The Most Urban Brawl

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The Most Urban Brawl
Part of Cross Flight Love Fight
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy
SpinGlobal Aztechnology
Black Samurai
Radical Guardians Sniper
Radical Guadians Soldier x2
Radical Mage
Aztechnology Troll Adept
Aztechnology Rigger
Aztechnology Mage
Blood Spirit
Casualties and losses
Radical Guardians Sniper, Radical Guardians Soldierx2, Radical Mage Aztechnology Troll Adept, Aztechnology Rigger, Aztechnology Mage


In which Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III starts a brand new sports league and requires some of his friends to play in the exhibition match.


After being introduced to Urban Brawl by Cecelia Cross while they were dating, Brodie J became fascinated by the sport, and brought it to his circle of other friends. However the group of irresponsible corp kids were bored by the several-hour long game and all the stoppages of play and so worked to create something better. What they came up with was dubbed "The Most Urban Brawl League". All the fun of watching Urban Brawl, without any of the boring rules.

The Meet

The team arrive at E-Vue, the popular nightclub, and approach the bouncer as they try to get inside. Charon tries to explain that she should be able to just go inside, while he tries to explain that society is only as strong as they people willing to uphold it. Samsara pretends to listen while admiring the troll's muscles, and the rest of the runners are brought into the club by one of Brodie J's bodyguards. The runners arrive at the table and wait for a moment before Brodie J jumps off the balcony on the next level up and lands on the table of his private booth. Standing up without issue, he sits down as Samsara and Charon run up to imitate his behavior. The two runners see Cecelia cross, in her private box upstairs, watching an Urban Brawl game between the Seattle Screamers and the Cross Crushers before they jump off the balcony as well and land on their meeting table.

As the runners start the meet Brodie J explains that Urban Brawl is cool, but it could be cooler. He explains that he and his buddies are starting a new Urban Brawl league, where magic is allowed and there's no rules for stoppage of play. The problem is that they need an exhibition game to record in order to sell their footage to Horizon so that their league can kick off and make them some cash, but Brodie J is missing a team and decided to recruit Shadowrunners in order to get an edge up on the competition since the prize for this exhibition match is a large golden chalice that he needs for a special project of his. Brodie J offers 20k for the job, or 40k in Vehicles and parts. After some negotiation Brodie also agrees to talk to one of his buddies into making the runners Foci if they want it. The runners accept these terms, and are told to report to Puyallup later on that night, because this group of rich assholes has built a copy of Redmond underneath Puyallup.

The Plan

There is not much to plan for, the runners decide that the best course of action is to cheat and add a fifth member to their team and bring about the help of Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy. Kenny, being up for any shadowrun, immediately joins up with the team and is excited to play Urban Brawl. Charon drives to a nearby Infected club and essence drains some poor individual to death before meeting up with the others. They head down into Puyallip and meet up with Brodie J once again where he gives them stickers with his face on it and told them that they were the "Brodie J Bullet trains". Brodie offers them words of encouragement and tells them not to lose because he's got 25 million nuyen riding on the game, which leads Black Samurai to ask if they aren't being horribly underpaid for this job.

The Run

The doors to the brand new underground arena open and the runners rush towards the ball. Black Samurai manages to grab the ball and while Kenny take's Charon's truck and drives towards the enemy team. The other groups, that appear to be made up of a SpinGlobal HTR team and an Aztechnology Black Ops squad, approach the runners with intent to harm them. Charon flies up to the roof of one of the buildings, trying to get a better perspective on the field, however she is instead blasted by an Aztechnology helicopter that is being flown by their team's rigger. Mara summons an Earth Spirit and sends it up to try and wreck the helicopter while Charon regenerates and mist forms into the helicopter as well.

Samsara engages in a battle with the Aztechnology Troll Adept, doing her best to fight him off, while Black Samurai tangles with the two Radical Guardian soldiers. Things seem to be going well for the runner team until Samsara notices a blood spirit appearing in the astral near her and it starts to attack her. Summoning up all the abilities that she has, she's able to fight on-par with the other two combatants, and is trying to keep up her momentum before the helicopter fires another rocket and clears part of the field, only slightly damaging Black Samurai and Samsara in the process, but killing one of the Radical Guardians and the Troll Adept. On the AR feed of the match, the team sees Kenny flamesawing what looks to be another member of the Radical Guardians after cutting himself out of a car that he's wrecked.

The final member of SpinGlobal's team reveals themselves to be a sniper, taking a shot at Samsara and causing damage that would be crippling were it not for her pain editor. Samsara has to focus on fighting off the Blood Spirit that engages her, but Black Samurai runs towards the sniper while Mara's Spirit and Charon focus on bringing down the helicopter, which results in the rigger dying from the intense feedback of Charon's blows. It crashes with force enough to damage Charon, but she limps out and goes to find the Aztechnology mage who is shooting lightning bolts at Samsara and Mara. Mara knocks the mage out and Charon ends his life. Kenny comes back down the street on a SpinGlobal Combat Unicycle and slices another Radical Guardian soldier in half. Black Samurai finishes off the sniper and the runners spend time to score a couple of goals before the game is called and Kenny is awarded MVP of the game.

