Postmodern Love Story

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Postmodern Love Story
LocationAll Around Bellevue
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Two Opposed, Generic Mafia Families
Mafia Rigger
Mafia Hitmen
Casualties and losses
N/A 4 Mafia Hitmen from one of the two families
The Date Night Went Well


The team was hired by two separate J's to act as bodyguards for them on some business that they had to keep secret from their families. After a brief moment the teams figured out they were bodyguards for a date night of two mafia kids. The team successfully guarded them through the nights events but word still got back to their parents of their forbidden love. The J's paid their dues to the runners and were to varying degrees of obviousness punished by their parents with Romeo's father heard yelling across the entire mansions grounds while Juliets house was put on immediate lockdown.


Romeo and Juliet are involved in forbidden love being from two separate, opposed mafia families and had been planning for months to have a date night. Knowing they had to keep it secret they came to the shadows for bodyguards as they couldn't rely on their usual retinue for the business at hand.

The Meet

The meet was broken up into two separate meets with Romeo hiring Samsara and Skimmer while Juliet hired Pell and Relay. The two J's attempted to feign their work being a genuine business deal going down that needed to remain on the downlow but it was quickly discovered once the two parties met that it was a date night with the fear that one or both families may find out and make an attempt on the other families heir. Neither party attempted to negotiate for more money and the nights events were underway an hour later.

The Plan

The teams plan was simply to ensure the safety of what they discovered were two principals with Samsara using a Bodyguard BTL and everyone else just keeping a close watch on all of those around.

The Run

The team was hired by Juliet and Romeo in two separate pairs to act as their respective bodyguards for a "business deal," that ended up being a date night they were trying to keep secret from their respective families. The team met up at Cinema 3k and worked together to thwart Romeo's families attempted hit on Juliet. From there they had dinner at Le Bistro without any obvious attempts on their J's but Relay and Pell spotted two small figures bolting from underneath Romeo's limo. Upon examination Relay discovered a shaped-charge under the gas line that he was able to remove and hand to Samsara, the latter of which juggled until it was manually detonated and hugged it to their chest suffering only blowback with some char landing on their face and hair. On their way to the final stop of the night the team spotted two pursuing limos that also noticed each other and drew weapons to fight. Relay convinced Juliets driver to allow him to jump-into their own vehicle and stunted an impromptu roadblock to stop the two pursuers and the two teams were able to ride off to the final destination successfully losing their tails. Romeo and Juliet closed out the night with their business transaction, a "package exchange," before heading back home with their parents having learned of their relationships. They paid the team and headed off for their respective punishments.


Team completed the date night without any harm coming to either J but their secret did get out. Both of them are being punished to varying degrees. Could lead to a potential follow-up run to bail them out or just get them away from their family.


6k Nuyen

7 Karma


Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It was a mostly quiet protection run, aside from the assassins in the theatre. Poor sods never knew what hit them. Any other would-be assassins didn't get close to being able to harm them. Principals were protected for the night. Hope that their punishments when they got back home weren't too bad.

P.S. These crabcakes from this Le Bistro place are great. Wonder if they're made from real crab?


"Seemed like the standard protection run, at least at the start. After meeting the 'date' I started to think things weren't quite as they seemed. After a bit of snooping, turns out Juliet is the daughter of a rival Family, and Romeo is in love. Okay, I can deal with that; not like I didn't live this situation myself not so long ago. Unfortunately, these two are short on luck or planning, because one thing you want in this situation is secrecy, and it seemed like everyone was in the know. Four goons burst in to perforate our pal, but thanks to plenty of bullets from me and Pell, and a well placed foot by Samsara, they go down pretty quick. Romeo gets it in his head that if he kills them his secret is safe, so he puts a bullet in each of them to protect his already obviously blown secret. Anyway, they head to dinner and have some nice food without incident, but almost get blown up by the car bomb placed under Romeo's limo. Relay quickly removes it, and Samsara quickly plays with it until it explodes; naturally leaving her unscathed. The J's look on in rapt fascination before heading to their version of Lover's Lookout, to finish the date. Again, Relay spots a pair of nearly identical limo's following, and pointing guns not at us, but at each other. Assuming the worst, Relay arranges for a car to fall in their laps, ending pursuit, and allowing us to arrive at the lookout unmolested. The lovers have their moment, as the team watches over them, then say their goodbyes as they each head back to the inevitable outcome of their illicit affair. I know how this ends, but I wish them the best of luck. At least better luck than I had..."


You know, despite someone shooting me and a bomb going off in my hands, this was actually a pretty nice evening - I got some free food, saw most of the new Batman movie, and didn’t even have to kill anyone. The six grand (in actual cash!) was just icing on the cake really. Good team too - I thought it was just me and Skimmer to start, but then Relay and this Pell lady (who was just ‘’’glowing’’’ on the astral, and apparently sharing her body with a spirit) showed up too, which was cool. Turns out both our principals were on a date, and had apparently ‘’’really’’’ didn’t get along with eachother’s families. I’m not sure they really meant families though, like Skimmer mentioned some syndicate stuff... oooooh they were with the mob, I just got it! Now it all makes sense.