La Peste

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La Peste
La Peste.jpg
SysOP / Infobroker
Contact Owner[Clayton]
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Redmond
Preferred Payment MethodInformation/Favors/Cash
Personal LifeAiming for a relationship
FactionGhoul Liberation League
Ghoul Liberation League SyOps
Chicago Man
Know your enemy
The enemy from Within
Info sponge
Matrix Security Specialist

Incomplete and Illegal: Pending updated rules


Johnny Panuzzo was a promising Matrix Security student in Chicago in the 2060s. His family had been forced out of their home during the bug city incident, some able to evacuate and some not so lucky. After the smoke cleared, Johnny took advantage of the relocation incentives to move back into his old neighborhood, determined not to let the bugs force him out.

One night, however, on his way home from a night out, he began to suspect that he was being followed. Afraid it was flesh form insect spirit, he ran, only to be cornered by something he thought extinct in Chicago: a feral ghoul. The ghoul pounced, but fortunately for Johnny, his flight had gotten attention. A couple of neighborhood watch volunteers with shotguns chased the ghoul away into the night, but Johnny had already been scratched. He hid this from the watch, and scurried home, hoping that somehow, he wouldn't turn. His hopes were in vain. Over the course of the next several days, Johnny underwent the agonizing metamorphosis into a ghoul.

After his transformation, Johnny slinked out of his home in the night. He couldn't stand the thought of attacking a living person, and the essence loss hadn't forced him to confront that reality yet, so Johnny began selling his matrix security skills to clinics and street docs in exchange for medical waste. The ghoul community in Chicago was small, and word quickly got around about a new ghoul with matrix skills. That was when Johnny found himself approached by one of the Chicago ghoul communities most infamous members, GridReaper. GridReaper took Johnny as one of his proteges, and introduced him to the rest of the Chicago ghoul community. From GridReaper, he learned a great deal about exploiting the matrix, and a little of GridReaper's sardonic charm began to rub off on him. He adopted the matrix avatar of plague doctor, and the title La Peste (The Plague, in Italian). From his fellow ghouls, he learned what he'd need to survive his condition. Johnny was surprised by the sense of community he was able to find with some of his fellow ghouls, and by the state of the ghoul community after the bug city incident. Johnny decided that he wanted to help rebuild the Chicago ghoul community, lending his matrix talents to the Ghoul Liberation League to do so.

After GridReaper's death during the Crash 2.0, Johnny found he had little left to tie him to Chicago. He decided to set out and try other pastures, eventually making his way to Seattle and establishing himself as the SysOP for the Seattle chapter of the Ghoul Liberation League. He is all too aware of the threats stacked against the ghoul community, and its need for whatever allies it can get. He makes a point of staying well informed of potential threats in the corporate, political, and criminal spheres, and sells that information to those willing to help his cause in kind (either through a favor or a donation). He also makes his decking skills available for a high enough price, though he expects to be well compensated for sticking his neck out like that. The downfall of Brackhaven and his allies has made La Peste think that the Haven just might be an ally worth investing in.


Aspect Description
Decker His vast experience on the matrix has gained him quite a reputation. +2 to active and knowledge checks related to the matrix.
Ghoul Liberation League SyOps As the Syops of the Ghoul Liberation League in Seattle he has a lot of connections to the other ghouls in the city, even the less public ones. +2 to any networking and knowledge checks regarding ghouls.
Chicago Man He lived a good part of his life in Chicago, and he still knows a few people there. +2 to networking and knowledge checks regarding Chicago and bugs (just knowledge on that one).
Know your enemy He makes sure to always know as much as possible about the threats to his kind (Hunters, Corporate/Government Programs, FtD). +2 to knowledge checks about those kind of operations.
The enemy from Within Fear the Dark has and will always be a boulder in the way to a better future for ghouls and other infected. +2 to knowledge checks about Fear the Dark.
Info sponge He tries to be as well connected as possible, and get all the information possible. +2 to networking checks for infobrokers matrix searches.
Matrix Security Specialist He keeps the GLLs host secure to any attacks. +2 to knowledge and active checks regarding matrix security.


Knowledge Checks 14 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 6 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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