The trophy is revealed to the runners and Samsara and Mara assense it, seeing it to be a magical artifact of some power with bad vibes surrounding it. Brodie J comes down and collects the trophy, paying the runners and shooting them some finger guns before heading out of the arena.


The runners leave the arena and go their separate ways, but the tapes of the Most Urban Brawl Exhibition match took over several trid channels during the course of the game, as well as many underground shadow channels. Kenny begins to be heralded as an up-and-coming Urban Brawl star in this exciting new league, which thankfully takes a lot of the heat off of most of the runners, except for Charon, who SpinGlobal got a recording of during the match.

Brodie J gains another piece for his pet project.


  • 2 CDP
  • 20k Nuyen or 40k Nuyen worth of Vehicles or Vehicle mods or Foci up to Availability 14 (10 RVP)
  • 1 Street Cred (1 RVP)
  • 3 Karma (3 RVP)

Optional Contacts:

For Charon:

  • 1 Public Awareness for being recorded and broadcast across all shadow channels.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Blk Samurai

This was my first time meeting this...Brody J. He's a waste of oxygen with an incredible stockpile of nuyen he doesn't deserve. It behooves me to utilize him as a short term funding source, but while his material worth is vast, his actual worth is--limited.

The wildcard was that troll with the chainsaw for a hand. He's unpredictable, and that makes him dangerous. A Vampire and a mage joined us. They were adequate. They utilized their strengths and covered their weaknesses well within the arena. A Brawler played, as well. She seemed to fight an invisible foe and a troll at once...or perhaps she was pretending to fight an invisible foe simply to embarrass the troll. In either case, she triumphed over a larger foe. Without the need for traditional weapons, she can be dangerous even in places where the dangers of others may be mitigated.

Perhaps this will be of value to me in my quest to demolish Renraku.


While illegal blood sport certainly is not my forte, I'm happy to say I survived, as did my team. I'm not certain that I would make the attempt again, but if I did, I would certainly front load a little more than I did. Meaning I avoided using some of my more potent talents and that may have been a mistake. Going in, the team had agreed to avoid lethality, but the other teams did not seem to hold the same ideals. Luckily the team adjusted nicely and there's little to regret about potentially ending the lives of blood mages and corporate high threat response teams.

  • Samsara - Perhaps the most perplexing individual I have met to date. An elf that wants to be an ork. I could not wrap my head around it. However, she lent me some armor and was excellent when it came to fighting and even stayed near me to protect me. I don't think she flinched when shot through her midsection.
  • Flamesaw - Not originally hired as part of the team, but apparently he is the boyfriend of Samsara. He was rather aggressive and it's hard to deny that he was helpful. I believe he goes by Kenny, but he has a flaming saw instead of a hand, so the moniker is fitting.
  • Charon - I saw this individual fall off a roof dead and then get back. Likely they are not entirely human. Again, very effective when it came to the main event, especially with their particular brand of movement.
  • Black Samurai - He used a sword and wore black - there isn't much to argue about when it comes to naming. Very highly augmented and quick, though he seems to need direction, or at the very least isn't keen to lead himself.
  • Brody J - I haven't kept track of employers much to this point. That may have been a mistake. This one was particularly interesting; wealthy, confident, and possibly slightly mentally deficient. At least when it comes to falling from heights on to tables. All told he was decent to work with and came through on his end, but I wouldn't say that building a replica of a part of the sprawl underneath a different part is a good use of anyone's time.


Woo! Urban Brawl! I never thought I'd get to play with my build (and with them not letting adepts in on the fun), but this Brody J guy gave us the opportunity and I was quick to sign up for it - even got to get Kenny in on the action! Sure, it was a lot more violent and deadly than normal Urban Brawl, and I got shot with a sniper rifle and had to get emergency surgery after, but it was awesome! I fought a troll and a ghost (I'm pretty sure it was like, one of those weird bad Aztech blood ghosts too), and try out that Harmonious Defense technique against a lightning bolt, plus I even got to keep the game ball too. All in all a great day, even with the surgery.

It was a good team, always fun to work with Charon (she can take even more of a beating than me), and the other two were nice as well - Mara seemed pretty cool (though she kept looking at my tusks weirdly like she couldn't figure something out) and I was glad my armor kept her safe, and that Black Samurai guy was a lot more chill than the red ones. Hopefully we'll get to reunite for another match sometime!


I almost died. This feels like it's a pat- okay, I've done that joke too many times. Screw it. Yeah, I went in to kill people, be a movie star and get paid for it. Might've gone a bit too high profile on this, but whatever. Samsara's so adorable that I think my teeth got cavities, but aside from that... I guess the folks were aight. Didn't have a long time to look at what they were doing. I was too busy crashing helicopters and punching rocks. You know. Standard fare. I also got super high. #worthit