NuYou? No, you!

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NuYou? No, you!
Part of Festering Infestation
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Automated Defenses
Casualties and losses
None Vandalized nuYou property.


Team infiltrates a nuYou warehouse and finds potential evidence of HMHVV genetic engineering and organ farming.


Ghaz has managed to find the warehouse L'etranger mentioned as a potential lead for the massive Tamanous organ farm.

The Meet

Ghaz and the young elven boy with soykaf to offer both meet the runners in the garage and go over their limited intel. Ghaz doesn't have much to offer, since he's tied on high alert in case the Renton Crusade decides to come knocking after all.

The Plan

The team starts doing some legwork given their leisurely timeframe and through some Matrix Searching, Relay discovers that the warehouse has an Ares subsidiary security contractor's protection package. Of medium level, this includes automated security but no active personnel. Their plan is to use fake SINs, get on the whitelist, waltz right on in and get as much incriminating proof as possible.

The Run

The team drives on location with Relay's kitted out blend-in ride and Samsara's car in tow. They decide on staking it out while the Matrix-savvy individuals do some scanning for icons and other related things. By a lucky chance, it turns out that someone beat them to the punch! A man in a suit runs out of the front entrance, ridded with gunshot wounds and turns the corner to get out of automated turret fire. Samsara's quick to exit her car, sneak closer and paralyze the man with a surprise nerve strike. Upon capturing him and dragging him to the team's car, she realizes this man wears the typical outfit of the True Bloods, one of the metaracist gangs involved in the Renton Crusade (see: Worlds Collide).

Once she connects to his commlink to interrogate and the team collectively spooks the hell out of him with shotgun bores aimed at his face, tiny insect drones clawing at his eardrums and threats of literal torture, this grassroots level mook caves in and spills the beans: he was tasked by Carolina Petrovski to investigate the nuYou warehouse, since her upper class sources had hinted at the clinic brand being tied to criminal organizations such as Tamanous. The leader of the Renton Crusade is determined to eliminate the ghoul threat and seems to be after much the same thing as the runners and Ghaz. Since the team is naturally very skeptical about a bunch of Humanis-affiliated scum trying to do anything good, he further clarifies that even the Troll Killers, one of the other gangs involved, had to be bought into the operation with cold, hard cash since they were more interested with murdering metahumans than going after infected for a 'collective good' of any kind. He shares what information he has, namely about a secret escape tunnel leading to the warehouse that he'd used. He hadn't gotten further than that before the defenses had suddenly activated.

The paralyzed True Blood mook is thrown in the trunk of Samsara's car, tied and stim patched. Meanwhile, Zenith and Relay with his drone start exploring the man's information about this supposed escape tunnel a city block away. While they do find it, they advance with extreme caution and manage to enter the narrow, barely functional tunnel. The rest of the team follows soon after and they manage to enter the warehouse from within, not triggering any alarms. Samsara's contacts, equipped with the right type of gear manages to see the reason that the True Blood hadn't succeeded in infiltrating quietly: the whole place is filled with laser grids as an alarm system. Canis does a quick infiltration and formats one of the laser grids, giving them nigh-uncontested access to the warehouse.

They discover a small surgical operating theater within the warehouse, magically sterilized and containing a whole bunch of medical supplies as well as a smaller room for growing what looks like ghoul-specific bioware. Canis and Zenith in particular begin exploring the office space within while Samsara breaks open some crates and finds a treasure trove of medical supplies. Zenith finds small samples of a dangerous bioweapon alongside infected blood samples once Samsara helpfully breaks the maglocks on the hermetic containers. One part of the job done, they yoink the samples and start hauling stuff back to the secret tunnel.

Meanwhile, Canis goes into the network administrator's office and enters the host directly, easily finding his way around and discovering some logistical manifests. While it takes him a while and it even alerts the host, the technomancer is skilled enough to copy the necessary files. After exiting the host, he begins retreating back to the tunnel as well. Zenith finds an Ares HVAR assault rifle alongside some specialist anti-infected rounds: silver and wood pulp alike. He'll gladly take this along with some UV flashlight attachments and exits as well. Upon decrypting the files, Canis discovers that several years worth of planning was made beforehand about the clinic's activities with this mystery benefactor, presumed to be Tamanous. Not only are they trying to engineer infected, regenerating organ farms that won't infect the individuals that the organs will be transplanted to, they also plan to expand their research (titled Project Birch Hound v1.0) to Germany if progress isn't made. Clearly, their research isn't going swimmingly. Surprised by the lack of Knight-Errant response given the alarms were triggered, the team doesn't risk it and leaves.


