Evergreen Kingdom

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Evergreen Kingdom
Part of Cross Flight Love Fight
LocationDowntown, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy
Triple Trouble
Mr Baxter
Evergreen Kingdom Manager
Mucky Mouse


In which the runners are hired by Brodie J to steal a rollercoaster from the Happiest Place in Seattle.


Having secured a cool dragon statue in Chasing the Dragon and a great fountain for the courtyard in The Most Urban Brawl, Brodie J's diorama is nearly complete, but he feels as though he needs something else for his masterpiece. Figuring that any good corporate headquarters needs a roller coaster, he turns to The Evergreen Kingdom, a theme park in the middle of Downtown run by Horizon-Disney. After a few days of negotiating and not immediately getting his way, he decides that hiring professional criminals is the answer he's looking for!

The Meet

The runners are told to come to E-Vue at the early hour of 8 AM, while Samsara has been there before, the regular bouncer appears to have the day off, and there is a stocky human in his place. Triple Trouble disguises themselves as Brodie J and confuses their fellow runners by pretending to be the corpkid. The group eventually notice Brodie J sleeping off his hangover from the night before. He is eventually awoken by his bodyguards and is a little confused to see a copy of himself, but rolls with it. He offers the runners a few doses from his stockpile of drugs and shooting the shit before actually getting to the job.

Vip3r and Mr. Baxter are both confused by the unprofessionalism of Mr. Johnson, but eventually prod them towards what the job is. Brodie J explains that he's got amusement park tickets for The Emerald Kingdom, a Horizon-Disney owned theme park that has been slowly deteriorating for the last ten years. Brodie J offers the runners 22k for the job, since he's light on cash this week, though after some keen negotiation from Triple Trouble and Mr. Baxter Brodie acquiesces to 26k for the job. The runners decide to head out of E-Vue and begin to do some research to pull off this plan.

The Plan

Vip3r beings searching the Matrix and discovers more about the park, that it was almost immediately abandoned by Horizon-Disney as it started to lose money. The group discovers that a scale model of the roller coaster is going to be quite large and they will need more than their regular vehicles in order to get away with it safely. To this goal, they call Saint Nick and ask to borrow a truck. Agreeing to give the truck for a future favor to be named later, the group make their way to Santa's Workshop in Snohomish. The runners have some milk and cookies. Though when Mr. Baxter explains that he should have received coal last Christmas, which makes Saint Nick lose his jovial manner and toss a live grenade at the face. Samsara manages to snatch the grenade out of the air and holds it against her chest to absorb the damage while the other members of the team take cover.

Having sated Santa's desire to give coal, and put Mr. Baxter back on the nice list, the runners get the truck, decked out in Christmas lights and begin making their way downtown, only to find out that the truck is lacking GridGuide. The runners take the truck back to a mechanics shop and have to wait an hour in order to get GridGuide installed. Triple Trouble, Samsara and Vip3r head into a bar across from the garage while Mr. Baxter stays with the truck. Triple Trouble takes a moment to switch their face to that of Mayor Corinne Potter and begins drinking with the other shadowrunners. After a few minutes, the runners hear the sounds of KE sirens and see a squad of Knights making their way into the bar. Samsara drops a smoke bomb and sneaks out the back, while Vip3r and Triple Trouble try and misdirect the Knights. After about a half hour, the Knights are unable to find Mayor Potter, and as such make their way out of the bar and go around the area to see if they can get any other leads. Mr. Baxter pretends to be a senile old man and gets the Knights off his back before the runners can get back and finally make their way to The Evergreen Kingdom.

Upon parking, Vip3r logs into the destination host and begins sneaking around, looking around for the datahost that holds the secure files. Vip3r is able to avoid the patrol IC that is observing her and sneaks into the host, using her technomancer magic in order to grab the files that the team needed, as well as keeping an eye on the security devices that might view them. Meanwhile Samsara enters the park and starts to look around, picking up a bunch of souvenirs and knick-knacks for her family, she also calls Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy and asks him to join her at the "Happiest Place on Earth". After two hours of waiting, Samsara gets a call from Kenny and is told that he's landed at the airport in the PCC, ready to go to Disneyland with her. When questioned about how he got on a plane, Kenny explains that some nice figure offered to help him sneak into the wheel-well of a plane and even gave him a ticking briefcase. Before any more questions can be asked, there is an explosion on the other side of the line and the commlink goes dead.

