28 Drain Later

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28 Drain Later
LocationBellingham, SSC
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Mojo Joe Insane Squatters
Casualties and losses
F9 Task Spirit All
Initiation Ordeal


Mojo enlists Adeptus' help to track down a Hopper shedim's location. It gets costly.


See The Slippery Bastard

The Meet

Adeptus pops up, offering help once Joe hits a wall in tracking the shedim which has moved several kilometers away, presumably to track easier prey.

The Plan

She offers to make use of her Guidance spirit powers in his favor if given enough help. Namely, she wants an ancient Sioux artifact hidden away in an abandoned village that according to her can help her ascend into a Great Form spirit. With some narrowing down, she even cinches its location to be near Bellingham, just north of Everett. Mojo Joe agrees.

The Run

The place is surrounded by a thin mana void and bears a powerful mana aspect. It's a ghost town with rotted, old food and eerie silence. Mojo Joe erects a ward in one of the town buildings and uses a lantern to explore in the dead of night since all of his electronics go haywire in the area. He finds evidence that the town was inhabited by both Japanese and Sioux ethnicities and that the town mayor signed a petition to allow the town to secede to the UCAS, a petition he'd take to the SSC tribal leaders.

Mojo Joe continues searching for the artifact, feeling stalked and encountering supernatural hauntings of weird footsteps and eyes in corners, ghosts on the astral - eventually he finds a masking ward hiding a wooden lockbox; he suspects it's containing the artifact and swipes it, immediately alerting the squatters that had gone missing years ago. The enraged squatters, emaciated yet incomprehensibly enraged by the ghosts' torment climb buildings and leap at the levitating magician, running tirelessly all the way to his car. There, the Task Spirit piloting a Wickerman homunculus rams the entire horde at full speed, although the violent crash also irreversibly destroys the Wickerman and disrupts the spirit. The front bumper completely bent and beyond salvaging, Mojo gets in his car and drives home.


Adeptus reveals the skull artifact was a lie and that it was in fact a mage's hidden stash of orichalcum. She already did several divinations, however, and wrote a detailed retelling and fact checking in a sketchbook which she hands over to Mojo Joe. It details several visions cross-referenced with each other for contradictions. One option remains: the spirit's hiding in Ohio.


  • Initiation Ordeal Discount
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • 2 Doses of Oneiro (1 RVP)
  • 10 CDP (4 RVP)
  • 1 Spirit Index

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mojo Joe: "I did it... I finally know... where it is. A place I... recall way too well. But whatever the case may be. I am coming. And I WILL be ready. And those I bring with me will be too."