Shades of Grey's Anatomy

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Shades of Grey's Anatomy
LocationTarislar, Puyallup, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Dr. Isabel Wirth
UCAS Military
Triple Trouble
Army Grunts
Army Decker
Army Mage
Army Rigger
Spirit of Man
Casualties and losses
Army Grunts x3, Army Mage, Army Decker, Army Rigger, Spirit of Man


In which the runners steal a shipment of medical supplies from the UCAS Military.


In the last few weeks, Tarislar has been experiencing an outbreak of disease (see: Might Have A Problem), and Deireadh An Tuartheil is running out of essential medical supplies to treat the overflow patients; Dr. Isabel Wirth has thus scraped together some cash to hire a team who can hit a regular shipment from Ft. Lewis to Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup City.

The Meet

The runners are contact by Dr. Wirth and asked to meet with her at the hospital at their earliest convenience. Fidem picks Mara up in her luxury sedan and offers novacoke, triggering a composure from the latter who is dealing with a dry addiction. Meanwhile, Triple Trouble is impersonating a lecturer at a community collage and casually makes their way out of the class they knows nothing about to go do crime. Despite the shenagains, the team all manage to make it to Tarislar without issue, though there is a bit of trouble for those who rely on GridGuide when traveling through the barrens.

Upon arrival, the team witness a stabbing in the ER which Pell (who has been there before) helps to tend to before meeting with Dr. Wirth; she explains the situation and what she needs from them, offering 8k nuyen each for their services (which is bargained up to 10, though she makes it clear she'd prefer to trade access to resources over paying them in cash). Everyone is amenable to helping out the disadvantage who are in need, though there's perhaps some slight hesitation when Dr. Wirth reveals that the target is the Army.

The Plan

After looking over the file that Dr. Wirth provides them, Sp4rks hits the grids and is quickly able to find the route that it will be taking, which passes through Loveland on the way to Puyallup City, and determine that the armored transport is going to be passing through Loveland on the way to the hospital and will likely be picking up off-duty soldiers. Putting together a plan to have Triple Trouble replace one of the soldiers to infiltrate the group and disrupt it from within, they use their local knowledge, as well as information from their contacts and the matrix, to determine three locations where they should start their search: a bunraku house, a mahjong parlor, and a BTL den.

Heading to Loveland, the team decide to split up and look for clues - Fidem and Pell go to the bunraku house, Mara visits the mahjong parlor, and Sp4rks and Triple Trouble check out the BTL den. At the parlor, Mara talks her way past the doorman and finds a trio of soldiers gambling, who she proceeds to join while feigning a desire to learn how the game is played (the soldiers have no issue with letting the pretty dryad join them, for some reason). Sp4rks and Triple Trouble meanwhile manage to convince the yakuza guard at the BTL den to reveal that there is a soldier inside tripping on a chip and that they are friends there to pick him up; a quick influence spell gets them entrance to retrieve the prone grunt.

Meanwhile, Fidem and Pell head to the Bunraku house, where Fidem (who has a good amount of cosmetic ware as a former BTL star) is able to pretend to be a doll and get the attention of a jarhead; she seduces him to follow her back to a room, where Pell is waiting to help knock him out and take his commlink. Reconvening with Sp4rks and Triple Trouble, they proceed to hack it and obtain details about the soldiers for Triple Trouble to impersonate. Back at the mahjong parlor, Mara has coaxed enough details out of the soldiers (such as their names, for instance) that Triple Trouble can impersonate their comrades, and she politely excuses herself to go meet with the others.

The Run

The team reconvenes to plan their ambush, meeting up at the point where the soldiers are to be picked up (as indicted in the stolen commlink) and spying out the approaching roadmaster in the meat (where they see a bunch of mooks), matrix (where there's an e-war specialist) and astral (where there's a bound man spirit). Triple Trouble successfully manages to socially infiltrate the group, however the man spirit spots out Mara (who has Spirit Bane with them, and immediately summons an earth spirit to defend herself) and becomes suspicious of her intent, informing its summoner that it's getting some bad vibes (the summoner ignores it for the moment)..

As Triple Trouble makes her way into the vehicle, the group readies their ambush. With Fidem throwing out leadership and Pell ready to provide counterspelling and astral support, Sp4rks launches a forked dataspike at the decker and the rigger while Mara and her spirit engage with the man spirit and Triple Trouble attempts to chunky salsa the soldiers with a flashbang - unfortunately they are braver than they look, and one of them jumps on it to save the others. With their pilot and electronic warfare specialist down, the team manage to make quick work of them, eventually forcing them to surrender as they loot the truck and drive off into the night.


