Machine Guns Go BRRRR!

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Machine Guns Go BRRRR!
Part of N/a
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Eagle Security
Heavy Ordnance
Voice of the Whirlwind


The Collector needs a ship repossessed and calls upon the runners of Seattle to go to Arabia.


Prefering to hire local. The Collector brings together the group using whatever slapdash methods they can use to get there.

The Meet

The Collector offers everyone 22,000 to begin but not before telling Red to take their feet off the table, and explaining that '22' refers to thousand as opposed to million, what the boat is worth. The group quickly realised that without a talker and going up against a seasoned brow-beater that they would have little in the way of negotiating to do. Heavy Ordnance tried twice for 26,000 to which The Collector said they would get it in the case of Great Dragon attack, making it clear he thought there would be no danger on ths run

The Plan

The plan formed late in the game post scouting. Red decide they should sneak on in and try to squeeze the owner of the boat to release it and fight any of the Eagle Security present.

The Run

To begin the jet touched down a few miles outside of town in order to not raise any alarm leaving the group to hike in with their newly bought hot weather gear. They happened upon a mercenary group who spoked in Arabic, then English recognising them as runners, telling them some customs in Arabia and overall antagonising the group. The leader tried to get them to confirm that they would not attack his home, and ask what their intentions were, he finally asked what their silence was worth to them.

The mercenaries were nearly decimated as machine guns did indeed go brr. They called for a retreat shortly after Heavy Ordnance and Whirlwind shot their leadeer twice, Reaper snuck behind and suppressed a group and Red knocked oout another merc.

The party next happened upon some Bedouin that Whirlwind nearly stated were New Islamic Jihad members. Funnily Whirlwind next correctly realised these are the best smugglers in the desert. The Bedouin did guide them into town quickly and the heat did not burn them.

Coming into town with the advice of both groups they met so far they managed to fit in enough to find ldoging and Whirlwind passed thsemvles off as an eager mercenary and led the party to the yacht, which was hidden in a hollowed out headland not far from the town. After scouting and formulating the plan the group came back at night much to Whirlwind's dismay, they had to sneak by two hellhounds, and eight men. The group snuck by the motion and ultrasound sensors and cracked the lock on te way in, almost alerting a guard. They froze and he passed by them and they made their way inside, contacted the collector and he called the boat owner, after a compliance-ridded talk the owner demanded a runner be put on the line, and using the footage from the scouting and the earlier combat the boat was let into the water.

A short skirmish began as an Eagle Security Enchanter Lieutenant and two corpos rushed the fleeing boat. The Lieutenant got in a luck shot and nearly knocked out Heavy Ordnance before the group en masse returned fire and killed the leadership. The remaining lower ranked offcers put their enfields away.


The group fled the cave and talked down the Arabian coast guard before the Collector's men rendezvous'd with them.


22k Nuyen (11 RVP or 44K in weapons up to Rarity 19, as the Collector is a generous Johnson) 9 Karma (6 RVP) 2 CDP

Heavy Ordnance may take Shoot First Don't ask at Chargen Prices for Shooting First and not asking questions

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Voice of the Whirlwind

It... isn't good when I'm the talky one in the team. Somehow, I managed to bluff my way through everything - I guess that proves the old adage about looking confident. Things went pretty well, everyone else dished out the dakka while I supported with aimed precision fire. And imagining the look on the guy's face when I called him about the boat, bloody hell yes.