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Slinger of Magics and notta face.
Former Tír na nÓg operative who let her social skills atrophy while she escaped reality in the woods.
MetatypeElf - Dryad
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - E
Resources - E

Character Information


Former diplomatic and overt operative for Tír na nÓg in Seattle. After having her perspective on the world altered by reality she made some trouble, biting off a little more than she wanted. She took some time off and has decided to go into 'business' for herself.


  • Make peace with Spirits of Man
  • Kill that dag gum Gum Toad and get War off her back
  • Increase her influence in her 'neighborhood'
  • Live outside corporate control


Born early in the century, she grew up during the formation of Tír na nÓg. A sense of patriotism for the new state, coupled with her magical talents and the right ear shape made her a shoe in for work with the diplomatic service and as an overt agent for more clandestine actions. During the mid century she climbed the ranks, working for the betterment of her homeland. Negotiation, metahuman intelligence, and, quite obviously, magic were her specialties.

On being assigned to Seattle, she established a home in the eastern reaches of the city-state and quickly found herself attuned to the land. This is the home she currently occupies, an interesting, mostly underground domicile in a partially wooded area. It incurred a lengthy commute, but when you have a driver that seems like much less of an issue.

While in Seattle, she had contacts in the underworld, the corporate arena - practically everywhere one could imagine, including eco-terrorist cells. At the same time, she was becoming more and more aware of the suffering of the down trodden and the treachery of corporations. It might not be empathy, but she certainly feels pity for those at the bottom rung and is even inclined to help them. Along with this pity, she detests the corporate single minded focus on profit, ignoring the meta-human cost, and perhaps more importantly the effect their actions have on the natural world. This disdain comes through in how she behaves with corporate managers.

In early 2070, her connection to her home started to cause her problems. She constantly felt slightly ill. This nagging unease and discomfort was enough to draw her focus and after a month of digging she found that detergent manufactured and used by Sumitomo Chemicals were seeping into Snohomish river. The chemicals were slowly drifting upstream in small tributaries including a creek that ran through her 'neighborhood'.

Her own political and diplomatic efforts were always applied in service of her country leaving her feeling hamstrung in using these means to solve her own problem without revealing her own susceptibility. The persistent ill feeling, though, drove her to find a solution. Over the course of several weeks, she periodically invaded the dreams of a city environmental inspector (Dave Nelson, human, magic 2 Shamanic summoner) that she had become friendly with and who nearly always had a specific Spirit of Man with him. The point of these invasions was to induce him to visit the source of the pollutants and carry a specific package with him. Eventually he did and when the bomb went off, Dave was also killed. It wasn't her intent to kill him as well, but the cleanup meant that new proper drainage systems would be put in place and her problem solved.

His constant companion was understandably upset. But while the spirit was able to put things together, meta-human authorities chalked it up to eco-terrorism as she had planned. The fact that she had killed Dave and angered the Spirit of Man hit her harder than she would have expected, though. She stepped back from her work, officially separating from the diplomatic service in 2072. The intervening years she has spent mostly at home conversing with spirits and traveling occasionally. Her social skills have understandably atrophied.

Over the course of her semi-solitude persistent dream of an expanse of land, natural, free and wild with her as it's protector have enthralled her. This coupled with boredom, confidence and a desire to grow has motivated her to rejoin society for lack of a better description. She intends to improve herself, her reputation and her holdings, starting in the shadows.

Magic (Path of the Wheel)

In the Tír, when one has magic and pointy ears (and a touch of nobility) they are destined for the Path. Aisling was schooled in Path magic and generally followed the path of the Steward. Lately she has felt more like a guardian protecting her lands.

(She has rather solidly transitioned to the Path of the Druid. With some warrior monk vibes.)

The Trust Fund

Her parents did well investing within the budding Tír. Her mother was a savvy business woman and her father a local politician. The combination was potent and they were able to build a decent monument of wealth, which has been able to support Aisling. Thus far she hasn't looked into the specifics of this financial cushion, but it might be time.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Glamour
    • Yeah, she seems like one of those magical wood elves from the trids.
  • Quick Healer
    • She's always been quick to get back on her feet. Maybe it's magic. Maybe it's biology.
  • Trust Fund I
    • Wealth stockpiled by her savvy parents and available to her at a trickle. It's plenty to get by on, though.
  • Mentor Spirit: Oracle
    • Oracle appears to Mara as a woman with a black and white color pallet wearing a long coat and fedora and smoking a cigarette in a long holder. Her lips are red (despite the b&w pallet) and hair lays over one eye. Her visage resembles Delphi.


