Pieces of Eight

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Pieces of Eight
LocationEvo Facility, South of Sonohomish
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Evo
Evo Regulars
Casualties and losses
None None


A story where the Ghoul Priest Nameless brings together a team of runners to assist him in regaining some long lost items of personal significance from his former employers at EVO.


Nameless, once part of a black ops group sponsored by EVO, has since turned over a new leaf and found solace in the arms of his Christian teachings and ghoul followers. Nonetheless, he regrets being forced to leave behind some personal furnishings, which also happen to be laden with hidden treasures. In an attempt to regain what was once his, Nameless brings together a team to reclaim his lost hoard.

The Meet

Called to meet in a hidden oasis found in the Plastic Jungle, The four runners, Skimmer, Setback, Samsara and Dr. Trauma arrive to find Nameless in a state of undress and bearing no weapons, flanked by two EVO HTR soldiers. With a casual wave of his hand, the ghoul priest puts everyone at ease, implying that while they may not be friends, at least those in attendance are to be brief allies. Calling the four runners forward, he explains that these two heavily armored soldiers are former teammates and lifelong friends, who have agreed to assist him in recovering his possessions. He then asks the runners to bear with him as he explains that the mission is to be as quick and silent as possible, with no casualties to the defending troops. The crew agrees to his terms, willing to assist as necessary, but prepared to go loud if the situation calls for it.

The Plan

The crew divests themselves of all offensive weaponry, and dons breakaway cuffs to imply that they are prisoners of the EVO escort. Nameless is bagged, gagged and tagged, brandishing a SIN that is distinctly corporate in nature, bearing the name of Alexander Hamilton. The plan is to casually enter the security gates, presenting the runners and Nameless as captured prisoners, move through to the vehicle garage and then split up while Skimmer and Nameless move to acquire gear for the ghoul from the armory, and the rest of the team locates and collects the treasure laden furniture from the barracks. Once all the items are collected and loaded into a suitable transport, the team will be driven out by Nameless, acting under the aegis of his former military rank.

The Run

The insertion goes off without a hitch, as the EVO driver casually enters the facility with no problems. Once inside, the team splits up with Skimmer and Nameless heading to the armory. Skimmer almost casually avoids detection with his nigh-unto-undetectable predator armor, while Nameless easily paces his student, despite still wearing a straitjacket, gag and hood. Skimmer somewhat oblivious, causes a distraction to divert the armory guards attention, and then sneaks inside with Nameless quickly following. Nameless finally decides it's time to clue his clueless student in, and with body language suggest that this would be a good time to help him out of the restraints. Somewhat embarrassed at his social gaff, Skimmer quickly assist his Master in doffing the gear, then waits as Nameless gets dressed in the standard HTR fare for an EVO Officer.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team heads into the barracks, discovering not only a guard but also a receptionist in the area. Moving swiftly and silently, Samsara quickly takes out the receptionist with a narcojet needle provided by Setback. Not to be out done, Setback attempts to do the same with the guard, but somehow trips up and is discovered by the guard just before she can strike. The guard reaches to his ear to sound the alert, but Setback is far to quick to allow that to happen, and easily narcojet's the guard, putting him down. The team drags the two bodies to a nearby janitor closet and stuffs them inside to delay any suspicions while they work to get the furniture down the stairs. The individual pieces prove to be far heavier than they look, and require teamwork to move to the loading docks. Setback uses her radar scanner to take a peek at what is hidden inside, and surmises that gold coins and oddly shaped blades are the treasures hidden within. With a shrug, the team finishes loading the furniture into the truck, straps it all into place, and casually wait for the return of Skimmer and Nameless who arrive shortly after all the heavy lifting is done.


The team once again don plasteel restraints and hoods, becoming the image of prisoners once more. Samsara begins to have flashbacks of her previous abduction and starts to wig out slightly, asking for something to help calm her down. Nameless provides her with a dose of Trance, which puts her into a paralyzed state, and eases the tension of the group. The vehicle is briefly stopped at the main gate, where Nameless is overheard being called "Major" and has a short discussion with the gate guard. All is well however, as the vehicle pulls away, heading to the oasis within the Plastic Jungle. Once there the vehicle is quickly unloaded and the former teammates of Nameless say their goodbyes and head out. Nameless then thanks the team and offers them a reward of golden coins for the services rendered. He explains that from here he will have no problem moving his things to the location outside of Glow City, and offer to teach Skimmer the power of Harmonious Defense, explaining that the blades hidden within were actually athame taken from blood mages, and the source of his initial ability to deny the ghoulish hunger and madness that is a part of his affliction. The team well rewarded, heads off into the shadows to prepare for their next adventure.


  • 6 Karma
  • 10,000 Nuyen (given as Aztec Gold)
  • 4 CDP
  • For Skimmer: Initiation Cost Reduction (-10% Karma Cost)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I never thought I would be able to pay back my Master for all the things he has given me; direction, guidance, faith. With these in my arsenal I am a stronger person, both physically and spiritually. It was a real pleasure to be able to give back to this great man. The run was liquid darkness, smooth and stealthy from start to finish, it could not have gone any better in my opinion. And now I have the talents granted by my Hapsum Do training, the Harmonious Defense. I can't wait to see the face of the next dark mage who tries using magic on me...


Nice to see Nameless and Skimmer again, seems like they're getting along well. I swear though, every time I see that ghoul there's more mystery that gets pealed back - like, apparently he was some sort of army major for Evo??? Plus he had a bunch of fragging gold inside old furniture, not to mention other crazy stuff I'm not sure I want to know the story behind. Still, I was glad to help him out, even if it meant walking into a corporate site as a "prisoner" - thankfully Setback helped me keep it together, and it was good having Dr. Trauma around for support as well. Could have gone a lot worse, but we made it out without getting caught, so everything worked out in the end. Now I've got some gold that I don't know what to do with.


Oh yeah, that was the time I totally snuck up on some guy and and knocked him out with no issues! I was definitely the team MVP here! <grin.png>