Shooting Scruffy Suits

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Shooting Scruffy Suits
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
Factions Involved
Dr. Tony Hanks
Roadkill (Inactive)
Casualties and losses
A couple of Agents
2 Cutter enforcers


Team cruises through Redmond, picks up and drops off a hobo, does a drive-by, then does some negotiating. Then they get shot at.


The Agency, a suit-wearing small time gang robs a charity clinic to steal medicinal drugs. By chance, it's the place Kevin Crimes was dropped off at the end of Real Maiming Hours. The Agents recognise him, and decide to abduct him for ransom. The clinic offers a small sum to teach the gangers a lesson and ensure their patient is safe.

The Meet

The team shows up at the clinic at 7am and meets Dr. Tony Hanks, the doctor in charge. He explains the situation and shows the team security camera footage. The team investigates the area and finds some discarded gel rounds, inferring that the Agents are at least "a little polite". The Agents are accurately described as "wannabe G-men with microtransceivers and ill-fitting suits".

The Plan

Shark contacts his contact, the Legal Eagle, and is able to obtain the rough area where the Agents are based. The team moves in to investigate.

The Run

After cruising subtly around the block, the team spots a back alley deal going down between a hobo and a guy wearing a suit. Shark, attempting to pass off as an Agent in his suit, goes to question the hobo. The hobo reveals he is going to a dead drop, and Shark coerces him into the car at Shlink's protest. The hobo, believing himself in the presence of senior Agents, reveals himself to be an Agent. They drop him off near the dead drop, and move into position to survey the dead drop. Unfortunately, the Agents noticed this irregularity and move to stop the Bentley. Car stuff happens, Kamikaze is popped, dudes get dropped. A surviving agent leads the team back to the Agency and sets up a meeting with the boss. Negotiations go quite well, until two Cutter enforcers get dropped off and start shooting. Roadkill jumps on a grenade and absolutely tanks it. Fire is exchanged, and eventually the Cutters go down. Kevin Crimes bursts out of the building waving a gun and is quickly stick and shocked. The Cutter's truck escapes. Negotiations resume with new haste and the Agents offload the stolen goods they haven't fenced.


K. Crimes is returned to the clinic with fresh wounds, the team is payed. The Johnson is impressed. The Agency is somewhat grateful for the assistance against the Cutters/not being murdered.


  • ¥4,000 Nuyen or Dr. Tony Hanks as a Contact.
  • 10 Karma
  • -1 Cutters rep
  • +1 Agency rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


We meet at the Lady Grace Relief Clinic in Redmond for a job. Johnson walks us through a recent robbery where some gangers dressed up in ill-fitting suits strolled through the clinic, haphazardly stealing drugs before kidnapping a one-armed patient in a spur of the moment. Johnson offers 4,000nY for the safe return of the patient and as much of stolen supplies as possible. The team agrees.

Roadkill identifies the kidnapped patient as Kevin Krimes, a deadbeat ganger he's worked for before. Shark calls up a contact of his, Legal Eagle, who identifies the suits as members of "The Agency", some wannabe G-Men based in Redmond. Slink's walkthrough of the clinic finds some unspent gel rounds leftover from the robbery. It seems the goons were at least conscientious enough to not be firing live rounds in a healthcare facility. Armed with this knowledge the team piled into Slink's Bentley and made for a quick survey of the neighborhood.

The team quickly stumbled upon an exchange between a member of the Agency making a deal with an unwashed hobo. Once the Agent had left, Shark approached the hobo, asking for details about the transaction and found the 'package' he had just acquired needed to be dead-dropped nearby. The team escorted the hobo to the dead-drop (at Slink's annoyance as Shark had invited him into Slink's clean car) and found the hobo was also wearing a suit, and thus a member of the Agency.

After the drop, Shark and Roadkill began setup of a watch-post across the street while Slink continued to monitor the streets from his car. This was abruptly cut short as two pistol-wielding Agents immediately accosted Slink. Grinning like a loon, Slink revved the engines, forcing the Agents to rethink their approach. Alerted to the ruckus happening nearby, Shark and Roadkill beelined to Slink's location to witness the gangers running for their lives from Slink. Shark charged one of the gangers from behind, bringing him down a viscous running clothesline maneuver, while Slink did a swerving pickup of Roadkill for a follow-up gun-point intimidation.

Shark brought in the ganger's to the team's recent makeshift watch-post for interrogation where they revealed that Krimes was being held for ransom to The Cutters, a rival gang. A quick jaunt down the block brought the team to the hideout of The Agency where the team was beginning to negotiate Krimes' release when the conversation was interrupted by a Gopher painted up in Cutter green and gold drove into the alley, dropping off two augged up trolls chucking a frag into the meeting.

Acting on reflex, Roadkill jumped on the grenade, tanking the entire blast like a boss while the Agents ducked back into their hideout while returning fire. Shark and Slink dove behind a nearby car to avoid the ensuing firefight. Roadkill ate a bunch of bullets, Shark charged for a brutal double-clothesline, Slink dropped one of the trolls with one well placed shot, the Agents chucked a gas grenade into the fray before Roadkill finished off the second troll with a spray of SnS to the face.

The attackers dealt with, the team called inside to the Agents and their boss. What they were greeted by instead was Kevin Krimes making a desperate bid for escape from his captors, spotting Roadkill, he took his chances with trying to outrun the group. Miscalculating how much Roadkill wanted his debts repaid, Krimes was tackled into the dirt and brought back to the Bentley. Slink offered to buy the stolen drugs from the Agency for 2,000nY which the boss agreed to, apparently wanting to wash his hands of the day's events.

Satisfied with a job well done, the team returned to the clinic to deposit a thoroughly restrained Krimes and one bag of recovered pharmaceuticals for their pay and the gratitude of the clinic.