Kentucky Fried (Bug) Chicken

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Kentucky Fried (Bug) Chicken
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Insect Shaman
Voice of the Whirlwind
Sexy Bonsai
Charles Bickens the insect shaman
11 bickens
Casualties and losses
Wounds ranging from minor to mild Everybody died.


The tean took a flying boat to kentucky and did furious battle with bickens (bug chickens) and an insect shaman named Charles Bickens.


A mage who just wanted to live a simple life on the chicken farm was found by a fly spirit, and went insane turning the chickens on the farm into bug spirits. The butchered bug spirit chickens started showing up at the processing plant.

The Meet

The team met up with the plant manager, who showed them the grotesque meat being received. They were tasked with going to the farm in Kentucky to investigate the source of this problem. Transport was arranged, but most of the team couldn't use them due to not being able to take forbidden gear with them

The Plan

The plan was simple, smuggle themselves into the UCAS through Bilge-Rat Jones or the fixer. Find and eliminate the contaminated chickens, along with the insect shaman.

The Run

The run was less simple. Bonsai and Dandy got stopped at the border when their SIN checks had problems, though made it through okay. Bannerette, Whirlwind, and Wölfin were stuck for 4 days in a hermetically sealed compartment on Jones' boat with nothing but a mostly-functioning oxygen scrubber and a bucket for a bathroom. Bonsai and Dandy arrived ahead of time, and did 2 days of groundwork; Bonsai hacked into the security system and made a back door, and Dandy scouted around physically. When the team was assembled, they locked, loaded, and went straight in. They battled 11 bickens, bug spirits inhabiting chickens, and the insect shaman. Bullets ripped through the air (and casued some friendly fire, oops!), toxic spells whizzed by, grenades exploded, and bickens pecked at the runners. At the end, the bickens and the shaman were dead.


The insect shaman lodge was dismantled and the lone metahuman victim was saved from almost certain doom.


18k nuyen - 9 RVP
8 karma - 8 RVP
8 CDP - 3 RVP

Bilge-Rat Jones Connection 2 at Loyalty 2 for -3 RVP
Phobia (Critter: Chicken) (Mild) (only if you want, lol)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Insect shamans are the worst. I mean, who the hell puts bug parts in perfectly tasty chicken!? Those things were tough too, but we eventually took all of them down (after using far more ammo than expected). I managed to pull a metahuman out of the insect shaman's lodge, hopefully that makes up for that poor girl I couldn't save last time I ran against one of these monsters.

Voice of the Whirlwind

Now that was fun! The Boss introduced me to a smuggler who apparently had his boat picked up and brought up the Mississippi by a plane or something - don't ask me why. The air scrubber crapped out partway, though, and Wölfin had to use some bits from her arm to repair it. Thankfully, he took barter in exchange for passage. We then got stuck into killing the Bickens, they hurt the rest of the team plenty but their magic couldn't get through the Grey Mana in the fancy armour Lizzie got for me. We got them in the end, and I splattered the shaman's tainted brains over a section of the forest, and we even rescued someone, so good things all round!


This really is the big leagues... First run, and they shipped me off to Kentucky in a smuggler's boat, in a hermetically sealed cargo container with vines growing all over the inside. Kinda weird, rather uncomfortable, and the oxygenator stopped working a good half day before we finished the trip. Had to scavenge some bits, bobs, and whatsits out of my cyberarm to make sure we weren't DOA. Still managed to get there, and I was able to reacquire what I'd repaired the machine with, and take a good, long shower. Ran into a lot of bug infested chickens, gunned a bunch of them down before I was dropped... And I don't remember much until one of the others was kind enough to wake me. We broke the rest of the spirits, and the return trip home was much more nicer than the way out there.

Sexy Bonsai

This one was fun omae, as usual I was perfect in every way, navigating the streets of the matrix with the grace of an alleycat with the biggest balls in town. Not once did I falter or even come close to making a mistake. The rest of the guys seemed pretty cool, they were a ragtag bunch of Street Samurai who took a little too long to clear out these scabby chicken things with weird wings. It was a pretty low end run right? Maybe it was a kind of retirement run for pensioner runners. Anyway, I cut through the security system at the facility flawlessly and made the UCAS border's servers my bitch so all in all it was an easy pay day.

Now for a bit of self reflection eh chummers? What did I learn? Drek if I know but I feel closer to enlightenment somehow and I'm never eating fried chicken again, that drek is gross, maybe I'll try going vegan, theres that one chick down at Kiki's with the neon green shock in her 'fro that is nova hot, pretty sure she's vegan, hang on let me get into her commlink and check.