Snimpin' Ain't Easy

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Snimpin' Ain't Easy
LocationDowntown; Glow City; Tacoma
Factions Involved
Mothers of Metahumans
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy
Leonard Snizzard the Snake Wizard and his friend Nimoy
Mano Ringo
Absolute Zero


Absolute Zero and Vip3r are asked by Phil Haskill to transport and protect a couple of nagas that have been liberated from Mano Ringo’s personal collection. They need to bring the nagas to the Tacoma docks, where they will be able to make an escape. Armed opposition is expected.


Sarah Snow invites Vip3r and Zero out to Dante’s. Assuming this to be a social call, the three get exceedingly twisted on Novacoke and Aisa before Sarah remembers that she had a job for them. She gets them in contact with Phil Haskill, who has further details.

The Meet

Phil explains to the runners that he needs assistance transporting two nagas from just outside of Glow City to the Tacoma docks. The nagas, Leonard Snizzard the Snake Wizard and his friend Nimoy, were previously in the possession of Mano Ringo and were being kept essentially as exotic pets, and they have been liberated from his ownership and need help leaving the city. Phil explains that Ringo will definitely be sending some kind of armed bounty hunters to reclaim his “property,” a fact that Vip3r finds concerning while Zero seems completely undisturbed. Vip3r and Zero agree to help, and Phil offers to use his influence in San Francisco to help repair their reps in the area.

The Plan

Vip3r will contact Cascade for a vehicle and Kenny for backup in case things get hairy. They will then load up the nagas and move them from point A to point B, handling any opposition as they go.

The Run

Cascade is clearly intoxicated when she picks up the phone, but agrees to offer her services for 2k nuyen and to meet them outside of Dante’s for pickup. Kenny is inspired by the nocturna flex of friendship that Zero performs and, eager to please, agrees readily to meet up with them in Glow City after a quick detour to find snake snacks.

Vip3r and Zero pile into a heavily drinking Cascade’s van and make their way to the pickup spot without incident, where they acquire Leonard Snizzard and Nimoy. Before they’ve made it too far, Vip3r notices a FlySpy trailing the van and attempts to stunt on it in the Matrix. Unfortunately, it isn’t having it, and the two are locked in a back and forth struggle when another vehicle, containing a sniper, mage, and rigger, appears on the scene, following them. Meanwhile, Zero notices the ludicrous number of flatworm vipers flopping around outside of the van and has a panic attack, remembering her last foray into the area where she was bitten and suffered the excruciating aftereffects of flatworm viper venom.

Vip3r manages to take care of the FlySpy and calm Zero down enough to join the fight. Narrowly dodging the sniper’s shot, Zero lays down an ice sheet across the road behind them just as Vip3r puppeteers the enemy rigger into jacking out, causing the trailing van to spin out and roll behind them. Kenny finally appears on the scene with a couple of enormous eggs of unknown origin. Zero and Kenny flex at each other through the windows in solidarity.

The mage and sniper manage to jump from the vehicle before it crashes and make a desperate last attempt to disable the van with a called shot and lightning bolt to the engine block, both of which miss their marks. Zero takes out the mage with a stunbolt, and Kenny puts down the sniper with his flamesaw. Threats eliminated, the team takes a moment to relax when a flatworm viper flops through the open window, sending Zero into another panic attack before it’s eaten by one of the nagas.


The team reaches the Tacoma docks without further incident and load up the nagas to be transported to freedom.

Vip3r received a message from an unknown number: “I will remember this. You took my nagas and my eggs.”


-Phil Haskill (Connection 8) at Loyalty 2 - 9 RVP
-10k nuyen (half up front) - 5 RVP
-2 CDP
-Work done to repair both of your reps in San Francisco
-The knowledge that you saved Leonard Snizzard The Snake Wizard and his buddy, Nimoy.
-Zero can take Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy (Connection 2) at Loyalty 2 for -3 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Absolute Zero

I’m not going to Glow City anymore, I’ve decided. Every time I go there it’s just worms all the way down. So I’m just...not doing it. Nuh-uh. Not worth it. Well, I mean, not unless someone really needs me to go. Then I guess I’ll think about it. But I won’t like it.

Anyway, we got the nagas safe, so that’s something to feel good about! They were cool. Seemed nice. All good. Less good, I don’t think Vip3r feels like I can protect her, which...feels bad. Because I can! I can. Doesn’t she know that? Like, props to Kenny for the assist but I could have taken the last guy out on my own. And what the fuck was with that message? This Ringo guy is really...well, I’d say ‘playing with fire,’ but that’d be off brand, heh. He was already high on my shitlist what with the whole “keeping people as pets” thing, and now he’s sending Vips threatening texts? Man’s walking a thin line between living and getting an icicle through the dome and he doesn’t even know it. Now I’m not, historically, big on killing people, but I’ve been getting real good at making exceptions.

Keep it up, Mano. See what happens.