A Question to be Axed

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A Question to be Axed
Disrupted Shadow Wraith
LocationJust outside of Touristville
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Shadow Spirits
Unnamed Wraith
Casualties and losses
None Unnamed Wraith


The team was called by Big K to prevent further killings in their neighborhood by an unknown threat, the team does just that and disrupts a Shadow Spirit that had been possessing an Executioner's Axe.


There had been a recent string of exceptionally grizzly murders pathing towards a neighborhood just outside of Touristville. Finally one of the Orks in the neighborhood was murdered and the community pooled their resources to hire a team of runners to resolve the problem as they knew the cops wouldn't do a damn thing.

The Meet

The team arrives at the home of Big K, the spokesman for the neighborhood who describes their problem and presents them with the somewhat limited cash reward they have. Upon being told that the most recent killing was in the house directly beside Big K, Relay sent their drones and Samsara went over themselves to investigate while Stygian and Oathbane finished the Irish Coffee provided to them by Big K. They discovered a heart amongst the mush of blood and gore that "pulsed" before a Shadow Spirit that was hiding inside of it emerged and fled the scene.

The Plan

The team decided to pursue the spirit.

The Run

Samsara and Relay rode on Relay's motorized wheelchair in a high speed chase of the spirit with Stygians Air spirit following them as he himself jumped into Oathbane's car. Oathbane sent a drone out to follow Relay just in case Relay needed a combat drone to assist since he had left his own at Big K's house. The Shadow Wraith attempted to concealment itself and flee into a homeless camp a quarter mile away but Samsara was able to spot the near-invisible axe and stop the spirit in its tracks. From there the team engaged the spirit and successfully put it down before it was able to do any serious harm to any of them, effectively solving the current situation but realizing that there was likely still a summoner and spirits about. Samsara and Stygian assensed the astral signature from one of the spirits spells and have put it to memory in case they encounter more Shadow Spirits so they can attempt to track down the summoner and fully end the threat.


The team has ended the immediate threat to the neighborhood and informed Big K it is likely that there may be more in the future. Big K informed them that he would need to ask a contact of his with the Sons of Sauron if they would be willing to assist in guarding the neighborhood until a permanent solution could be found. At this point Samsara requested to be introduced to the Sons and Big K warned that they may not like her but he would introduce them, as well he gave the team a large bowl of assorted corp/national scrip in payment.


8k Nuyen

8 Karma

4k Nuyen in avail 12 or less gear


Samsara is able to WFTF with the Sons of Sauron as well as keeping the Shadow-Tainted Combat Axe

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Oathbane: So i thought it was going to be some killer but turned out to be a spirit, something made from shadows, it was a rather terrifying thing, but lucky enought my drone was set ahead for our Rigger Relay to jump into it and opened fire. while Samasara, punched the spirit a few times. The cup of coffee was rather nice.


First job outside of Renton in a while, and I've got to say I'm actually starting to miss the place - that might have something to do with the fact that Redmond apparently has a shadow spirit problem though... gotta say though, it was a quick and dangerous job but the whole team really pulled their weight on this one. Relay was even faster than me with that rigger chair of his and was a quick shot with Oathbane's drone, and Stygian had a spirit hold the Wraith still while we finished it off. All in all a nice clean job, minus all this shadow goo I got all over myself - I even got a bunch of petty cash and some new toys out of the deal; oh, and I get to meet some Sons of Sauron, which uh... yeah, fingers crossed they find the whole poser thing as endearing as Big K did. Still though, I definitely don't like this; Stygian says based on the auras that someone else had to have summoned that spirit, which means that more could be out there hurting people. I'm definitely going to hold onto that thing's axe, just to keep it out of the hands of any other evil spirits, but I really don't like how the one that I've got following me around reacted when I touched it... problems for later I guess, for now I'm just going to be proud of myself for punching an angry ghost and managing to not completely flip out while doing it.


I did not mean to know this much about spirits...but after dealing with bugs I did some deep diving on the matrix to learn about what was out there and what might be coming. I didn't expect it to come up so quickly. We may have saved a neighborhood on the short term, but I still worry: the summoner is still out there and capable of wreaking havoc. That was a big ass spirit, too.

I was glad to see how the team came together--especially since I didn't know most of 'em before this run. When I scooped up the heaviest little pretend Ork I've ever met, I thought we might be alone out there, and I panicked when I realized I was completely without my drones. Fortunately, thanks to a little smart summoning and Oath being smart enough to send their drone ahead, we had our backup and we could put down the spirit before it killed anyone else. I need to let the people know the danger's not over yet, though. That summoner's still loose. We've got the firepower to deal with him, though...if we can find him.


I think the "do-gooders" were super eager to earn their halos today. It was a very quick job. The punch-bowl community collection fund was quaint, mixed corp scrip included. Apparently our J was a neighbor to the last murder victim. Samsara was quick to head over with Relay's little bot. I had some trouble getting a spirit to answer a summon. Just as soon as Paris showed up, all hell apparently decided to brake loose. A damn shadow spirit tried to bolt and get away. Samsara and Relay gave chase on Relay's wheelchair. I sent my ethereal friend and warrior, Paris, after the shadow spirit to help. Oathbane and I grabbed a car and tried to follow. Eventually the shadow spirit was chased down and slowed. Between Paris keeping the shadow spirit hobbled and the others shooting and punching it, it eventually dissipated leaving an axe behind. Apparently Samsara wanted to keep the axe. [shrugs.sim] Who am I to argue about other people choices.

Again, very quick and short. Decent money. All and all, not a bad day.