Ghoul Liberation League

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Ghoul Liberation League
TypeInfected Rights Organization
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationNorth America

Faction Information

A group, originally based in Chicago, dedicated to promoting infected rights. Under the leadership of Blaine Hammond, they take a more militant approach than Tamir Grey did before his death. Even with the ghoul homeland of Asamando established, they still have a hard struggle getting their message heard, partially due to the terroristic activities of such extremist groups as Fear the Dark. With the public actions of FtD, the GLL has become a polarizing force. The Infected have lost a great deal of public support in North America, making the GLL the face of those who work toward integration. Funding has dropped, but their ranks swell with ghouls and other Infected who work tirelessly to improve their image. This means they are low on cash and big on manpower. GLL is scrambling to make contacts and connections with corps, the media, and any other alliance they can get. They are more than willing to work with shadowrunners, brokering jobs for corporations and paying in favors.


  • Get governments to reinstate Special Order 162.
  • Seek less harmful sources of ghoul sustenance or symbiotic relationship with metahuman populations.
  • Defend ghouls with force if necessary.

Major Locations

Chicago - Ghoultown Sub-Region


Blaine Hammond - Picked up leadership of Chicago’s ghoul community after the death of Tamir Grey. Espousing a more revolutionary philosophy and action plan, he has attracted many of the younger generation to his cause, and although they still pay respects to Grey’s accomplishments, they walk a very different path. He now has almost total control over the single largest ghoul population outside of Asamando, through his organization, the Ghoul Liberation League. Though he has not been officially linked to ghoul gangs such as the 162’s, or corpse-suppliers like Tamanous or the Fleshmongers, he is thought to have deep ties to some in those organizations.




  • Infected Hunters for obvious reasons
  • Fear The Dark due to their constant attacks making ghoul rights harder to attain

Current Status

Health Summary




Holly Gardner3ServiceGhoul Organlegger
La Peste6LegworkSysOP / Infobroker
Michelle Delacroix6GearStreet Doc


NamePositionFaction Rep

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Taking a Gigabite Out of CrimeSarcarian30 December 2083
A Ghoulish Case Of Ghoul-HatredAurora15 May 2081

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