov'!


I'm going to find that karen's car, and key it. You don't touch people's fur!

Cold Hands

"I took a bullet for a chinchilla."

Katherine Tyler

I'm used to evacuating high value targets. First time the HVU was a small furry rodent...