A Ghoulish Case Of Ghoul-Hatred

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A Ghoulish Case Of Ghoul-Hatred
Part of A Ghoulish Case
Factions Involved
Doctor O+
Ghoul Liberation League
John Brown
Ice Cube


Eisenjagerin, Ice Cube, John Brown, Rabbit, and Tanuki were contacted by Doctor O+, who was under attack from a group of well-armed metaracists. The team dispatched the attackers, only to find that one of them was Eisenjagerin's long lost brother. After some interrogation, they found out that he had been brought into a cult that followed a particularly reactionary brand of iconoclastic Christianity, and the runners decided to go kill the cult leader. Unfortunately, he turned out to be Spider's dad, unknown to any of the runners.


Doctor O+ was being attacked by members of a cult of reactionary metaracists, and he sent out a call for help to the Haven.

The Run

Most of the runners were picked up by Tanuki, with the exception of Ice Cube, who took a stolen air taxi. John Brown summoned an air spirit to make them move faster, and they arrived where they were needed within 10 minutes. Once there, the cultists fell pretty quickly under the group's onslaught, rarely needing more than one hit to fall. However, in the middle of this battle, Eisenjagerin recognized her brother for the first time in nearly a decade: he was one of the fanatics attacking the ghouls. She marked him as the interrogation target, to be taken alive, and he was subdued while the others were killed.

Eisenjagerin and her brother had a bit of catching up to do, so the group went inside. She attempted to convince him of the error of his ways, but it seems it will take more than that to deprogram him. He mentioned the name of the leader of the cult he followed, the one who put him up to his attack on the ghouls: Father Armstrong. Eisenjagerin asked to keep him with Doctor O+, who was not thrilled at the idea, so John Brown suggested he be stored in the cells of Undersolace.

The group decided that a targeted assassination would likely cause the cult to fracture and crumble, so they made their way to Father Armstrong's Bellevue penthouse, where they attempted an aerial insertion via parachute. They succeeded, and sneaked past a Spirit of Man guarding the roof with the help of John Brown's spirit using Concealment on the group. They arrived behind the Father, and Eisenjagerin gunned him down. They looted the penthouse for valuables, left graffiti there (Rabbit drawing an obvious rabbit as a deliberate calling card), and emailed proof that the Father did not subscribe to the beliefs he preached (medical charts showing treatment for cancer despite his preaching against modern medicine) to all his cult followers, a datahost, and several journalists.

Shortly afterward, Spider mentioned on the Haven that her father had just been killed.


The cult split in two as the followers disagreed as to he legitimacy of the medical records, and Eisenjagerin's brother is currently in a cell under Solace awaiting deprogramming. A team of runners have assassinated Spider's father, and she doesn't really know how to feel about that.


  • 8k nuyen (6k from Doctor O+ and 2k from robbing Father Armstrong)
  • 11 karma
  • Doctor O+ at Loyalty 2
  • +2 Rep Ghoul Liberation League
  • -3 Rep Humanis

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

John Brown

This was surprisingly in-and-out, there really wasn't a hitch until the end, but... oof. That's a hell of a hitch, I'd take HTR over this drek any day of the week. Runner family drama is messy, and I wish I'd been able to stay out of it. We acted without knowledge, and here's hoping we don't get burned because of it.