A Blast from the Past

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A Blast from the Past
LocationRenton, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy
Renraku Computer Systems
Lil' Boomer
Triple Trouble
Frag Face
Red Samurai Trainee
Renraku Spider
Renraku CorpSec x4
Renraku Mage x2
Spirit of Man
Casualties and losses
Renraku Mage x2, Renraku Spider, Renraku CorpSecx2


in which Vati hires a group of runners to retrieve a bomb planted there several years ago.


Vati, the Buddhist warrior living outside the Seattle Metroplex, was once an independent combat trainer and technician for Renraku Computer Systems. When the Renraku Arcology was taken over by Deus and Renraku lost it's favor within Seattle, many members of his team were fired and lost their SINs. Enraged by this, Vati and his compatriots built a bomb and smuggled it into one of Renraku's combat training blacksites. While it was never denotated, it did sit there under Renton.

Vati, feeling guilt over his part in the creation of this weapon and the threat that it presents to the people in Renton and Seattle as a whole, decided to hire runners in order to fix some mistakes that he'd made in the past.

The Meet

The runners are contacted by their fixers to leave the Metroplex through the southern exit and head down a path to a small meadow in the wilderness. As they arrive they see the humble home and the old boombox that is sending out the sound of Orksploitation music to the area around the meadow for several meters. Vati has spent many years creating a place where he could train and meditate in peace, and as such the awakened among the team feel a background count aspected towards Buddhism. This makes Samsara vibe hard with the area, but the rest of the group is slightly uncomfortable.

Vati explains that there is a nuclear device underneath Renton, in a secret Renraku combat training facility. This device was planted there silently and Renraku doesn't know it has been placed there. However Vati doesn't know what the conditions are for it being set off, rather he does know that everyone who placed it there are either dead or missing. He promises the group 18k nuyen for the job and the runners accept before heading back into the city.

The Plan

Triple Trouble, disguised as Mayor Corinne Potter, and the rest of the shadowrunners barring Polka, head to Gus' Bar in the Redmond Barrens. They order drinks and ice cream sundaes while Polka digs up information on the site. They discover that the Renraku site is underground in a series of caves beneath Renton. However the location is well-guarded and slightly off the route of the Ork Underground in Renton. Samsara calls up Ghaz and the runners pay 1000 nuyen each in order to convince the Skraacha lieutenant to guide them into the Renraku facility.

Polka discovers that there is a woman who works for Renraku and lives in Renton, but can't find a record of her on any of Renraku's public-facing businesses. The group decide that they might attempt to kidnap this worker and use Triple Trouble's disguising and impersonation skills in order to gain access to the facility. To this end they discover a Hibachi bar in Renton that the employee frequents, and enlists Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy in order to remove a grate on the bar's bathroom by disguising him as a maintenance worker. However due to the nature of flaming chainsaws, the runners draw attention of the restaurant owners as well as several passersby. They manage to slide into the bathroom and plan to hide there for the night until they can kidnap the Renraku employee.

After some time, and the attention garnered by Kenny, the group decides to just go into the facility by using the Ork Underground and gear up in their armor.

The Run

The runners enter the cave system in Renton and are guided by Ghaz through the various offshoot tunnels until they reach a fence claiming that the area beyond is Extra Territorial space. Frag Face and Samsara throw Lil' Boomer over the electrified fence, however when the ghoulish gnome lands, he hears a click and after a quick Matrix Perception by Polka, they discover a full minefield. The Sasquatch decker disables the mine that LB is standing on, and the team avoid the mines thanks to the decker tagging their location. The group arrive at the combat facility, finding a red and gold pagoda with Renraku's logo on it, but they do not see any signs of the opposition. Trying to get the drop on their opposition, Frag Face breaks through the wall of the pagoda. Renraku's forces have been watching the runners since they arrived on-site however, and have prepared an ambush.

The fight breaks out, with a Red Samurai Trainee with a heavy machine gun trying to suppress the runners, while Frag Face and Samsara rush into the fray and begin attacking the OpFor. Samsara focuses on the Red Samurai Trainee, channeling her Shark mentor spirit and nerve-striking the soldier to prevent him from continuing to suppress the runners. Polka discovers a spider that is launching an attack on the decker, and instead of engaging with cybercombat, decides to send a spirit of fire to burn the decker alive. Lil' Boomer sends a spirit to fight the Spirit of Man on Renraku's side, while Frag Face kills the opposing mages.

After clearing out the OpFor and letting the CorpSec wise enough to flee go, the group spends some time to search the pagoda and find a lead box with a small warhead inside. The runners grab the box and smuggle it out of the Metroplex by Triple Trouble impersonating the Mayor once more and Polka controlling the SIN scanner in order to prevent the burner from being discovered. They return to Vati and hand over the bomb, receiving their pay.


Vati sends Samsara into his hut in order to get a toolbelt, which the young burnout notices is branded as a Renraku tool belt. Using the tools, Vati removes the radioactive payload and disposes of it in a safe vessel that he had prepared previously. He also took a small letter out of the bomb's casing and tucked it into a pocket which Triple Trouble tried to pickpocket from him. Vati catching on to the actrix's actions was gentle in his rebuff of their actions, but took no more offence.

Upon recovery and reporting of the incident to his superiors, the Red Samurai Trainee was forced to commit Seppuku to maintain his honor.


  • 18k Nuyen (9 RVP)
  • 5 Karma (5 RVP)

Optional Contact:

  • -5 Renraku Rep
  • For Triple Trouble: Can purchase Good Looking and Knows it at Chargen Price

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Lil' Boomer (LB)

Are you fraggin kiddin me? OF COURSE the monk who's like "I'm so chill, look at me. I live in a shack and drink tea instead of booze like a psychopath" somehow lost a bomb to Renraku. Fraggin'. Idiots. Fortunately, I was there to keep Orkboy and Orkgirl safe while Sasquatch and--wait--did the Mayor run with us? holy crap. Did I like, huff a bunch of fumes or drink too much or fraggin' what because--like--what the crap.

I'll be honest, I'm wonderin' if maybe none of this drek happened. I'm gonna wake up and it's all a fever dream and I'm like like someone's housecat named Theodore or somethin'. Holy crap--did we actually...did we actually kidnap the lady, or did we not do that? All I'm sure of is that I hung out with this baller troll and like, I'm not really into dudes, but he was fraggin' handsome.


So as it turns out, not only is Vati former Renraku, but he and his old omaes snuck a bomb into an old building of theirs years ago. Great - I always seem to meet the most interesting people. Still, I wanna help the guy - he's been a good teacher to me after all, and we've all made mistakes in the past. Things started off pretty weird - I got into a drinking contest with Frag Face and won, and I think the mayor was there? Still, we managed to get into the site, and who should be there but a fragging Red Samurai trainee. I went toe-to-toe with the fragger and put him on the ground, even took his sword from him - asshole wouldn't even fight me with it, so he doesn't deserve to keep it. Should make for a nice trophy. We got the bomb out though, and Vati's getting rid of the payload, so job well done. I'm sure there will be no consequences from this.