Backroom Feast

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Backroom Feast
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
The Agency
Independent Gangers
Jin Nordskov
Casualties and losses
1 Ganger


The Agency hires a bunch of murderers to collect protection money from a BTL Den


The Agency found out about this den by a few of them stumbling into the back of KungBao '76 while trying to pick up lunch. There was lots of argument about territory and protection money, and Vice eventually pulled a gun and ended up breaking the nose of one of the Agency members. Trying to represent themselves as a real threat within the Barrens, The Agency attempts to make up for their foible by hiring Shadowrunners to convince the BTL dealers that it's worth it to pay protection money.

The Meet

Kiran Porter, using the alias "Agent P" sets up a meeting at one of the Agency's safehouses in the Redmond Barrens. The team arrives and punches in the code on the AR keypad, allowing them to see a folding table and several folding chairs set up in the warehouse. Kiran is nervous and it comes across as most of the runners assense him. With Samsara attempting to reassure him that he's doing well, as well as asking for rewards in the form of armor rather than Nuyen. Eventually the runners agree to the 8k NuYen price and head off towards KungBao '76

The Plan

While Potato and Vikar spend some time inside the restaurant and talk with the owner, one Huan-Shi Bai about her delicious (and real) food, Charon and Samsara go around the back of the restaurant and see a ganger watching the door. They decide to go in.

The Run

Giving 100 NuYen to the guard, Charon and Samsara descend into the BTL den and find five guards moving around and handing chips to a group of addicts who are chilling out in the floor. Charon attempts to get the ganger handing out BTLs to call their boss so that they can talk, but the boss doesn't seem interesting in talking and so they are left without a response for several minutes. Charon gets frustrated and intimidates the ganger, causing him to call out Jin Nordskov, their boss.

When asked for payment, Jin laughs it off and instead just gives a 5 NuYen credstick to Charon, saying that is all the runners will get from him. Charon creates a Terror Net that causes the gangers to be paralyzed with fear, while Samsara goes Berserk and Nerve Strikes Jin, causing him to crumple, paralyzed, into a heap on the ground.

Having heard conflict over the DNI, Potato rushes to the back, shooting a man with explosive ammo and heading downstairs as Vikar catches up just to see the light fade from the ganger's eyes. With the whole team together, the runners leave the message that Jin should pay up when he is asked, and go to ransack his office.


The group finds the back office, that Jin shares with his brother Vice Nordskov. They also find marks carved into the desk that indicate the Vory, but the marks are crossed out. The runners steal a safe that was bolted to the floor, and return to Kiren Porter for payment upon delivery


  • 2 CDP 3 Karma (3 RVP)
  • 8000 NuYen (4 RVP)
  • Optional: Up to 28000 NuYen of High Fashion Armor and modifications (7 RVP)
  • Optional For Potato, Vikar and Samsara: Huan-Shi Bai (1/1 Restaurateur) (1 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Pretty straightforward job really - go intimidate some local crooks into paying into this gang's protection racket. We even got to have some nice food in the bargain, which was good by me; I'm defenitly going to have to come back again to try more of this menu. Despite Charon being, you know, a vampire, she was good to work with again. I don't know Vikar, but he seemed like a nice enough guy and was suitably pissed off when Potato just straight up murdered a ganger with explosive rounds for like, no reason. Seriously, the guy was no threat, it's just a waste of ammo - I don't care if she did give him to Nameless, it was just not necessary to kill anyone when those people were no threat to Charon and I. Ugh, whatever, she's still cool I guess, seeing as how she gave me candy and got me a to-go bag.


Fucking Vory. The second I stir shit up with them, they start popping up everywhere, even the rejects. I have to admit, Agency mooks are absolutely hilarious, MIB-looking headass. Alright, so get this. They're afraid some drug den in their turf's not paying protection money so they want us to go shake 'em down. We show up, it's under a restaurant. Alright, I get downstairs and there's this boss man so god damn thick that... just, Jesus Fucking Christ, how fucking stupid do you fucking have to be to not fucking get when you're fucked up so fucking much, FUCK. Idiots like that deserve to get CBT'd so hard they become a part of a Wikipedia article, Christ. So, I make sure none of them contribute to the next generation's gene pool and leave 'em intact, drag the safe to the Johnson and call it even. Good enough? Of course it is, everyone involved in this territory feud were fucking morons. Except for Samsara, the girl's absolutely adorable. Ten out of ten, would pat on the head.

Vikar: Didn't have too much this job aisde sit around in contemplate on this decision on whatever this was truly worth it for my time but I got paid in the long run …the drawback is working with someone who does not value lives and decides to kill with no bloody hesitation I was hoping to get this job done with without shedding any blood but apparently that didn't happen. Other from that running around in the Barrens and learning that Vory a russia mob was not part of this but the men who left them...thought it was blood in and blood out type of drek.