Kevin Grimes

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Kevin Grimes
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Neighbourhood Watch
Roadkill (Inactive)
Unnamed members
Casualties and losses
None 5 members KO'd with SnS


The group was called up to meet Kevin Crimes, a ranking member of the Cutters gang, who Roadkill and Charon were already familiar with. After a tense start due to his choice of meet location, he informed the group about the job: Find who was ratting the Cutters out to the Neighborhood Watch, a group of vigilantes. After kidnapping some members to take a look at their commlinks and calling up Kevin in the middle of the night, the team went to meet the group who took care of the Cutter's wasps. There, they discovered the rat, but came to the conclusion that there was more than one. But hey, they still got paid!



The Meet

The group headed to the Green Mist, a bar owned by the Cutters, for their meet. Immediately, there were issues: One of the members of the team, Charon, was a vampire, and Kevin Crimes had decided to hold the meet on the roof at midday. Charon was already dealing with intense pain from having to scramble inside to escape the sun, so Roadkill and Pollux went up to meet him alone, while Santesso sent up a chameleon coated sniper drone to observe. After some choice words were exchanged and Kevin refused to come inside, Santesso headed up to talk in person, while Charon communicated through Roadkill's commlink.

Once everybody was listening, Kevin explained the job. The Neighborhood Watch, a group of vigilantes with ties to Humanis, had started to be a bit too efficient with their responses to the Cutter's, and Kevin believed there was a mole. To the chagrin of the group, he had no leads to go on other than the Neighborhood Watch themselves. Before the group left to do their legwork, Kevin told them that he'd probably be unavailable, so they'd have to contact Josephine Crimes (no relation) instead. He also gave them a week deadline, or they'd get nothing.

The Run

With that info, the group headed out, and waited until night so things were more convenient for the group's resident infected. While waiting, Santesso did a matrix search on the Neighborhood Watch, looking for any changes in policies or anything of the sort. After he'd done the search, the group met up in a secure club to discuss their plans. Eventually, they came to one: Santesso's drones would keep an eye out for any potential crimes, and when the Neighborhood Watch showed up, the team would swoop in and take them down, then look through their commlinks.

Surprisingly, the plan went off without a hitch. The group eyed a shady-looked troll, and sure enough, he started to get harrassed by a group of well-equipped humans. Before anything could happen, the team of Shadowrunners rolled up in a van, gassed and shocked the group, and sent the troll on his way. There, the team split up. Charon and Roadkill took the watch members to Dr. Tony Hanks, a contact of Roadkill. He made up a lie that they'd simply found the group, but the fact that they were merely hit with Stick'n'Shock and gas meant he saw through it, at least partially. Meanwhile, Santesso and Pollux looked through the commlinks, which bore fruit. The Watch had been getting tips from various groups about things relating to the Cutters, but one in particular stood out: The Cutter's wasps, their helicopters, would be out of commission for the next week, which would make it the perfect time to attack the Green Mist.

Pollux and Santesso decided to take this information to Josephine Crimes (no relation), and headed back to the Green Mist. The bartender directed them to her, and rather surprisingly, she turned out to be a troll. Given that neither of the runners were racist, however, there was no issue with that, and they convinced her to come away from her group for a moment so they could speak in private. They told her of the tip they'd heard about, and with a little bit of panic, she rang up 'The Wasp Guy', the leader of the team who took care of the group's wasps. He said that there was no issue with them at all, so Josephine suggested ringing up Kevin instead. The group decided to do just that. They arranged to meet with him the day after so they could discuss things properly, and Kevin told them to head to a bar that Roadkill and Charon were already familiar with. Wanting to avoid dealing with the sunlight, Charon asked Pollux to 'let her in' to the club after it closed, to which she obliged. The vampire had to do some convincing to the opening stuff, but once she dropped Kevin's name, things were all cleared.

The group all arrived early to meet Kevin, and told him of what happened. He decided that the best course of action would be to pile into a beaten-up bus and go meet with the team directly. After a bit of grousing that the bus' windows couldn't be dimmed, Charon got lent a riot suit and some Zero so she wouldn't have to deal with her sunlight issues. They all got in, and headed off to meet The Wasp Guy.

When the group arrived, the team was already gathered and ready, and the runners took The Wasp Guy off to a room downstairs to talk about things. He had no idea what was going on, and had no knowledge of a potential rat. When asked about anybody who'd taken breaks or been sick recently, he mentioned Sarah, a seemingly Japanese Ork who'd been ill a couple months ago. Seeing as he knew nothing, the group decided to just run through each member of the wasp team individually. Charon and Santesso took one person downstairs, while Kevin's group of bodyguards, as well as Pollux and Roadkill, stayed upstairs to keep an eye on things.

While Santesso and Charon were questioning the person they'd spoken to, Sarah pulled a flashbang and darted for the side of the building. Pollux and Roadkill opened fire with Stick'n'Shock as she tried to descend with a grappling hook, while Charon tried to run upstairs, though she was restricted by the bulky riot gear. Santesso jumped into a drone himself to take part. Without any injuries on their part, the group managed to KO Sarah, but not without consequences. Her fall had broken bones, and the crack triggered a flashback on Santesso's part, back to when he watched a friend get eaten by an insect spirit.

Fortunately, the flashback didn't last long, and Roadkill managed to stabilize Sarah despite most of her bones below the waist being broken. While the doctor was working on the injured Ork, Pollux made a witty comment about having found one of the rats. When Kevin questioned her, she informed him of a conclusion that the group had come to during their interrogation of The Wasp Guy: Because of the varied tips the Neighborhood Watch had received, and Sarah's low-level position, there had to be multiple.

Kevin honoured his agreement however, potentially due to the fear of losing another arm, and the group got their payment, with Roadkill making an offer to help out in the follow-up to the entire situation.


The group completed their job to find a rat, and offered to help with finding more in the future when Kevin needed it.


10,000Ny / All

6 Karma / All

2 CDP / All

Player After-Action Reports (AARs)

"Well, things got done. Kevin seems like kinda a dick, given how much of a pain he was making things for Charon, but at least he paid up." - Pollux

"What was the deal with that arm, though? Thing just made me uncomfortable. Like closing a wound with twine and bailing wire. Stop looking at me like that. Those were real things, once...." - Santesso

"Have I ever mentioned I fucking hate daytime hour work? Crimes did it just to fuck with me and he knows it, son of a bitch. I guess he's going to be missing a second arm soon enough with that attitude. This is the last time I'll work for him if that's what we're looking at, for Christ's sake." - Charon