Acquiring Squires

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Acquiring Squires
LocationPuyallup, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Isobel Catalan
Major Corp
Mojo Joe


A woman down on her luck is unsure of where to go. And seeks to find some answers in the bottom of a bottle. Also Banshee sex is a thing. It is not recommended.


A concerned Sir Boris seeks out the aid of runners to find an acquiantance of his who has since dissapeared with no discernable location or reason.

The Meet

The runners were assembled before Sir Boris' mansion/castle... thing. Where upon the noble knight informed them of a rising situation that has his concern. A mage acquiantance of his has recently gone missing from mysterious circumstances and requires the aid of runners to seek them out, afraid she would "turn to the dark path." A reward of 10,000 nuyen being offered inticed the runners into accepting the job, where upon they began their search for information, which Sir Boris was lacking other than the places she frequented.

The Plan

Lynx scavenged the matrix for information, hoping to learn something of Isobel or what has happened to her. Browsing her socials and through context clues left about, Lynx was capable of finiding out a few details that painted a... picture. Her general level of power increased one night, she no longer heads out in the day, and one of the places she frequented was a club for Banshee's and Vampires. It did not take long to figure out what had happened to her. Once the runners realized this, they headed over to the club. But not before Mojo Joe made a brief call over to fellow a runner, Tempest. Who informed them of how to act, show no fear and do not appear to be easy prey. Preparing for the worst of this situation, most of the runners took various kinds of drugs/substances to help with socialization and... courage. Unfortanately.

The Run

Once inside the club, the runners split into 2 groups, Janus and Lynx would head over to the bar searching (and flirting) for whatever information would be viable. ChromeDome and Mojo Joe however would head over to the dancefloor, hoping to find her amongst the commotion going on. After smooth talking over one of the... hopefully non infected bar tenders, Janus managed to figure out the usual place Isobel frequented in this bar. A smaller bar area located behind the dance floor and close to some rooms made for... privacy. Informing Mojo Joe and ChromeDome of the situation, the two made their way to where Isobel was located. However, along the way ChromeDome was approached by an obvious Banshee seductress with... both kinds of sucking in mind. Despite Mojo Joe'e persistence, ChromeDome's stubborness won out as the woman escorted him to one of the rooms. A brief threat heard in her ear by one of Mojo Joe's spirits as he went over to the actual run objective. Meeting Isobel at the bar, Mojo Joe striked up a conversation with the target, getting to know her and what had happened. After informing Mojo Joe of how she was attacked and forced to either, turn, die, or go feral. She went with the option that let her live and keep her mind. Mojo Joe then told her of friends of his that were infected and how they might be able to help her with figuring out what to do. The conversation however broken up by a panicked ChromeDome, barging out of his private room naked with his clothes in hand, sprinting towards the entrance of the club with his clothes in hand, being chased by both Janus and the Banshee. Unsure if she could trust Mojo Joe, Janus also approached and with her aid and Mojo Joe's already spoken words, Isobel agreed to come with. Preferring to stay with Tempest as opposed to Sir Boris for fear of her own safety.


After giving the Banshee chasing ChromeDome a death glare and threat,s he chose to back off. The runners hopped into Mojo Joe's car except for ChromeDome who was rejected for both the stench on him and simply for a slight degree of payback as Mojo Joe sped off. Mojo Joe after deciding on a radio station called Tempest and informed her of Isobel's existence. Asking the towering Banshee if it would be alright for Isobel to at least stay the night/day so they felt safe. Tempest agreed under the condition that only he came along with Isobel. Informing Janus and Lynx of the situation, Mojo Joe sped off towards Tempest's placfe of residence. But not before a failed attempt on Janus' part to track where he was going. Upon arriving at the edge of Snohomish, Tempest lumbered over and greeted the two. Promising Isobel's safety, Mojo Joe let Isobel head off with the towering Banshee. Afterwards Mojo Joe called Sir Boris, informing him of the job and its details. Everyone then gaining their rightful payday.


  • 10k Nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)

Optional, taking from the above rewards:

  • Sir Boris Aldrich Karl Von Altdorf of the Order of the Silver Torch (C3/L3) (5 RVP)
  • Isobel Catalan (Active contact to be created) (C2/L4) (5 RVP)
  • Daredevil for Chrome Dome (6 RVP) (edited)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Janus: "As successful an outcome as could be hoped given the...chemical imbalances at play. Personal note: do not ingest Guts or similar chems without first ensuring locomotion and verbal action can be arrested by at least one other sober person."
  • Mojo Joe: "Hearing the tragedy that so many face being infected it... saddens me. I am at least thankful we may be able to help Isobel get on the right track. Hopefully it will turn out okay. I will be in contact to ensure her safety."