Samsara brought the captive ghouls to the Underground and will try to establish contact with Nameless, hoping he can take better care of them than she can. Turns out the True Blood grunt had bled to death since Samsara had, like a dumb bag of bricks, only slapped a stim patch on him instead of treating his bleeding wound. Surprisingly, she sent the intel they'd recovered through his commlink to Carolina and dumped his body away to make it look like he'd achieved his goal. Ghaz was grateful and asked if he could acquire the medical supplies for the community, which the team gladly agreed to. The information recovered ended up pointing towards a corrupt lieutenant in the UCAS Army, potentially involved in Tamanous' smuggling operations. This will be a future target to investigate, but until then the runners ended the job on a good note.


  • 11 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • 1 Skraacha Faction Reputation
  • Optional Contact: Ghaz 2/1
  • For Zenith: 60 Silver Rounds, 100 Wood Pulp Rounds and Ares HVAR

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This nuYou seems to be increasingly and extraordinarily sketch, what with the grapevine saying that they're involved with bugs and now exploiting HMHVV healing for organ farming. Their small stock of bioweapon material stored with blood samples is also hilariously unsafe and sounds OSHA non-compliant, I'm wondering if their management personnel have been dropped on their heads multiple times as infants.

Hope those poor sods in that van don't need to be put down, and I wonder if I can help with tracking down this Army lieutenant.

Also, RIP, True Blood mook ganger, it was okay meeting you.


Goddamn True Bloods. Goddamn Renton Crusade. Goddamn fragging organ-legging, ghoul-creating, bio-weapon-stockpiling corps! This whole thing was a mess - finally I get a job that doesn’t involve killing anyone, and this stupid metaracist asshole goes and bleeds to death all over my trunk. Apparently he was some sort of hemophiliac on accelerator or something too, because his gunshot wound somehow didn’t clot properly - I have no idea how he lasted long enough to interrogate or why the stupid fragger didn’t say anything about it when he had the chance, but frankly I’m not going to take the bad karma on myself for this one. The team wanted to kill him anyway and I only advocated for leaving him alive because he was cooperating and because disposing of a body is a pain in the ass; I dumped him near the tunnel with a commlink full of intel on the place, so hopefully it looks like he and his Humanis-loving crew were responsible. I really wanted to ask about the fragging bio-weapons and figure out what they know about this nuYou company, but I suppose that’ll have to wait.

The actual job went about as smoothly as could be expected - I really don’t have a head for this investigation stuff, but the rest of the team handled themselves well there. Canis was good at the hacking thing, disabling the laser grid that the True Blood asshole got caught by and pulling some useful intel off the databanks. Relay was a pro as usual, watching the team’s backs and making sure we all got out safe - turns out the guy is also like, literally Batman and has this super wiz hideout Downtown too (a little ‘’too’’ nice for my tastes, but still, super cool). Not sure what to make of the new guy, Zenith, since I never got to see him shoot, but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders which is more than you can say about some people. Good crew, would work with again.

Hopefully Ghaz has enough info to start tracking down this organ farm - apparently there’s some drek with smugglers out of Ft. Lewis and connections with this Tamanous syndicate, so that’s something to go on at least, plus he got a bunch of free medical supplies if nothing else. Guess I should probably figure out what to do with this van full of ghouls now, not to mention start scrubbing the blood out of my trunk. Hopefully the new year involves less bloodstains in general, but I doubt it.


Alright, so...we got in and out with the things we needed. We've also got the rank, station, role, and ID number of a lieutenant who's been helping NuYou exploit what seems to be fragging everyone. Oh, and Samsara let a racist bleed out in her trunk on accident. All of that's a win...but I can't help feel like this one was STILL a loss.

We left a bioweapon in their hands. We left it unsealed, ready to be used. We destroyed the enclosure, then decided that it was too dangerous and we didn't want to be blamed for its use when--clearly--the bigger issue is how it'd be used. I was outvoted, but that doesn't mean I have to stay outvoted. I've got to find a way to get back in, get the bioweapon, then denature it or have a controlled detonation in a space where metahumans and--with any luck--wildlife aren't affected. We can't leave an agent of death in the enemy's hands because we don't want to take responsibility.


We had a really good plan, get some burners, get into the warehouse as a member of the list, then we found a secret passage because of a True Blood ganger, said "drek this noise" and ran in to loot the place. Seemed pretty smooth, no KE follow up, we could break the locks when needed. Everything was going fine, right up until we found a severed arm floating in science goo inside a tank inside a sketchy operating lab. It really only got worse. Dissolving guts, a car full of ghouls, and a closet full of what I was informed after opening it, was a bioweapon that some of the others had seen before.

All in all, we got some info, but it was hard to say we affected much. I guess we got the ghouls out of there safely and let a racist die, so those are wins, I guess. Ah, slot this. Take the win and call it a day.