In Remembrance

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This metaplot deals with Mothers of Metahumans and the metahuman communities of California (especially San Francisco) picking up the pieces of the California Protectorate.


Mothers of Metahumans

One of the most powerful global policlubs, Mothers of Metahumans is a charitable organization that fights for metahuman rights. During the occupation of the California Protectorate (2061-2068), it funded and organized armed rebellion and intelligence gathering to coordinate between the different local resistance factions. It is in no small part thanks to these efforts that Saito was defeated. Today, Mothers of Metahumans continues looking out for metahuman rights in California, and it will pay well for information that could bring war criminals to justice, reunite separated families, or otherwise help heal the wounds inflicted by the Protectorate. Their goal of serving metahumans often puts them at odds with Humanis, which has failed to condemn the Protectorate's actions and condemns pro-metahuman activism as "going too far" and "reverse discrimination."


  • Bring war criminals to justice.
  • Protect metahuman rights.
  • Help metahuman communities and individuals with charity programs.


Ex-California Protectorate

Though now defunct, the California Protectorate was a government formed by the anti-metahuman Colonel Keiji Saito after he refused an order from the Japanese Emperor to withdraw from San Francisco in 2061 and instead chose to conquer the CFS and declare himself "Protector General." He is believed to have had the backing of Mitsuhama, Shiawase, and Renraku, though they kept their involvement to a minimum in case the Protectorate did not last. A long war against local resistance and Ares Macrotechnology saw the Protectorate defeated before the end of the decade, and Saito withdrew in defeat. Today, some former Protectorate marines and government officials still remain in the area and profit from their actions during the war. The megacorporations have done their best to cover up their involvement, and they will not make it easy for investigations to be conducted.


  • Cover up war crimes.
  • Continue to exploit metahumanity.


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