Deciding that they've done enough legwork, the runners are prepared to begin their heist.

The Run

Vip3r returns to the host and pulls up a full map of the park, able to find a storage room near the back of the park. She also implants a backdated email claiming that a team from Horizon are going to be arriving to pick up the roller coaster model. Triple Trouble and Samsara go and scope out the manager's office, finding the manager on her safety inspection patrol, Triple Trouble distracts the manager by confessing their love for her, while Samsara jumps out from the shadows and Nerve Strikes the manager. They take her commlink and TT assumes her form as a disguise while Mr. Baxter drives their truck up to the delivery entrance and is stopped by the security officer. While the officer needs to try and contact his manager, Triple Trouble makes their way to the checkpoint and confirms the story with the security official. Deciding it's easier not to fight against the sudden visit, the gate is opened and the runners are able to break into the storage facility.

After a few minutes of searching, the runners find themselves in front of something called the "Disney Vault" a literal vault door shaped like Disney's famous mascot. Triple Trouble uses their knowledge of trid lockpicking to place their ear against the door and listen for the clicking of the tumblers into place. Managing this feat, the door begins to open and a figure rushes out, trying to make it past the runners. Samsara reacts first, trying to sweep the leg of the figure and Nerve Striking the figure, causing it to collapse on the floor. The runners are confronted by the form of Mucky Mouse, and are quick to determine that he is not a SURGE or some kind of mouse shapeshifter, but instead a genetic experiment to look like the beloved Horizon-Disney figure. According to Mucky, he'd been locked in the Disney Vault with his friends Ronald Duck and Goofer, and they had eventually fought over the limited amount of food that had been locked in the vault with them. It had been ten years since Mucky had seen the light of day.

After assensing the tragic figure, it becomes clear that he is extensively wared, including having a microbomb Cranial Bomb installed in his head. While the runners take the roller coaster up to their truck and carrying Mucky along with them, Vip3r uses Resonance Veil in order to trick the host into thinking that the cranial bomb is still within the area it is meant to be. The runners make their way out of the theme park, and call up Juhn Slide who agrees to remove the cranial bomb from Mucky's head, as well as get the figure the help he needs.


Having secured the safety of their new friend, and returning to E-Vue to give the roller coaster to Brodie J, their Johnson gives them each a credstick for their full payment and thanks them for their work, before loading the rollar coaster model onto his Mack Hellhound and heading back to his home on council island to complete his diorama.


  • 26k (13 RVP)
  • 3 Karma (3 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Optional Contacts:

  • Brodie J at Loyalty 3 (5 RVP taken from Nuyen or Karma)
  • Saint Nick (3 RVP taken from Nuyen or Karma)
  • Mucky Mouse Connection 1 Genetically Modified Mascot at loyalty 3 (3 RVP taken from Nuyen or Karma)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Oh man, what a great day! I got to hang out with Brody J and do drugs, see Santa again (he threw a grenade and I caught it, it was awesome!) and go to a theme park to ride rides and get souvenirs for the fam and steal a roller coaster! Also I got into another drinking contest with the mayor, and there was this weird mouse guy with a bomb in his head? I invited Kenny to come with, but I think he misunderstood where I was and might have gotten arrested, which is uh... a problem... yeah I'm gonna have to look into that.


So, uh... that sure was a clusterfrag. Almost got arrested, suffered the worst dumpshock I've had since getting out of lockup, and didn't even get to go into the actual park. If it weren't for that weird-ass genetic experiment of a mascot which we clearly both saw, I'd be wondering if Samsara and I were actually on the same job. But, on the upside... I got free novacoke, and a free ticket to a dilapidated theme park? So that's not nothing, I guess.

Triple Trouble

OMg, I cannot believe that Horizon/Disney put Muckey Mouse into a vault and SEALED HIM IN. I'm glad we were able to get the roller coaster and rescue the... brainwashed freak though. He really needs help. Just not from me.