My Burning Flamesaw of Love

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My Burning Flamesaw of Love
LocationThe Daze
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Halloweeners-Starscreamers
Mr Baxter
Pump King Jack
Casualties and losses
0 6


Flamesaw needs a date but requested the best team Shadowhaven has available to help him do it!


The Meet

The Daze. Club is loud / hopping. Rooster refuses a hug, gets a fistbump. Samsara gets a hug.

Offers beer, wine, coke. Sits down and takes a line. Rooster--reading the room--tried to point to Samsara, but Kenny (ever the charmer) misreads the room. Glamor adds Samsara's profile / matched with Kenny. Kenny is like "oh shit!" Samsara gives him the ok to take a date.

The Plan

Get information on the various people Kenny has matched with.

The Run

Baxter contacts John Baptiste. John won't tell information on Annie Shields, but mentions that he could look in the trid sites. Baxter finds Annie on the Matrix. Glamor calls Corf, who "loves hugs!" Corf knows Dice and Dishes, who is Fia Aloise. He also knows HellW1ng3r, who is Alessia P (owner of The Daze). Glamor calls Legal Eagle, who knows Big DC, who is David Carpenter. He also knows PinkPop who is Bubblegum and SleepFortheWeek, Marie Leveux.

Samsara introduces Jacqueline Grant, forwards a racy chat, then bounces, handing the commlink off. Now everyone has seen Samsara topless on accident.

Glamor calls Leah Perry, who thinks that the whole thing is a code at first, before Glamor gives her a code. Glamor asks for who might be polyamorous. Nixes Pinkpop and BigDC. The rest MIGHT be down for polyamorous relationships.

Kenny, alone with Baxter, starts talking about how capitalism gets in the way of love because of these dating apps. Is nervous. Orders 4x of the strongest drinks. Immediately knocks back 2. Baxter puts the remaining drinks on another table and gets water.

Glamor summoned a spirit of man to find Kenny's car; after 30 minutes, it find the vehicle in a junkyard. Glamor casts "detect footwear" and finds all the shoes within a 3.5 km radius.

They find themselves in an old junkyard; there are floodlights above the junkyard. The area was cleared in the center, and the earth spirit and Samsara snuck forward. Pumpking Jack shouts "They're HEEEEEERE" and turns on all the floodlights. A bunch of Halloweeners start to put bottle rockets around the car, and Samsara tosses one small group a flashbang before the team rolls for initiative.

Samsara chucks the second flashbang at the second group, where they dive out of the way.

Glamor casts force 12 ice storm at the Halloweener group, bleeding out of her nose just a little bit. Two Halloweeners immediately freeze. The other Halloweeners take damage, and two fall down. Samsara grins and bears it.

Rooster unloads into the last standing Halloweener. Pump King Jack appears asking where Flamesaw is. Party tries to convince him he's busy but Jack demands a favor for killing his men and wasting his time. Party convinces him to take 100 reagents as payments. Jack goes to dematerialize and Samsara kicks him in the face. Jack, now angry, centers a fireball on himself. Glamor ends up slicing into him with another ice spell.


Party meets back with Kenny and Baxter. Kenny is given a new car by Samsara and the two kiss. Kenny asks Samsara on a date.


8k Nyuyen 6 Karma -5 Starscreamers Rep 1 Chip for folks with Kenny already as contact Kenny as Loyalty 3 contact (4 karma must be traded) 2CDP

Glamor: The above -55 Starscreamer Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Working for Flamesaw is awesome! Apparently everyone like, ships us or something, but no that I'm complaining. He wanted us to play wingman for him and I didn't have any problem - I mean, have you seen that jawline? You can't tie that down. It ended up getting pretty crazy though, like his old gang buddies stole his car and then that weird spirit I saw with Pell and Skimmer showed up. I tried to kick it's butt, but it was super fast and threw a fireball at me before Glamor used some ice magic to make him frag off. Kenny's car got pretty trashed, but I got him that new one that we stole from Krime together so everything worked out in the end!


Hahaha, he hired someone to get him a date who was super into him. Now they're dating! What a silly love story. :)