Sachet Catchet

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Sachet Catchet
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Disassemblers
Hare Trigger
Cold Hands
Ork Grunts
Troll Gunner
Casualties and losses
OpFor Killed or Executed


Four runners are hired to retrieve an errant duffel bag, that went missing Downtown near Seward Park.


The Disassemblers are a gang of organ-leggers who are not above seizing random opportunities when they present themselves.

Cera Goodwill is a sickly technomancer, seeking to test their powers before illness claims them. They pick a random, green Ford Americar to mess with, only to watch helplessly as a group of Disassemblers take advantage of the immobilized vehicle to abduct the driver and steal his duffel bag.

Unbeknownst to both parties, the duffel bag was carrying cyberware, Mitsuhama electronics and even more valuable goods.

The Meet

The runners are notified by their fixers that a Johnson with a job is awaiting them at a Downtown restaurant called Ohgi-Ya. All four arrive without incident and meet up with a man with an Atzlaner accent. He describes a missing duffel bag, offering an RFID tag to track it with, and notes the last known location of the goods. He proposes either ten thousand nuyen apiece for the work, or the option of picking something out from the contents of the duffel bag. He himself seems nervous and eager to retrieve a singular item from the duffel bag, the nature of which he does not disclose.

The Plan

The runners head out immediately, most of them riding with Hamilton while Cold Hands rides on her own bike. They approach the area indicated by the signal but find that the RFID signal is being very imprecise, pinging an area with a radius measured in kilometers. They only know that it is somewhere in the vicinity of Seward Park.

Hamilton calls the J, asking what his drones should look out for. The J replies that the duffel bag was carrying electronics and hardware, and that it was being carried in a green Ford Americar.

As Hamilton's drones fan out to find local Ford Americars, Cold Hands reviews what she knows about this Downtown area. She recalls multiple locations suitable for hiding, particularly around no-tell motels. She also recalls that this particular neighborhood is frequented by the Disassemblers.

One of the drones finds a green Ford Americar. However, the car is in a bad state - damaged, immobilized, and presently surrounded by police tape. As the group approach the car and decide on an approach, they notice a suspicious, nervous-looking individual watching the police presence from the crowd. Hare Trigger approaches the individual unseen and coerces them back to Hamilton's vehicle at gunpoint. Cold Hands assenses the elf and discovers that they are sick, and that they are a technomancer.

With a display of weaponry and a verbal threat, the runners get the technomancer to break down into tears. Cera Goodwill reveals that they were sick, probably close to dying, and just wanted to test out their powers before they go. They picked the car at random, and didn't know that a pack of gangers would soon set upon the disabled vehicle. Their description of the gangers' clothing matches what the runners know about the Disassemblers.

Meanwhile, Hamilton hacks the wrecked car's positioning records and traces its path. It happens to have passed near a coffin motel that Cold Hands recalls being a hideout for the local Disassemblers.

The Run

Hamilton drives the team within a couple blocks of the coffin motel. As they suit up for a fight, they notice the RFID reading flickering. A flyspy drone locates the tag beneath a sewer grate - it was damaged, explaining the poor signal from earlier. The drone also picks up an incriminating conversation nearby, where a bunch of voices are discussing a duffel bag that's proven difficult to open.

With reluctance, the group decides to descend via the sewer tunnels and approach the ganger hideout via the basement entrance. Hamilton dispatches a roto-drone that he asks Cold Hands to carry so as to not create noise with its rotors. The gangers hear Potato as she approaches, but argue about whether or not the sound came from a sewer rat.

As the argument carries on, Cold Hands opens a grate quietly with the help of ultra-glide lubricant, and then approaches a thin metal door on which one of the gangers seem to be leaning on from the other side. She draws her katana, cuts through the door and troll both, and pushes her way inside.

A battle ensues, where Hare Trigger breaches as well, firing accurate shots and downing Disassemblers, Potato flings in flashbang grenades while shrugging off return fire, and Hamilton's roto-drone lays suppressive fire before firing a toxin grenade. When the dust clears, the gangers are either dead or unconscious, and Potato moves to execute the survivors. Cold Hands picks up the (very heavy) duffel bag and hauls it back to Hamilton's vehicle.

With their combined knowledge of smuggling routes and Hamilton's driving skills, the team easily evades the police cordon as KE investigates shots fired downtown.

They return to the restaurant at the dead of night and deliver the duffel bag to a visibly relieved Johnson.


With the duffel bag delivered, the Johnson picks out the item of import while the runners are given a selection of the remaining goods. The exact nature of the cargo and the employer remain a mystery, but the runners seem content to not know.



  • ¥10k or ¥20k in cyberware, ammo, and Mitsuhama named gear. (5 RVP)
  • 3 Karma (3 RVP)
  • 10 CDP (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cold Hands

"This was a straight-forward search and retrieval job that, thankfully, we were able to pull off without major complications. As a bonus, our opponents turned out to be the Disassemblers - a gang I have very few qualms about taking on. Whatever mild curiosity I had about the cargo or the Johnson was allayed by an uncomplicated paycheck."

"It actually hasn't been that long since my last run with Potato, but it feels longer. Runner time, I suppose. Hamilton was a skilled and professional rigger while Hare Trigger was a solid shot. A capable team goes a long way in ensuring a job stays simple."

"I hope that technomancer made it to Dr. Hanks' clinic in one piece. I'll likely donate a good portion of the pay to his work, given how much drek I drop on his lap at random."


Runs keep stretching the limits of my ability, I hacked a car today, the first car ever, and snooped on it to get the locations. Disassemblers, far and away the worst disgraces to walk the earth. My cousins and family are orks, Disassemblers don't deserve that title. Talent Scout tracked down the Americar, I hacked it. Hare Trigger grabbed the obvious techno who was obviously terrified, and Cold Hands scared him half to death. We next hit up the Disassembler's hotel, and I found a bunch of them in the sewers, and the party got up and I have Cold Hands my roto-drone so they didn't hear the rotors going. Cold Hands cut a door in half before cutting a troll in half, Hare Trigger blasted one nearly apart and I lit them up with suppressing fire, Potato dropped grenades and I ended the problem with a neurostun grenade. And the smuggling began, and the sneaking too. KE didn't stand a chance and we got the J back whatever it is he wanted.

Hare Trigger

This one wasn't too bad. Simple goal, the Johnson was able to give us what we needed to get close, and we were able to figure things out from there. Definitely hoping that new Techno gets the help they need, and feel a little bad for taking them at gunpoint... But, their information helped narrow down the search. Once we found the location, was just a simple matter of getting in, eliminating the opposition, and getting back out. Cold Hands was deadly with that sword, Hamilton pretty good at suppressing with that drone, and Potato did good work with grenades and chems, we had them down and the bag recovered in seconds.