  • Distinctive Style (Glamour)
    • Yeah, she seems like one of those magical wood elves from the trids. It's almost like light beams come out of her, you know, like, 'here I am'.
  • Dry Addict (Moderate - Novacoke)
    • Years of use and addiction for the leg up it provides followed by withdrawal, suffering and finally some measure of freedom.
  • Favored - biased - Metahumans with no prospects
    • They have no way to better themselves or their position. If anyone deserves pity, they do.
  • Prejudiced - biased - Corporate Managers
    • The worst kind of scum, riding the backs of others to wealth and sharing none.
  • SINner - Tír na nÓg
    • Born and raised and recruited into the diplomatic service.
  • Spirit Bane - Spirit of Man
    • They don't like her. Bought off after nearly sacrificing herself to protect Mortimer.
  • Symbiosis
    • She becomes very attached and aware of the surroundings of her home.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Neither Lost Nor FoundSarcarian20 November 2082
Moon CatcherSarcarian11 November 2082
The AnniversaryOrionsRequiem29 August 2082
For Elven Eyes OnlySarcarian15 August 2082
The Money PitSarcarian8 August 2082
Izanami's Haunted MansionAsmodeus17 July 2082
The Mane ManSarcarian16 June 2082
The Bloody Path to TruthOrionsRequiem14 June 2082
Of the Goddess of LoveOrionsRequiem31 May 2082
The Lady From Tír na nÓgSarcarian27 May 2082
True Names, Mood WanesAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking18 May 2082
Throwing ShadeSarcarian12 May 2082
Cultivation CrisisOrionsRequiem30 April 2082
Buyer's RemorseSarcarian28 April 2082
Second Cleansing of MaraSarcarian24 March 2082
The Flamesaw RedemptionOrionsRequiem18 March 2082
Stand Tall for the Man Next DoorSarcarian12 March 2082
Trick or TruceAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking8 March 2082
Maccy B's - Act IIRyncewynde5 March 2082
I've Been FollowedAurora3 March 2082
The Most Urban BrawlOrionsRequiemCross Flight Love Fight24 February 2082
Perchance to DreamSarcarian19 February 2082
Bloom in DarknessOrionsRequiem17 February 2082
Shades of Grey's AnatomySarcarian12 February 2082
Where Lobsters Spend the WinterOrionsRequiem10 February 2082

