A Cheesy Situation to be Thankful For

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A Cheesy Situation to be Thankful For
LocationSeattle Downtown/Auburn
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Woedica Kryptman
Contacted for Assistance
Toxic Forces
Mojo Joe
Fast Food Toxic Mage
Pizza Spirit
Slenderman Clown Spirit
"Friendly" Neuclear Spirit
Casualties and losses
Many Rats died for this Victory The spirits and mage
The Nuke did nothing wrong


A simple Murder case at a small diner in downtown Seattle, evolving into a raid and defeat of a toxic den in auburn. the death resulted in the team saving many small businesses from potentially tainted food! Should that individual not got caught in the crossfire, the runners would have never shown and a shipment of discount cheese would have put a ton of small businesses out of business.


Original Phillys, a small diner in downtown Seattle, had been experiencing an unusual amount of turnaround in the form of death. The first one was ignored by the owner, swept under the rug, but when a second employee died in a similar manor, he decided it was time to look into it. He hires a team of runners to investigate, not wanting Health services to get involved when the police showed up and found a corpse. He lost his thanksgiving money but at least no one would find out this way.

The Meet

The Johnson was a simple dwarf making fine diner food in downtown, so he had no idea how deep this went when the runners showed up, offering each person 10k to solve the problem for him and find out why. They immediately accepted, but that deal wouldn't last for long when they discovered the true threat...

They looked inside the building, finding a charred corpse. Through investigation and a nice Geiger counter, they discovered radiation very quickly. Following its trail, they found Tainted irradiated cheese in the back, and checking the shipping label, they determined where it came from. Unfortunately, the matrix hunt for the "ITs Gouda Cheese" factory did not turn up a while lot, but taking the cadaver's apron, they called Woedica, getting someone to use psychometry on it and discovering a toxic spirit was the culprit, implying there presence at the factory.

The Plan

The plan was extremely simple once they determined the source. They showed up, sending Pain Girl and Mojo Joes spirit to look about, they discovered three spirits, one nuclear spirit, one Sludge spirit, and one Plague spirit.

the team geared up, hordes of spells being prepared and weapons being distributed, opting for a full force attack. Spirits were summoned to control the devil rats they discovered inside the building, causing a ruckus.

The Run

they burst the door in, Geeking the Nuke spirit immediately, and the fight was on from there. The spirits materialized, and the Toxic mage in the back kicked the office door open, Volleying Radiation beams using Ancient Happy Meals as reagents(the fries seemed fine though). Rushing the mage, they quickly subdued him after multiple shots, causing the Slenderman clown to just Peace out, but the Pizza Sludge monster was persistent! requiring extra "persuasion" to finally dissipate.


Calling Knight Errant and The Dunkelzahn's Institute of Magic Research about the toxic incident, they returned to the Johnson, requesting more money based on the nature of there encounter. He agreed, giving them an extra 2K nuyen, and offering to assist them with easy access to food products, and pull some strings for setting up a commercial business. Mojo Joe asked him to prepare a Kind Sized Pizza as a thank you to Wychking, but Pain Girl accepted it, and promptly buried it in the backyard, never telling her it came to improve Wychking's diet.


10k nuyen

+2k negotiation

GEAR RATES: Anything involving lifestyle Commercial, or paying for lifestyles.

12 Karma


+2 bonus CDP

1 DIMR Rep

1 KE rep

Optional Rewards:

Mojo Joe: Tough as Nails(stun) 1 rank (5rvp)

Wychking: Astral Chameleon. (10rvp)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mojo Joe: "Note to self... recoil is a bitch."


"As expected, the team found something horrifying. Toxic shamans - not something I like working with. At least Kryptman isn't miffed at me still owing her one; I reckon she enjoys lording that chip over my head. Got the job done and now my office is decently funded. It's decent for what it's worth."

Snowman: "Called it, toxic cheese mage. No, I will not explain. But hey, I got a shit load of free food and some cash. I might have to wear my wig for a little while though, at least till my hair starts to grow back."