The Blind Swordsman

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The Blind Swordsman
Part of Festering Infestation
LocationGlow City, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Rad Monsters
Samsara Giant Ants
This was an initiation ordeal.


Samsara has a duel and crushes big irradiated bugs.


After meeting what seems like a double of Nameless, Samsara's been a little confused by the ghoul priest. Why not go talk to him?

The Meet

Samsara contemplates that she's beginning to reach another plateau in her ability, so Nameless offers to mentor her in ascending beyond her senses as she understands them.

The Plan

Nameless gives Samsara a vial of herbal extracts that will blind her for a few hours or until the correct antidote is given. Nameless will then duel her in an abandoned subway station under Glow City to force her into growing as a martial artist.

The Run

The battle is intense as Nameless uses his subtlety and special ops training along with his skills as an adept to sneak up to Samsara over and over. A few spare times, she manages to anticipate his approach and counter-attacks, but without her sight she's finding it difficult to land purchase. Thinking on her feet, she runs up a wall, kicks off and throws a flashbang to try and catch Nameless in the blast radius, but the priest backhands the grenade back at her. Just as they engage in a rapid fire exchange of blows, Nameless constantly pushing her further and further back, the duel ends as Samsara began to adjust to her handicap. He applauds her ability to keep going despite adversity and hands her the antidote. To test her newfound understanding is easy: the commotion was heard by local fauna which emerges to attack them both, but with two powerful adepts like them the cleanup is easy.


Samsara asks about the Nameless clone and the man admits that he's uncertain, but that he will do what he can to look into it and find what's going on. Samsara seems unconvinced, but there's little else she can extract from him.


  • 8 Karma
  • Positive Quality: Ambidextrous (4 RVP)
  • Initiation Ordeal Discount
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm still not sure what to think about that stuff with the Nameless doppleganger, but like, even if there are two of them that guy still knows his stuff. That was some classic anime training, getting blinded and having a swordfight like that - I think it managed to unlock whatever sort of combat sense stuff that Vati and I were working on before he died, and I can like, sense motion now when I close my eyes and concentrate. I dunno, I feel... different. Like I'm finally coming out of this fog I've been in since what happened a few months ago with Vati... defenitly got some meditating to do.