Campus Shenanigans

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Campus Shenanigans
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven EVO Campus Security
Ryan Danes
The Incredible Behemoth
Takeshi "Kaminari" Hatsuke
Mojo Joe
Setter (Kanin)
Casualties and losses
Some guy's shin



The Meet

The meet was set at a neat little coffee shop in Bellview. While most of the runners were able to neatly navigate their way in socially, some poor social awareness from M3chan1c started things out with flipping off a pair of high-society members and behemoth doing their best to avoid growling at the judgemental faces around them.

As the runners sat down with Mrs. Johnson, they were offered drinks, accepting nice little set of fancy drinks, the runners politely sipped with the client before the job was brought up.

According to Johnson, the target was an EVO University student who wanted out of their arrangement with the location. Due to their arrangement, if they were to simply leave and go to another location, they would be highly likely to just be brought back by EVO agents later on, though, should they be 'kidnapped' by a mysterious group of runners, it would render the agreement null and void, letting them freely study under another group without fear of being taken off. Looking a bit into the appearance of the Johnson, M3chan1c was able to sniff J out as a Spinrad employee, making it rather clear that this wasn't a fully benign job. After Setter and Mojo Joe argued with J for a better price, and some burner SINs for the job, the runners accepted the job, heading out to their vehicles to get to work on making some proper college student disguises.

The Plan

Dropping into the matrix after helping Mojo with his disguise, M3chan1c got to work collecting information. Rather easily dancing through the system, he managed to pick up floor plans for the college, security systems and their coverage, and a list of upcoming events before finally making his way to the personnel records. After confusing the patrol IC unit by remaining invisible during his decryption of the files, he inserted the party's burners into the system and made his way out, passing the information gained on the target's personality, behavior, and activities, as well as those of noted friends on campus.

Trying to think of a proper distraction to give the runners an opening to snatch up the target, the prospect of using a party as cover came about, to which Setter exclaimed that she knew a guy who might just fit the bill. Getting connected with Brody J, she managed to charm the man into arranging a wild frat house festival on short notice after waiting for the man to finally wake up.

The runners discussed a plan on how to properly go about with the kidnapping, one suggestion was made to use a nauseating dataspike against the target while in VR to force them into a secluded area for a quick bag and tag. Behemoth suggested a large sack and a surprise 'sleepy punch' to the back of the head. And Setter and Mojo Joe suggested leveraging the dissatisfaction of the students to convince them to willingly go along with the 'kidnapping.'

Seeking an opportunity to go with a more peaceful option first, the runners decided to agree on that plan. Using their fake SINs and disguises, the runners scouted out the location of the party, a popular campus bar. Finding a proper place to bag and tag the target, a neat maintenance cart said bagged target could be stuffed into, as well as an excellent service entrance the group could make a quick escape through with the Rigger van, the runners waited for the party to kick into full gear while maintaining their disguises.

The Run

As the party kicked into full gear, the runners were at work, pretending to make repairs on the building, talking to supposed students of theirs, far too drunk to realize the effective disguises in front of them, and generally blending in with the crowd. Eventually, M3chan1c, Behemoth, and Setter pointed out the mark, sending her off to get to work chatting up the frustrated dwarven woman.

Dodging some cat calls on the way, the target introduced herself as Julia. With little hesitation, Setter passed an AR file detailing the party's mission to extract her from the location her way while shaking her hand. Mojo Joe stepped up to join the debate, speaking carefully with the target about the situation, and showing her the deal that they had organized with her. Eventually, they were able to convince her to go along with it, the woman agreeing to be 'kidnapped' and get out of the area with the runners. Hearing Behemoth suggest they 'make it look real' M3chan1c immediately got back to the escape van, groaning as he waited to see things go loud.

Behemoth immediately subdued the target, using a manachoke to knock them out before they started booking it for the service entrance, thankfully one lacking cameras. M3chan1c tossed open the bay doors to the service entryway, sending his drones out to back up the party as he prepared for a proper fight. Kaminari followed Behemoth's lead, sprinting behind them as a pair of security guards made way after them, keeping up pace with the runners.

Setter used one of her influence spells to increase tensions between a few arguing loudmouths in the party crowd, after tensions flared, a brawl broke out in the bar, drawing some attention off of the runners as some of the guards stayed back to stop the aggression and panic going off in the main spread. As the two guards chasing after the runners rounded the corner to the service tunnel, a pair of laser shots plinked out from the van, nailing one of the guards square in the leg and forcing them to tumble over to the ground, squealing and gripping his wound as the other deftly dodged, continuing their pursuit.

Mojo Joe raised his hands, sending off a storm of chaos and disorientation towards the area the guards were pouring into to chase the runners. As some of the extra guards made their way to the bar, one of them got caught up in a mixture of the storm, and the wildly fleeing college students, dragging him off the premises in a rushing rapid of bodies.

Behemoth and Kaminari kicked themselves into gear, the former managing to lunge into the vehicle, the latter barely reaching the van as a mechanical arm plucked them out of the air and threw them in the back before M3chan1c blasted down onto the street, tearing off for a while before disappearing into thin air with the mods on his van.

Turning and following the crowd, Mojo Joe and Setter carefully made their way out, crying false tears and fully acting the part of a professor consoling a shaken student as they disappeared into the night.


The group met up with J in a secluded area, turning over the now-awakened target, as J seemed to recognize her, and the two got along well in the initial meetup, the runners were more than happy to accept their credsticks and turn along on their way into the night.


12k Nuyen (6 RVP)

8 Karma (8 RVP)

4 bonus CDP (2 RVP)

2k Nuyen negotiation bonus, or 1 Karma donating it to a soup kitchen.


Optional, taking from the above rewards:

First Impression for everyone except Mechanic (11 RVP)

Innocuous for Mechanic (5 RVP)

Kyra Samaras (C5/L2) for 6 RVP

Brody J for Setter (C4/L1) (3 RVP, discounted by IKAG)

Game Quotes

"Oh wait, that's drugs, 2 aspects."

"So I can punch the non-load-bearing walls?" - Behemoth

"My engineering skill finally comes in handy!" - Mechanic

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mojo Joe: "Well, that was an interesting excursion. Never knew I was that good at theatre."

M3chan1c: "Well, nice and easy, the party almost reminded me of my college days way back when, though, maybe with a lot less kidnapping and guard shootin'. Maybe I'll take some night classes there some time for the hell of it."