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Cosmic Mage
Dreams of the Stars
Trapped on the Ground
Magic took everything from her
Street Cred6
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.July 20th, 2052
PriorityMetatype - A
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


An Ares CorpKid who dreamt of the stars until she Awakened to her magic and her dreams were pulled away from her.


  • Go to Space
  • Earn her position at Ares Space back
  • EITHER: Find a way to get rid of her magic without destroying her body OR Find a way to use her magic to achieve her dream of going to space
  • Make connections outside of Ares and S-K.
  • Find out which Corporation took her father


Born in Houston in the CAS to a pair of Ares Macrotechnology engineers Sandra and Ward Spini, Aurelia Spini was read books about space rather than fairy tales as bedtime stories. Her father was one of the chief engineers in Ares Space and working on their various projects. Aurelia didn't want for anything growing up, she had a good education in an Ares sponsored school, she had a group of friends who all had Ares SINs, and there was always going to be a promising career in Ares Macrotechnology so long as she held up to their exacting standards. Life was good. Many nights of her childhood were spend with her father in the outskirts of Houston, looking up at the night sky and hearing all about the space missions that had been done in the past. Aurelia made up her mind that she was was going to go into space, no matter the cost and no matter the risk, she was going to be a pilot for Ares Space and she was going to get to see the stars without the atmosphere between them.

Once she graduated from her high school and left home to stay in one of the Ares Universities, studying engineering and Aerospace she was in her element, she loved to learn about space and all of the many mysteries that were presented to her. However her time at University was cut short when her father was "extracted" from Ares Space. There wasn't any sign of where he was taken, but there was an obvious struggle and paydata was stolen from the Ares Space site where he had been taken from. Aurelia decided that she had to accelerate her learning. She dedicated herself to her craft and graduated several years early, deciding to enter the Ares Space program in the memory of her father.

The Ares Space program was intense, putting her through piloting challenges and high and low-gravity training. She spent every piece of downtime that she had studying more engineering and learning about Space. She spent years pushing herself to the very limit until she was told by one of the executives of Ares Space that she would be going up to space for a top secret mission. The elation of that news, mixed with the physical and mental stress of her training caused her to Awaken to magical powers. When she first awakened, she created the scene of a galaxy expanding out around her for a few seconds, but this was enough to let the people around her know that she was Awakened. She knew what this meant, the lack of Mana within space causes trouble for the Awakened, and within a matter of days Aurelia was taken off the space program and moved to the regular offices to act as a wagemage for Ares.

The dullness of the job was quick to drive Aurelia, whose dreams of space had kept her going in the absence of her father, mad with boredom and fury. She spent her days trying to negotiate with her bosses, trying to find a way of turning her magic off without going through multiple agonizing surgeries, and generally hating her job. It wasn't for another year that she would find a solution.

Saeder-Krupp, a rival that she had always been taught to despise for their rivalry with Ares, had extended an olive branch. She wouldn't even have to switch corporations, they simply needed some data from Ares Space and they could create a craft that could take an Awakened individual into space. S-K promised Aurelia that she would be the first pilot to test this craft as soon as it was space-ready, but she had to do as they asked and sell the data from Ares. Aurelia was blinded by hope and dreams, she didn't take the time to see if the theory was possible. She waited until the engineering teams were gone and stole the structural data that S-K requested. For a time, it was a lucrative arrangement for her, she worked as a wagemage, but was no longer lacking hope and life. She also received secondary income from Saeder-Krupp that she could use to support her mother who had been struggling since her father had been extracted. As with any flight however, it must also land, and this was meant to be crash landing.

Aurelia was found out, Saeder-Krupp came out with a rocket that had proprietary Ares technology and her workstation was found with trace contacts from Germany. She wasn't fired, but she was sent to Seattle in disgrace. She had to maintain contact with an Ares facility in the sprawl and was being monitored, but she would not be allowed near any of the Aerospace materials.

Once more stripped of her dream and realizing that she had been tricked, Aurelia left her home and headed to Seattle, she would have to maintain a façade around Ares, but perhaps being away from her Corporate home would provide opportunities. A mage can get a lot of work outside of official channels, and she might even get a chance to find out where her father was taken. If she could in turn find something valuable to give to Ares over S-K, perhaps she could return to her status of privilege within her home.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Spacer: Due to her training with zero-g environments and high g-force simulations, Stargazer is comfortable in any gravity.

Witness my Hate: After Awakening and losing her chance to go to space, Stargazer was angry, and channeled her self-hatred into hatred for everything that got in her way.


SINner (Corporate) (Ares) + Corporate Pariah I (Ares): After losing her chance to go to Space, Stargazer started selling secrets to Saeder-Krupp because they promised her a second chance. She was caught and punished and is still recovering from her fall from grace.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The Stars Do Not Wait for YouSarcarian16 September 2082
A Steller DiscoverySarcarian4 July 2082
True Names, Mood WanesAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking18 May 2082
High Tide RisingSarcarianTwo Steps Ahead20 April 2082
Stars in Her EyesAurora3 April 2082
What Lies BeneathMursey2 April 2082
Staring Down RenrakuAurora9 March 2082
Bishamonten Hear My CryAuroraHead In A Jar3 March 2082
Route 66: Sabotaging The CompetitionAuroraLike mad max but more guns1 March 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Katherine Curran 6 1 Fixer Fixer Talismonger, Reagents, Foci, Assensing, Fencing, Hermetic Mage, Formulas Even
Bilge-Rat Jones 3 1 Service Pirate/Smuggler Shady Smuggler, Beneath Notice, Magical Countermeasures, Fool's Luck, Go Down With The Ship, Covered In Rats, Owns A Ship, Rat Shaman Even
Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane 5 2 Gear Mechanic Cars, Mechanic, Drones, Hard to reach, Motorcycles, GoGanger, Aerial vehicles Even
Holly Rogers And Crew 5 3 Service Pirate Shadowrunners Pirate-Themed, Drunken Pirates, Shadowrunner Team, Flashy, Yo-Ho And A Bottle Of Rum, Cannon noises, Pirate Ship, Pirates Vs. Ninjas, Emerged, Awakened Even
Gus From Marketing 1 4 Networking Marketing Specialist Romantically Desperate And Creepy, Ares Connections, Marketing Specialist, Space Even
Wusan 5 3 Service Overlord of the Seas Ocean Bound, Master of the Sea, Purifier, Trick or Treat, Caller of Tides, Ocean Awareness, Sense of Humor, Spirit Bound, Sense of Duty, Sense of Honor Even
Stella 2 2 Gear Cosmic Magic Talismonger Overworked, Space?, Space!, Talismonger, UDub Grad Student Even




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Aurelia Spini (Ares Macrotechnology SIN, Real) Mary-Anne Wirner (Rating 4, Issued by Seattle, UCAS) - Mage License, Driver's License



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