Radioactivity is still annoying

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Radioactivity is still annoying
Part of No legion but still deadly
LocationAGS, Württemberg, Freudenstadt
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Toxic Cult (ex Shiawase)
Mojo Joe
Toxic Adept
Radiation Spirit
Casualties and losses


The Runners are hired to visit an abandoned Shiavase facility of the Japanese Legion program. The J is interested in any data related to MorningLightMountain. On their way from Stuttgart through the Black Forest, they meet the king of the forest section who asks them to destroy a building in Freudenstadt that is responsible for the corruption of his servants. After a hard fight against some toxic spirits and an adept, the runners manage to get the data and activate the sealing of the reactor, which led to the destruction of the mining facility. They manage to escape just in time to avoid being eaten by a toxic Wyvern.


See No legion but still deadly. The Golden Rabbit, who thanks to detailed information packets now has quite a comprehensive picture of the Legion project, hires some runners via Alan to get additional information about MorningLightMountain. An abandoned facility in the middle of the Black Forest promises to have old but probably still useful information. The problem is that the host there is outdated and no longer connected to the matrix. So someone has to be physically there to extract the data. The facility, a former mine in Freudenstadt, which is now completely cut off from the outside world, was run by Dr. Teko Takura for a time. However, due to a radiation leak, the doctor became a toxic mage and when the Black Forest reabsorbed the land, she transformed the facility into a toxic cult site. She managed to corrupt some of the local spirits and even gained a free spirit that took over the body of a Wyvern. At the time of the run, Teko has not been back to the facility for several months and only her student, an adept, some local spirits and the wyverns are present.

The Meet

The meeting will take place in the Matrix at a small host called Alan's Bookstore. Alan explains the mission to the runners and explains that they don't have to worry about the flight to Stuttgart and back. From Stuttgart, however, it is their job to get to Freudenstadt and retrieve the data from the facility. After a short negotiation everyone agrees on a price. Some runners get some survival equipment.

The Plan

Heracles can provide a more up-to-date map of the region as well as some information about the Black Forest. He can find a slightly longer route that looks much less dangerous than the one suggested by Alan.

The Run

The Runners fly to Stuttgart. Mojo Joe can also transport his golem there via a contact from Heracles. They rent a van and drive to a village on the edge of the Black Forest. After buying more survival equipment, the Runners head for the Black Forest. Bulldozer manages to navigate the group very well through the magical forest. Mojo Joe sends out his golem after some time to find a good way to Freudenstadt. But during the first night he loses the connection to the golem. The next day, with the help of a task spirit, they follow its trail. In the evening they succeed in finding a place where there was a fight, but there is no trace of the golem. Because it is already late, they make camp for the night. Mojo Joe, who has to attend to his biological needs at night, can see some lights coming out from between the trees on a hill nearby in the valley. He can also briefly see a large shadow flying over the trees. When he wants to return to the camp, he stumbles into a giant plant spirit. It introduces itself as the king of this forest area and gives Mojo Joe back his battered golem. The golem must have stumbled through one of his mushroom gardens, which led to little sympathy. The king asks Mojo Joe to do him a favor and destroy a certain building in Freudenstadt that poses a danger to his spirits. He offers in return that one of his servants brings them to Freudenstadt. Mojo agrees, visibly intimidated by the presence of the powerful spirit. With the help of the spirit, the runners advance very quickly and can reach Freudenstadt the next day. They talk to some local residents to learn more about the area around the mine (ancient Shiawase facility) and find out that it is a toxic place. You can pay a pixi to get a night's rest in a civilized place and the next day head to the old museum building under which the mine/facility is located. Heracles first spies on the building with a Flyspy but can't detect any immediate activity (the Wyvern is currently on patrol in the area). They invade the building and force down the manabarriers to take Mojo Joe's golem with them. When they arrive at the stairwell, they realize that the elevators placed there no longer exist and instead there is a huge hole leading into the mine. You can find a terminal and Heracles will go in search of the files to do so, but it has to boot up the rest of the host, which requires more power. As a result, the radioactivity in the facility increases significantly. At the same time, the facility's toxic adept and some spirits become aware of the invaders, and the two parties end up in a standoff that the runners narrowly win. The runners can already hear the wyverns' battlecry as Heracles invades the host once more, copying the first files (which were eaten and excreted by some protosapiens). The Protosapiens cannot stop or eat Heracles, and Heracles activates the sequence to seal the reactor, causing the explosion in the mining facility and the building above. All runners manage to leave the building in time, but all except Lumina are hit by the explosion.


The runners turn the data over to Alan, and the Golden Rabbit is able to reconstruct very valuable information from it. The deeds of Mojo Joe are spread to the spirit world via the Black Forest.


For "Radioactivity is still annoying" 20 RVP

  • 20.000 Nuyen (10 RVP)
  • 2.000 Nuyen for Negotiation
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


Mojo Joe

  • Spirit Champion (14 RVP)


  • Mundane Ascension (5 RVP)


  • Mundane Ascension (5 RVP)


  • Sensei (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Bulldozer: "those toxic gamiménoi are annoying and get on my nerves.. maybe i should get some protections against those things in the future."
  • Lumina: "Those 'Toxic Mages' are not to be underestimated. The more I see the dangers of magic, the more I dislike it. We were in a very tight situation back there, and if a single, major mistake occurred against those toxic magicians, we would have been done for. I'll be sure to take much more drastic measures to prepare for these kinds of radioactive assailants for next time."
  • Mojo Joe: "I am tired, I have several branches in my pants, I want to go home, I need a nice drink. Dear lord... just... fuck the woods. Especially the woods in Germany."