Mothers of Metahumans

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Mothers of Metahumans
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationWorldwide

Faction Information


Mothers of Metahumans is among the most powerful policlubs in the world. Its goal is the advancement of metahuman rights, and it opposes discrimination against non-human people. It began as a charity for parents of metahuman children, but it has since grown into a well-connected, well-funded political activist group; nevertheless, it maintains a lot of social programs for metahumans today.


  • Protect metahuman rights.
  • Organize charities and social programs for metahumans.

Major Locations

Mothers of Metahumans is represented worldwide, though it is primarily based out of the UCAS. Its largest chapter is in Seattle, followed by its next largest chapter in Los Angeles, though its global HQ is in Washington, FDC.

MoM also has a presence in the California Free State. During the war against the California Protectorate, MoM was primarily responsible for funding and organizing the different resistance factions, and it is in no small part thanks to them that Saito was defeated. MoM in California today works with shadowrunners to tie up loose ends from the war, such as finding data about missing persons or digging up evidence on unpunished war criminals.


In 2064, MoM was led by Betsy Grant Masterson. How this may have canonically changed since then is unclear.

The Los Angeles chapter is led by famous ork actress Kate Berg.




Current Status

Health Summary

Mothers of Metahumans has hundreds of thousands of members in North America alone. It is immensely influential, far more than some realize. It is unlikely to slip any time soon.



Phil Haskill8NetworkingPoliclub Activist
Reuben Baxter6Fixer (N, K, A, G)Social Worker, Mothers of Metahumans Johnson, and Fixer
Tory Trainor3LegworkPoliclub Activist



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
A Taste of One's Own MedicineSarcarianIn Remembrance11 November 2082
Snimpin' Ain't EasyAurora14 August 2082
The Flamesaw RedemptionOrionsRequiem18 March 2082

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