Co-contractors Runs Significant runs Notes (IC, not meant for consumption by other characters, but feel free to read for OOC interest)
Delphi 8 Took a blood magic Athame Izanami's Haunted Mansion The Anniversary Detective, have been to her office in Puyallup. Two cats. Good company for a night in or an equinox.
Frostbite 1 Astral hazing and creepy feelings. Competent operator.
Spider 1 Decker - perhaps a bit overconfident.
Vichnozeleny 2 The Anniversary 'Vic' - has a blimp. Sacrificed herself to save Seattle quite literally.
Fidem 2 A nun or a BTL actress?
Pell 2 Into fashion.
Sp4rks 1 Decker - programed a synthskin mask. Doesn't like killing.
Tora Kokoro 1 Very distracted by animals. Superhero?
Lil' Boomer 2 Very small Ghoul. Talkative. Probably won't kill me and eat me.
Samsara 3 Elf that wants to be an Ork? Why? Tough and possibly crazy. Undeniably likeable in spite of herself.
Charon 1 Seems older. Blown up by a rocket and survived. Vampire.
Black Samurai 3 Cultivation Crisis He does indeed wear black. Very fast, physically. Lots of augments. Cousin to Vip3r? Tends to follow orders and apart from that avoids thinking too much.
Pulse 1 Decker. Seems to know what he's doing, but also maybe takes unneccessary risks. It seems to be a pattern with matrix types.
Slowik 1 Muscle - an Oni, I believe, if the legs are any indication. Successful at not hitting our compatriot when it was asked of him.
Chammy 1 Infected - HMHVV I. Banshee. Social focus. I didn not witness her feed, though the process intrigues me.
Shutdown 1 A hacker who apparently can fight. I don't have direct proof of this only their persistent calls for violence.
Canis 1 Technomancer with limb replacements. They didn't seem to ruffle too much when I mentioned that I knew what they were.
Relay 4 Of the Goddess of Love The Anniversary Rigger with lots of tools at his disposal. Vehicles, weapons, drones in his arm. Wheelchair bound. Will commit to what he believes is right. Competent and clever.
Setback 1 This one has all her limbs replaced with mechanical parts. Seems fairly hardy.
Vip3r 2 Cultivation Crisis Another technomancer. Fomerly incarcerated, though I'm not sure what for. Had a hard time with the 'hosts' on the run, apparently they were rather high grade. Cousin to Black Samurai? Piper Tanaka - Letter found in MCT Lawyer's Office.
Kitsune 1 Journalist. Possibly competent at what they call body snatching.
Gigabite 1 Giant decker mostly interested in drinking Hurlg. Continues in the trend of most Shadow Haven deckers - most likely not worth the risk.
Duchess 1 Social, Ancient. Possibly very dangerous if only for her decisive nature and willingness to come to violence.
Apex 1 Matrix operator - seems capable, even possibly professional. A tad mousey in social contexts.
Fed Up 1 Without a doubt a professional. Calm under fire and dedicated to the plan when one is made.
Sanjuro 1 A troll with a bow and a sword and what seems like a curious lack of good decision making routines.
Tahki 2 True Names, Mood Wanes A bit impish and unpredictable. Magical. Curious.. it's hard to say if that is a good thing or a bad thing. More interested in stirring things up than completing a job. Unreliable.
Stargazer 1 True Names, Mood Wanes Most likely a cosmic practitioner. Troll. Attempts to be just. Ares Macrotechnology. I do not suspect that she shares knowledge with her employer, but it can't be ruled out.
Babylon 1 True Names, Mood Wanes Secrets that she doesn't always keep. Seducer. Black magic. Likely had a significant role in Jack's presence in Seattle. She knows more about him than anyone should.
Basilisk 1 Of the Goddess of Love Always keep an eye on this one. Money is the only motivator and she'll back stab the team to get more for herself. Of course, this could be used against her as well.
Zenith 3 You Only Live Twice I've been aware of him for a while. While we've never actually been at cross purposes, he was suspicious of me for a time. I got overly curious. In the flesh, he is a competent operator. Perhaps not the brightest but he seems to have the gusto to make things work. I haven't seen him fire a shot, but he's supposedly very proficient. He is very proficient. Not the brightest indeed! Going off and ransacking the manor and then stealing the book after we were finished. Rather unbelievable.
Ice 1 While I don't get the impression that they were too overconfident, the matrix seems to have a way with deckers. Came out of VR with a bloody nose and some broken equipment. Later it seems that they very definitely attracted the attention of certain authorities. Luckily they were competent enough to loose their interest before returning to us.
Kid Beef 1 Bovine shifter. Very pleasant fellow. Meta-human form is a minotaur. All things considered, I found myself rather fond of him.
Field Mouse 1 Izanami's Haunted Mansion Gnome summoner. More inclined to talk things out in earnest than jump into physical or metaphysical confrontation. His spirits are very interesting and seem rather loyal.
Master Morty 1 The Anniversary Decker. Singular in focus regarding...something. Will put all else aside to pursue his goal.



