From One KRIMinal To Another

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From One KRIMinal To Another
Part of Two Steps Ahead
LocationRedmond, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Amrei Veidt
Shine Spark
KRIME Decker
KRIME Gunner x2
KRIME CyberSam


In which Amrei Veidt hires shadowrunners to do crime to KRIME


In an ongoing bid to get all the advantages for Saeder-Krupp that she can in the Two Steps Ahead plot, she has decided that it's about time to get ahold of some more KRIME original schematics from their newly released "KRIME Katalog."

The Meet

The runners are asked to meet in a Matrix meeting room, decked out to look as generic as possible, an effect slightly undercut by the golden drake persona that Amrei wears in her role as a Frau Brackhaus. She begins describing the job as a simple robbery of KRIME, while speaking however, she begins to hack the runner's personal information. Shine Spark notices the intrusion on her cyberdeck and begins to get aggressive against the Johnson. While the rest of the team attempts to calm down Shine Spark before she does something that she'll regret. Samsara also confronts Amrei, telling her that her actions are rude and that she should return the files that she took. While Amrei seems to oblige, there is still the sense that she has all the cards.

Amrei offers the runners looting rights of the KRIME facility, so long as they give her the blueprints that are hidden in the facility somewhere. The runners agree to do the job and rez out of the meeting place. Deciding to meet up in Gus' Bar in Redmond while Shine Spark begins Matrix Searching for any information about the facility.

The Plan

Samsara, Reapsaw and Zenith meet up in the Redmond Barrens at Gus' Bar. On the way, Samsara calls up her boss in the Skraacha Warboss and asks what he knows about the KRIME facility. Apparently it's a testing facility, including a large race track out front where some of KRIME's vehicles are tested. Warboss also explains that they have seven guards at the facility, one of whom is a mage. Since Samsara does not have the money to pay Warboss for the information, he instead punches her in the face and agrees to take a portion of the looted KRIME tech in return for the information.

Also on the way to the bar, Zenith calls Black Cat and pays 1500 Nuyen up front for the information about the facility, on the promise that he'll send another 1500 in the form of various looted weapons to the gun runner. While Zenith gets a lot of the same information that Samsara did, he did also get the knowledge that in addition to the seven guards, there is an E-Warfare specialist that Warboss didn't consider a real threat. Reapsaw also calls Tanya who luckily is not kidnapped and answers, giving her the chance to tell the group that if they need an entrance strategy, they can contact Saint Nick who has a contract with KRIME and might have more information.

While Shine Spark finishes up their search on the Matrix, Samsara and Zenith begin drinking at Gus' Bar, and the drink of choice is (foolishly) Hurlg. While neither of the runners have the constitution for this drink, they seem not to have any major downsides other than intoxication. Shine Spark discovers the host for the KRIME facility and that they have been very busy over the past few weeks thanks to the Katalog coming out.

After contacting Saint Nick, Zenith and Samsara drunkenly negotiate the terms of their insertion. They assure him that they are not doing crime, and that everything will be absolutely fine, they just want to take a look at all the cool KRIME gear that the facility is working on. Saint Nick agrees and tells the team that they can be loaded into some empty boxes and "delivered" to the KRIME facility. Before getting in, Samsara asks Nick to deliver a present to her parents because she recently learned they were worried about how she was doing, and Zenith complains that Santa has missed his house for the past 15 years. Zenith slips a napkin with addresses drunkenly scrawled on them into Nick's pocket and the team loads up into boxes.

The Run

After a few hours of sobering up while sitting in a box, there is the sensation of falling and the the boxes expand in order to prevent the runners from dying on impact. There is a crashing noise as the boxes fall through a skylight and break open, revealing shadowrunners in the midst of the KRIME security team. The team begin a fight, with Shine Spark entering the host and offering support while Samsara, Zenith and Reapsaw begin to dismantle the security forces. Samsara is able to use her Nerve Strike power in order to paralyze the cyber-limbed leader of security. The team decided to go non-lethal, though Zenith got that memo after shooting the dwarven mage in the neck with a gel round. Samsara was able to save the mage's life before he bled out.

