The Stars Do Not Wait for You

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The Stars Do Not Wait for You
LocationEverett, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Stargazer Character1


In which Stargazer finally gets some answers for the myriad of problems that she has.


After a long time of keeping a focus hidden in her office to protect it from The Black Lodge, Pump King Jack and Shiawase, Stargazer is able to finally investigate some of her own problems, such as the issues with her father having been extracted to Renraku and the fact that Amrei Veidt has taken an interest in her skills.

A Day in AresSpace

Spending some time just working in her day job, Stargazer is busy going over some files related to the crash of the offshoot of Hailey's Comet that fell A few months ago. This work is soon interrupted by the presence of Jezebelle Hayden, the powerful blackmage and eight-year old daughter of Marshall Hayden, the executive director of Thaumaturgical studies for Ares, and Stargazer's direct superior. Jezebelle is curious about some of the Space Magic that Stargazer is working on, and is hiding from her father's tutelage. Stargazer amuses the young mage for some time, showing her the lodge that has all of her materials in it until such a time as Marshall Hayden appears and thanks Stargazer for keeping Jezebelle occupied. As the executive leaves Stargazer receives a call from Gus from Marketing saying that there is a meeting that has been requested of Stargazer by a source from Renraku at the Planetarium. Understanding that it is most likely her father, Stargazer is hesitant, and heads back to her apartment.

Uncomfortable Conversation

Returning to her apartment and pouring herself a very strong drink, Stargazer spends some time sorting through her things, and starting to play a new AR game, Starcraft III. It doesn't take long for her to be challenged by a user named G0ld3nI. Getting into the game, it's clear that G0ld3nI is both cheating in the game, and is operating in hotsim, making her reactions far faster. She is also chatting with Stargazer during the game, talking about how S-K has promising advances in the area of Awakened being able to go into Space. Stargazer is tempted, but also is hesitant to trust S-K, even while Amrei tells her that the person she had dealt with before, who had let the information that Stargazer was selling get back to Ares, had been dealt with.

Considering the offer, Stargazer logs off the game and takes a shower, only to be approached by a familiar Water Spirit. The spirit tells Stargazer about the meeting with her father at the Planetarium again, and while Stargazer is obviously upset at the idea of seeing her father after the last time, she ultimately agrees to the meeting. Making sure the spirit is gone, Stargazer summons Saturn, her Earth Spirit, and asks for their help to defend the Troll mage if this turns out to be a trap.

The Planetarium

Stargazer gets on the train and heads back to the Planetarium. It's mostly abandoned, most of their clients being Matrix-based now, Stargazer spends almost an hour moving back and forth across the various exhibits. While she's preparing to leave, her father's Astral form materializes nearby. Stargazer is furious that her father won't even deign to see her in the flesh. Going off and letting her accent break through as she yells at her father. After she's done, her father explains that he had to get out of Ares, because of the number of Bug Spirits that exist at the executive level of the megacorporation. Stargazer is initially dismissive of these claims, thinking it's just Renraku propaganda about Ares, but her father tells Stargazer that he was going to be bugged by his superiors at Ares. He explains that he had to get out of Houston, and while he wanted to take Star and her mother with him, it wasn't an option.

Stargazer is frustrated and scared, and spends more time in the planetarium, eventually being approached by Star Man and shown what the stars look like while Astrally projecting.


Stargazer contacts Amrei, and agrees to share information, but only if it can't be traced back to her, as well as calls her mother, who is excited about the possibility of being sent to the Ares moon base. The same base that Stargazer's father warned her was full of bug spirits.


20,000 nuyen 2 karma 2 CDP +2 S-K rep Optional Contact: Amrei Veidt (C6/L2 S-K Prime Operative) for 6 RVP or 12 CDP Optional Contact: Star Man (C2/L2 Guardian Spirit) for 3 RVP or 6 CDP

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