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Clyde 2 1 Service Taxi Driver Sports Fan, Druggie, Taxi Driver Even
Jacqueline Grant 1 1 Networking Bartender Elven Blood, Pointy Ears to the Ground Even
Ohrwurm 5 2 Custom(G,N,K,A) Fixer Fake SINs, Tír na nÓg Loyalists, The Fix Is In, HUMINT, Fashion, Psychology -2
Lisa "Lady J" Jenkins 4 3 Custom(G,K,A,N) Talismonger My Grandchildren Are Visiting, Arcanoarchaeology, Detection Magic, History, Ley Lines, Magical Theory, Power Foci Even
Dameon Morris 3 2 Networking TerraFirst! recruiter Conspiracy Theories, Direct Action Operatives, Drugs, Environmental Science Even
Informer 2 3 Legwork Private Investigator Truthseeker, Magical Expert, Trid Aficionado +1
Eli Johnson 2 4 Custom(N,K,A,G) Soup Kitchen Owner Spark, Community Activist, Man of the People +1
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy 2 4 Custom(A,G,N,K) Ganger / Tough Guy Not the Brightest Bulb, Firesaw, Fraggin' Handsome, People Pleaser, WAIT I'm a runner too! Even
Cascade 4 4 Service International Smuggler and Fence It's not fun if there's no Risk!, Smuggler Specialist, Garage of Ganked Gear, Stimulant Savant, Getaway Driver, Driver picks the Music, Passenger shuts their trap Even
Malia Strongoak 3 3 Legwork Wood Elf Hard to Reach, Accomplished Spellcaster, Breaker of Chains, Elven Blood, Ley of the Land, Path of the Druid Even
Beatrix 6 3 Networking Embassy Worker Awakened, Tir Tairngire, Foreign Relations, Fey, Tir National, Path of the Wheel, Law Even
Argent 1 3 Fixer Street-level Fixer Silver Tongue, Elven Blood Even
Corf 1 3 Service Helpful Lil' Minecart Rail-bound, Small, Living Transport, Underground, Wild Spirit, Smol Even
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III 4 2 Networking CorpKid Party all Night... What time is it?, Everybody's Friend., Did Someone say Drugs?, Brodie J IN THE HOUSE!, Ride Wrecked? Brodie J's got it!, Oh yeah! I have a job!, Good looks, Money, and a savant-level understanding of rocket physics Even
Kathryn "Aphrodite" Riviera 4 1 Custom(A,K,N,G) Decker Abrasive, Awakened Decker, Wireless Problem? No Problem!, Nothing like Home (Cooking), Wanderlust, Puta Host, Matrix Lover Even
Rachel Raven 1 1 Networking Dancer at The Butterfly Effect Skin in the Game, Old Friends and Acquaintances Even





Faction Faction Rep Significant Runs Notes
Draco Foundation 55 The Anniversary Mara sees a lot to admire about the intent of the organization. Of course it also has it's downsides.
Shadows of Seattle 50 The Anniversary Part of the team that despite everything interrupted the ritual to resurrect Dunkelzahn.
Tir Council 30 The Anniversary
Saeder-Krupp 25 The Anniversary Lofwyr has his moments.
Streets of Seattle 20 The Anniversary Saved the world. Magic lasers. Dragons.
FBI 10 The Anniversary The FBI let them pass through their levels to get to the cultist ritual.
MoM 10
Skraacha 5
Laesa Syndicate 5 This syndicate has it's uses.
Streets of Redmond 3
Ancients 3 Thinks the Ancients, while not completely bad, waste a lot of talent.
Halloweeners (Starscreamers) 2 Trick or Truce
Shiawase 1 Izanami's Haunted Mansion Corporate garbage for the most part, intent to throw their weight around to get what they want.
Black Star 1

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Elf Magician - likely druid or some weird variation of shaman
3 Older than appears, highly skilled with spellcasting
6 A 30 year old photo - Someone exactly matching Mara's description. Also pictured - TNN Diplomatic Envoy to Seattle.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Mage and off-face. Reliable for job completion. Dryad.
3 Possible appearance in 'The Most Urban Brawl'. Generally prefers a softer touch. Likely hails from TNN. No known corporate ties.
5 Rumored persistent issues with certain spirits, though these rumors have waned of late. It seems that she has complete jobs in the eastern UCAS and in England.


SIN Issuer Rating Licenses Notes
Anne Shirley UCAS 5 Mage, Talismonger, Driver's, Firearms


Slender with long dark hair and light blue eyes. Hair will often be braided with flowers or vines running through it. She avoids makeup.


Casual, preferring natural fabrics where possible. Comfortable, but fitted sweaters, long sleeved t-shirts, jeans, jumpers, etc. May go shoeless in grass or light woods.

Matrix Persona

Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments