Hoist The Holly Rogers

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Hoist The Holly Rogers
LocationSomewhere in the Pacific near Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Holly Rogers And Crew
Major Corp
Mojo Joe


A team of pirates got too drunk to do the run they signed up for and decided to outsource it.

The Meet

The team gathers at the "Salty Wench" a bar shaped like a pirate ship. The J, the "Holly Rogers and crew". The serving wench seemed annoyed by the crew still being there 12 hours after entering. A few rounds of rum later and they got down to business. The group was suppose to safeguard a shipment delivering it to an isle. The pay 16kY in gold, the job safely escort a shipment to an island outside Seattle then come back. The expected resistance, a group of ninjas. They offer up their ship to use for the job. Hibiscus attempted to negotiate for half up front, successfully.

The Plan

Red called "warboss" to hire a boat pilot for the boat. Nu11St@ck will follow in his road master. The cargo will be loaded into the road master and the entire team will be on the ship aside from Nu11St@ck who will be in the road master.

The Run

The team sets off towards the target. 4 hours into the sail a ship was spotted closing. The team prepped for an attack and the battle was on. Nu11St@ck opened by hacking some smartlinks while the rest of the team fired on the ninjas. Red began firing cannons. while Hibiscus cheered on the team and Godai shot his bow with various arrows. Hibiscus' spirit cause the riverine to crash into a rock, rolling over the rock and capsizing. The team was un accosted the remaining trip to the island. On the island nu11st@ck found a host. He hacked it and located some juicy payday data. Hibiscus discussed why we weren't pirates and delivered the goods.


The team returned to the bar only to find it under attack. Hibiscus stayed in the truck with nu11st@ck's body and the rest of the team plus a rotodrone entered the bar. Inside a werewolf stated his anger with us sinking his crew and attacked. Godai fired a barbed arrow pinning it to the wall, while it was stuck the rest of the team opened fire with full automatic weapons. The wolf was completely inadequate at surviving the volley. and the day was saved. Hibiscus attempted to negotiate some additional money for saving their lives and they agreed.


15,800 nuyen - 8 RVP

4k nuyen - Paydata/Negotiation bonuses

6 karma - 6 RVP

6 CDP - 2 RVP


Holly Rogers And Crew (Connection 5 Pirate-Themed Shadowrunners) at Loyalty 3 for -7 RVP

The Pirates take to RED and she gets Ascension Rewards for -5 RVP - https://shreloaded.net/wiki/Player_Rules#Mundane_Ascension

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mojo Joe: "Well, that was quite the adventure. Spirits have... an immense sway in how events unfold and I am once again happy to see it in action. It was also great running again with my friend."

Nu11st@ck: "Well that was a great test of my new toy. The pirates were fun, and my boatcar was of great help to the mission. Just need to get better at piloting it now... Werewolves though, that's a different issue all together, glad I don't need to get up close and personal with that guy."

Hibiscus: "Ninjas on a military boat, and a pirate ship that should have been decommissioned two hundred years ago. Still! Mojo managed to get the highest kill count out of all of us."