Returning to Deireadh An Tuartheil, the team present their stolen bounty to Dr. Wirth, who thanks them for all their hard work and promises to spread the word of their efforts among the local populace - good feels were had by all, and everyone went home a bit richer.


  • 10,000 nuyen
  • 6 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • +1 Ancients reputation
  • +1 Laesa reputation
  • Optional Gear Reward: Medical Supplies (medkits, savior nanites, slap/trauma patches, non-narcotic drugs, etc.)
  • Optional Gear Reward: Augmentations (up to alphaware quality) >12 availability @ gear reward prices, can also acquire >18 availability without an availability check but not at gear reward prices.
  • Optional Contact: Dr. Isabel Wirth (C4/L2 ER Doctor) for 5 RVP or 10 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It is a shame that in this day and age, those who need help are so often denied it. I am learning much while studying the shadows here in Seattle. We were called to a hospital in Tarislar that seemed to be struggling. As we entered the hospital we saw someone stab another patient in the waiting room. I was able to save him, but it made it very clear that they were in dire straits and we were desperately needed. The team was professional. I enjoy Sp4rks and Mara, they seem very capable and Pell was a pleasure to work with again. Triple Trouble is.... interesting, though I have seen other actrix with faer drive. It will get faer far, though perhaps with the wrong sort of people.

We had to split up in order to get information on the soldiers that we were carrying the medical supplies we needed. There was a BTL den that I thought it would be best if I avoided, and a mahjong parlor that seemed better suited to those who enjoyed the game, and a brothel. It was not my first time playing a part in a place such as that, though pretending to be a Bunraku Doll was a new experience. I am practiced at acting, though perhaps my taste for it has fallen off. I did manage to entice the solider into a private room, and Pell was able to use magic to make sure that I got a hold of his commlink, this allowed us to get into their Personal Area Network and learn more about their root.

I felt a little bad that I sat in my car giving encouragement while Triple Trouble fought for faer life inside the military vehicle, but we were successful and able to give the supplies back to the hospital. Perhaps when I am not busy at the Church in Redmond I can offer my services there in order to help another struggling community. I'm sure the Order would approve of that.


An interesting contract. We were to steal medical supplies en route to one hospital and redirect them to another, a la Robin Hood. We were given information that the transport would be making a few stops for a changing of the guard in Loveland. Following this breadcrumb we split up to investigate.

I myself ended up in a Mahjohn Parlor. I may just have a knack for the game. All in all it was educational and, dare I say, enjoyable. I was able to insert myself into the game being played by those we wished to rob. Aside from being soldiers and our adversaries, they decent enough company and welcoming. Perhaps they had designs to lighten my purse much more significantly than they did. Regardless, it gave us enough of an in to get our compatriot in with them and then the ambush was afoot!

  • Pell - A lovely elf, perhaps even the same variant as myself. Very fashionable, magical, and seemed competent. She helped with a Man Spirit that accompanied our opposition. As usual, it seemed to have a taste for my blood.
  • Fidem - A BTL star or a nun. Probably a BTL star acting like a nun. Who knows why? Still, rather good at her job if you can afford the distraction her fame brings. Like so many in the business of talking for a living, she seems to be a fan of Novacoke.
  • Sp4rks - The decker on the job. Was able to take out the rigger and the opposition decker with reasonable efficacy. Also seemed to be fairly opposed to causing unnecessary death. Quite admirable.
  • Triple Trouble - This one appears to change disguise as often as a normal person changes their mind. Perhaps more. During the job they appeared as a Catholic Bishop, a soldier, and a doctor. They also ended up in the transport when our ambush went off and were able to survive whatever onslaught the adversaries within brought down. Perhaps a bit reckless for being in that situation, but fortune favors the bold if it doesn't kill them.
  • Dr. Isabel Wirth - The 'Johnson' for the contract. Certainly not her usual m.o. As a doctor of the hospital in Tarislar, I feel a great deal of empathy for her goals, though, I'm not sure how much luck she'll have with them. Tarislar is little more than a slum, even if it is mostly populated by elves, and it shows in her hospital and working conditions. I should like to help her more, even if only for the noble goals she appears to chase.


Robbing medical supplies from the UCAS seems like the thing that'll bite us in the ass down the road; even though helping the helpless is great, as always. Most of the rest of the team seemed professional, although not without baggage from before their stint in the shadows.

Triple Trouble

I got to meet Fidem! She's one of my heroes, and she gave me acting tips for my reel! Gonna have to work with her again in the future! The soldiers were not good supporting actors though. I'll have to find more opportunities for acting later.