The team quickly searched the facility, taking a key from the security leader and finding a safe. Checking it over, Zenith discovered a grenade tied to the safe, and with Samsara's help in disarming it (by standing in front of it while it exploded) The team got the tablet with KRIME's designs on it, and made their way out the facility with a huge truck, driven in by Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy.


The runners took what they wanted from the KRIME gear, gave the plans to Amrei and paid back the debts that they owed.

Saint Nick delivered a gun and a box of Extra Explosive ammo to Samsara's parent's house in Tarislar with a note "with love from Samsara". Nick also delivered a signed custom light pistol (Candy cane handle) and 15 years worth of regular ammo for light pistols to Zenith's house for his daughter.


  • 64000 of KRIME gear (anything 19+ availability check with me, but KRIME Confederate is fine) or the equivalent RVP as Nuyen
  • 2 CDP

Optional Contacts:

All can be purchased at or upgraded to up to Loyalty 4 with RVP

For Zenith:

  • May purchase Daredevil at chargen price.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Any run that starts out with being called out by a rep of one of the Big Ten is never a good thing, but life isn't fair and criminals don't get to pick their crimes in this line of work. Didn't know what Amrei wanted with me either at first. Turns out the job was to go rob KRIME. This is probably not the first time this job has been done, but I haven't ever robbed them before and I like new experiences. It's also not a great start to a run when the deckers start getting into a fight. I don't blame Shine Spark for getting upset, Amrei can be somewhat abrasive, but threatening her on the Matrix is not a good move, or maybe Shine Spark is the best there's ever been with a deck, I have no fraggin' idea how anything works outside the meat.

So we decide to meet up at one of my old haunts, and Samsara and I share some info we get from contacts. Our bit of the legwork done, we proceed to get right and truly fragged on Hurlg. This is a mistake. I don't remember a lot of what happened after the third or fourth shot. I remember burning pain, I remember driving to Snohomish, and I remember meeting someone who I think was Santa Claus, but might be a crazy dude in a red suit. Anyway, when I sober up, I'm in a cramped space in my body armor, and then I'm falling through the sky. So either this is our entry plan or I'm completely fragged. There's some crashing, the box smashes open and I start shooting at anyone I don't recognize. Reapsaw and Samsara are worth their weight in stolen KRIME weapons here, cause if we're going non-lethal I don't think I could have rightly brought down the cybersam and it would have been rough taking care of a spirit too.

We eventually get our boxes of gear and a tablet for Amrei and make our way out of the facility, then I go home and find literal piles of ammo just sitting around my house. Also, apparently S-K know where I live. So I hate all that. Frag. At least it was fun.


Oh man, this job was great! I figured it was going to be all super serious when that S-K woman from a few months ago hired us, but it turned out to be a blast - I got to drink Hurlg with Zenith (who can really hold it surprisingly well!), hang out with Kenny, and oh yeha, meet Santa Claus! I really thought that was like, me being drunk, but apparently it actually happened because now I've got a gun signed by him. I think I might have like, told him about my folks though, which uh... yeah that might have been dumb. Guess we'll see how that works out. I don't actually remember a whole lot of the job aside from falling out of the sky and fighting some really pretty troll with cool cyberarms, but it seems like we pulled it off and now I've got a bunch of new Krime stuff.


It's one of those jobs, i thought it's going to be easy and turned out it was a combat, from dealing with my Fixer and getting air drop it. didn't think my team would get drunk and get hammered heavily , you know that's table now have my head face print inside of it, but overall glad that i was able to deal with the sprit and feeling sick to my stomach, but it's hard when you're body is link to a pretty drekky place. When it came down to the meat of the job, i was glad that the team was able to do why above the bar i thought of them at first.