Route 66: Sabotaging The Competition

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Route 66: Sabotaging The Competition
Part of Like mad max but more guns
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane
Bilge-Rat Jones
Proteus AG
Ship Security


Pitty hires a runner team to steal a shipment of vehicle parts that's supposed to be delivered to a rival go-gang.


There's a race between a number of go-gangs coming up. Pitty has discovered that an upstart gang called the Speed Freeks has a shipment of illegal car parts en route to Seattle by sea, and he and the Gearheads want to sabotage them by intercepting that shipment.

(It's of note that the Ancients aren't participating in this race, otherwise Voltage would have been unable to take the job.)

The Meet

The team meets at Pitty's junkyard. He invites them in, offers them barely drinkable coffee, and gives them the brief, telling them what he knows about the Speed Freeks' illegal shipment; it's on a ship headed to Seattle from Japan, and his contact Bilge-Rat Jones will provide them with a way to get out to the ship and bring back the container it's in. He offers the runners a reward of 16,000¥ or 32,000¥ worth of vehicles or vehicle parts. Sp4rks and Voltage negotiate to bump up the pay a little more, and Pitty throws in a few "shiny rocks" that Stargazer is able to identify as mostly-drained karmic batteries.

The Plan

Sp4rks conducts a Matrix search for the boat that's carrying this shipment, and discovers it's a cargo ship that's privately owned by Proteus AG. When he tells the team this, Slowik is adamant that he can't be seen by anyone on board, lest he be reported to someone and they make an attempt to collect on his bounty.

Meanwhile, Stargazer astrally projects to the ship in order to scout out any magical threats. She discovers that it's being guarded by three imposing-looking water spirits that appear to have been bound by the same mage. In order to protect the team, she summons and binds a spirit of air and a spirit of water, which she calls Jupiter and Neptune, in order to conceal and protect the team as needed.

Sp4rks calls Bilge Rat to ask him about getting to the ship, and getting the container off. Bilge-Rat is able to take them up to the ship, and his boat has enough space on it to fit a cargo container, but as his boat lacks a crane or any sort of lifting equipment, the team is going to have to find a way to move the container themselves.

The plan is to go non-lethal (much to Voltage's disappointment) until that ceases to be a viable option. Stargazer will provide magical support, along with Jupiter and Neptune, while Voltage and Slowik escort Sp4rks to the ship's control room so that he can use the on-board crane system to lift the cargo container onto Bilge-Rat's boat.

The Run

Bilge-Rat takes the team in, locked in a hermetically sealed container that's overgrown with vines to prevent astral projection or perception through it. He is able to dock at the cargo ship by convincing its crew that his boat is having engine problems. He lets the team out, relaying his lie to them. They begin to move stealthily toward the control room, but unfortunately don't get very far before being immediately spotted by the ship's security guards. Stargazer repeats the lie about being here for repairs, but it's clear the guards aren't buying her story. Voltage manages to suppress her impulse to immediately start ripping into them, and immediately regrets her decision when they draw their guns. A fight breaks out, and the team kills the guards and heads unopposed to the control room to move the cargo container onto Bilge-Rat's boat.


The team delivers the cargo container to Pitty, and they get their pick of vehicles that he has in stock.


32k nuyen in vehicles/parts or 16k nuyen (8 RVP)
2 karma from talismans from Pitty (negotiation bonus)
Bilge-Rat Jones (Connection 2) at Loyalty 1 (2 RVP) or 4 CDP
Pitty (Connection 5) at Loyalty 2 (6 RVP) or 12 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


HELL yeah, first real job in Seattle! My squad leader's gonna be so proud of me, especially when they see the fraggin' sick-ass Nightmare I'm bringing home.
Anyway! So, I've been told a lot that I need to hold back and be more patient, don't just rush into fights and all, and I've been working really hard on that. But we would've been a lot better off on this run if I did just start beating on 'em the second I realized they weren't gonna buy our story. Sometimes it really is better to act than to think too much about what you're doing, y'know?


A brand new city, a brand new career, and a new life as a criminal mage. Papa definitely never warned me that this was a risk while we were talking about new engine designs and how I was going to be studying the stars from the moon. Our employer was... interesting. Though his coffee was closer to motor oil than some of the oil that was in the junkyard. I did get a car out of this job, I'm not used to the long commute from home to work. We went over to a boat to steal some car parts for some kind of race that our employer wants to win. I wasn't terribly thrilled at the idea of going into a magically sealed box, especially with those strange vines, but it was needed. I did also get a chance to commune with spirits of power beyond what I'd ever tried before. Neptune and Jupiter were interesting, though I feel bad that I summoned Neptune only for him to be dashed by the waves of the other water spirits.

Jupiter proved to be very interesting as well. She didn't really understand morality and what it was when people stopped breathing, though she was interested in hugging people. I don't know if this is good or bad, but it's interesting. I've begun to speak with her about the Metaplanes, these sound fascinating, almost akin to space in their mystery.