Just Your Standard Gender Reveal Party

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Just Your Standard Gender Reveal Party
LocationSnohomish, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Rival Runners


In which the runners help deal with the fallout of a gender reveal party.

The Meet

The runners all find themselves in Snohomish for their various reasons: Newt is exploring and scavenging junk, Samsara is having a picnic with Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy, Hound is out looking for mercenary work, Hamilton is out for a drive on the back roads, and Swerve is being made to climb trees by her exceedingly cruel sensei. Each of them simultaneously become aware of a raging forest fire nearby, and are shortly thereafter contacted by their fixers and given a ping on a host where their J waits for them - she explains that her husband is trapped near the site of the fire, and that it was caused by fireworks that were set off, offering them 12,000 nuyen apeace to rescue them. The team accept the job and begin to make their way to the location that she provides them with.

The Plan

Samsara and Kenny hop in the latter’s car and start speeding towards the scene (accidently rolling over the vehicle in the process, though neither is hurt and they quickly get it fixed), while Hamilton picks up the others and they speed towards the fire’s edge. Swerve summons a water spirit and asks it to create a rainstorm to help deal with the fire, which it begins to do (though the whole process takes an hour) and casts Detect Life to try to locate nearby metahumans (as well as a multitude of frightened wildlife which Samsara immediately begins attempting to rescue).

Samsara rushes into the flames at once, however the intense heat quickly begins to tire her, especially clad in heavy armor. Instead the team pile into Hamilton’s life support-equipped vehicle and start to drive through the blaze, leaving Kenny behind to rescue more animals. En-route towards the target’s location as provided by the J, Swerve’s spell detects a pair of metahumans making their way through the fire, which the team assume to be firefighters. With Hamilton’s driving skills they quickly manage to make it through the flames (though not without some discomfort from the heat), finding a small plasticrete cabin which has so far protected them from the blaze, noticing that the other two are closing in on their position as well.

The Run

As Hamilton pulls up to the door of the cabin where their target is taking shelter, he detects the approach of the opfor with his sensors just before getting a data spike flung at him. The team springs into action for a fight, and Hamilton quickly spots out the enemy mage and hurls complex full auto in his direction, getting a lightning bolt thrown back at him for his trouble. Samsara meanwhile rolls out of the car and spies a troll with a club and engages him in single combat (getting a solid kick off before being smacked with a very large club), while Hound puts the enemy mage down for the count and Newt attempts to hit the drone firing at them.

Inside the vehicle, a fire spirit manifests next to Swerve, who proceeds to blast it with lightning like a true Sith lord and gets fire thrown back at her). Hamilton takes another data spike like a champ before returning fire at the drone with stick-and-shock - it manages to avoid this, however Hound takes it out in short order with his sniper rifle. Samsara locks eyes with the troll she’s fighting and tells him that he should grab the mage and run away, managing to be very convincing given the fact that he’s now outnumbered and very close to being put down himself.


With the OPFOR in full retreat, Samsara breaks the door to the cabin down and retrieves the passed-out target, putting them inside of Hamilton’s valkyree module. Speeding out of the woods, the team get to the edge of the fire just in time to see an unconscious Kenny getting dragged out of the flames by a deer (who’s baby he managed to rescue). Leaving the rainstorm and the fire department to put out the blaze, they speed off into the night and return their target to their very grateful spouse, who will hopefully think more about fireworks safety next time.


12k nuyen - 6 RVP 8 karma - 8 RVP 6 CDP - 2 RVP

For Squirbel: 8 GMP for playing a pregen

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Oh man, turns out fires are super hot! I don’t really know what happened, we went to rescue this guy and then we fought and some people showed up at the same time as us and we fought and then I told one of them they should probably run and get out of the fire and they did and things worked out! Still find it weird to have fireworks just to announce your kid’s gender though.


Hey man Uncle you must be proud, I drove through a forest fire both ways and didn't bite it man. Guess this is my new life, slime in the car, Johnsons' husbands in the boot, fire spirits ruining the leather. There is something to say about deckers, the wrong assumption and what I've been assumin' is I'm just their prey on the 'trix. Turns out this one didn't knock me out before I half-killed his friend and was about to run over the other when the faraday cage went up. It was good work man, and life support's coming up so next fire I don't need to lose the jacket.