Second Cleansing of Mara

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Second Cleansing of Mara
LocationSeattle and the SSC
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Malia Strongoak
Major Corp
Mara Bad guys doing mining


Mara is sent on some errands and ends up on a ley line with a new friend.


Having taken to the shadows, Mara finds herself quite pleased with how things have been going. She's expanded her abilities, made some money, even helped some people. Now she's looking to get a second initiation under her belt and the opportunity comes along unexpectedly.

The Errands

Mara is enjoying a solitary picnic in her domain when she recognizes that someone has entered her domain. Following the clues she finds a stone or Elichium with some flowers laying near where Dave was killed. Realizing the significance she adds some flowers of her own. While there, Ohrwurm calls and asks her to make a delivery to the Tír Tairngire embassy in Seattle. The package is under a stone on the opposite side of her symbiotically bound domain.

She gathers the package and curiosity gets the better of her. The case is protected by a spirit using the concealment power and on her way to delivery the package to Beatrix O'Flannigan she opens it to take a look inside. It appears to be diplomatic papers with a hidden code. Realizing that this is above her ability to easily decode and beyond her pay grade, she closes the case and sets about to make the delivery after being stopped by a Knight Errant officer.

While at the embassy she over hears talk of an operative who retired and went to live in the woods. The story is remarkably like her own, but she learns that they are actually speaking of another name Malia. As she leaves the embassy, Lady J calls and asks her to pick up something from another Talismonger. While at the shop, another elf brings in a large chunk of Elichium to sell. Mara attempts to make some small talk with the woman, but has little success finding out much about the crystal. After the woman leaves, she asks Briar Rose if she could tell if the source of two samples was the same. It turns out to be possible and Mara heads out to get a sample of the monument near her home. Returning with the sample, she finds that the source is the same and she leaves a message for the woman to call her with Briar Rose.

With all of the intrigue, she almost forgot to make the delivery to Lady J, so she does that and gets roped in to spending some time with the talismonger's grand children. Luckily a call from Dameon Morris gives her an out. He wants her to deliver a bomb to disrupt some mining operation about to get underway near Mt. Rainer. Not feeling overly confident in her ability to smuggle such a device across the border, she calls on Cascade for some much needed help. The smuggler is happy to oblige and they head off together after Mara procures some Laésal wine for her.

The Lack of Explosions

Mara gets out to survey the area. Spying the encampment, she is set to get a closer look when Mortimer, Dave's favorite Spirit of Man, approaches her. Begrudgingly, he guides the interloper to a cave where she meets Malia again, recognizing her from Briar Rose's shop and the story she overheard earlier. The two speak and Mara asks about the make shift mining camp. Malia, of course, has plans to get them to move on while Mara has her bomb. Seeing as her new acquaintance is bonded to this area, Mara defers to Malia's less violent wishes. The pair agree to work together to get them to leave.

Sneaking on to the encampment, Mara will provides a distraction while Malia banishes a bound spirit summoned by one of the miners. The sneaking doesn't go so well and she is quickly spotted out by a guard. She's able to talk with him, though, rather than coming to violence and he lets her pass with the promise that she won't hurt anyone. Mara makes her way to the summoner's sleeping place and weaves a terrible dream for him that implies that mining in the area will bring disaster, starting with a warning from Mara, Malia, and a great form spirit that the latter summoned. Giving the dream her all, it comes out very vivid and lifelike.

When he awakes and recognizes the three from his dream, he seems immediately shaken. They are able to convince him that they should pack up. Retreating to Malia's cave, they wait for the miners to leave while sharing some of their respective backgrounds. The two dryads recognize that they could both learn something from the other and decide to explore that.


Mara helps Malia, mostly by following instructions, remove the taint of the miner's intrusion. Then she excuses herself to give cascade the detonator to the bomb that she left on one of the miner's trucks, she uses this to get herself a new truck.


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


How interesting to have met someone who's path so closely parallels my own. It seems the major differences are the year of our birth and our homeland. Still, I shouldn't get too carried away, lest I come across as a blubbering fan girl. Malia Strongoak appears to have a lot of magical experience I can learn from. To that end, I shall endeavor to be a good student when appropriate, and a competent peer when that is most reasonable.

During the course of this particular set of events I also found myself taking a different approach, even when my abilities were hindered by the ambient Mana background in several places. While I wouldn't say that I shy away from violence when it seems appropriate, it was fulfilling to bring about a meaningful shift with only the threat of violence. Interestingly, she also knows Mortimer, who appears to be free to roam the world now. Perhaps she can be of help in erasing my mark.