Maccy B's - Act II

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Maccy B's - Act II
LocationRedmond, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven McHugh's
Knight Errant Security
Reggie the Manager


Runners are hired to steal a material link from McHugh's manager Reggie for a revenge ritual after the aftermath of Macy B's - Act I.


Bethany's restaurant is under the effect of a ritual stench spell. She wants, and has hired the runners to secure, a material link from Reggie specifically to exact her revenge.

The Meet

The runners gather at Krill King to experience the lovely stench. Mara spots it out as a spell and Bethany explains that this is Reggie's doing hinting that it's the result of the job that Slowik and Delphi completed in Act I. Negotiations have the runners with the advantage and they up the price before setting out.

The Plan

The runners head to McHugh's to case the joint. Eventually, they decide that turning Delphi in to a bird so that she can steal Reggie's hairnet is the 'best' plan. Slowik would be the first target of this terror bird and Mara would drag Reggie out to deal with the pest, giving bird Delphi her opening.

The Run

Putting the plan in motion, Mara transforms Delphi in to a majestic eagle. Slowik and Mara then get into position. While she's waiting, Delphi befriends a crow who seems game to play and help her out. With the stage set the plan is put into motion.

Delphi's false attack ensues and Mara runs in to brow beat Reggie. She eventually drags him outside after ranting about his establishment and how he takes advantage of customers and employees alike. Meanwhile, Slowik fires at the birds intentionally missing. With Reggie outside, Delphi and her crow friend swoop down at him. They grab the hairnet and plenty of hair and then fly off to regroup later. Mara heads in to check on Reggie who seems rather distraught about the situation and his missing hair and Slowik decides to enjoy a soy burger with his coupons from last time.

The group meets back up and gather the hair and any cells scraped off by Delphi's talons. Then she's turned back into her meta-human self and they head in to deliver the gathered material link.


Victorious and significantly ahead of schedule, they march in for the exchange. Bethany takes the samples and rushes off with them before she can be cowed into paying them more money.


  • 10,000 nuyen
  • 2 karma
  • 8000 nuyen in lifestyle cost discounts from Krill King coupons
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


The things people will pay you to do. This job left a bad taste in my mouth, not because I ate any of he food, but rather the type of people we had to deal with. I have no regrets about the assault on the McHugh's manager, he likely deserved it and the result of whatever ritual Bethany intends to undertake. It was nice to be paid for my efforts this time around, though, and getting the opportunity to berate corporate manager for pay is nothing to scoff at.

  • Delphi - I believe she had fun being a bird and even made a friend. She seems to gather animals about her with increasing speed. Clearly one of the most likable contractors if nothing else.
  • Slowik - If I'm not mistaken, he is an Oni. The legs and eyes seem to indicate as much. He stayed out of the way during the social operations of the contract and performed his piece of the drama well. I imagine in a fight he would be quite formidable, though I have nothing to back this up.


After that job last week, I figured it would only be a matter of time until there was some kind of retaliation; just didn't figure fast food managers had so much access to ritual magic. The gig was pretty straightforward though, just get a sample of this guy's hair without him knowing what's up; I honestly didn't expect the plan to end up being "Mara turns me into a bird", but I'm not complaining - it was fun to fly around and I even made friends with a crow. It was fun to see her be social while I did magic stuff, nice change of dynamic. Shame Slowik didn't get to beat anyone up, but such is the life of a street sam when things go smoothly. Still, it was easy money, plus now I have a bunch more fast food coupons to boot.