Agency Agency

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Agency Agency
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
LocationCutters Chop Shop, Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Good Boy
Kevin Crimes
Various Cutter Chop Shop Workers
Casualties and losses
Coached by Seamless


A team of runners gets paid by an extremely shady 'Cutters' Johnson to hit up an infiltrated chop shop and rough everyone up.


The mysterious Agency is working to undermine the Cutters' hold on the underworld throughout Seattle. They formulate a plot to false-flag a run against them, and suggest that they themselves have already infiltrated the Cutters' organization.

The Meet

The meet takes place at an undistinguished, Agency-operated/infiltrated bar in Redmond, and the Johnson, wearing the Cutter colours, faces minor difficulty pitching the run, presented as an attempt to drive out the Agency, which has insinuated itself into a Cutter-operated chop-shop. Reasonably concerned about the trustworthiness of the J, who is paying, strangely, in physical UCAS Dollars, Vergil and Indus negotiate for a third of the money up-front and the opportunity to choose their hand-off location.

The 'Plan'

Having been provided with the location of the shop, the runners immediately drive over to Tacoma in Vergil's Nodachi and Good Boy's Terrier.

The Run

Good Boy masterfully infiltrates the back of the chop shop by being a dog, using Decrease Logic to incapacitate the guard dog and the literal guard. Under illusory cover, he and Vergil breach the main area of the shop, nonlethally disabling the Cutters there as Indus blunts their counterattack. As security drones move in, Good Boy and Vergil move into the back office and disable the manager, Kevin Crimes, and his secretary. Restraining them, the team quickly leaves in their vehicles, sending a feed to the Johnson and waiving their ability to choose the hand-off location. Directed to Agency territory in Redmond, the J hands them their cash and lets them leave.


The Agency, having had eyes on both the meet and the handoff, will quietly leak certain details of the job, keeping the identities of the runners secret. The uncertainty this breeds in the Cutters will negatively affect them moving forward.


¥14,500 , 5 Karma, 2 CDP

+1 Agency

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Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm glad I was able to help out as much as I can, although that spirit hurt bad. I need more spells though, and spell shaping.