Falling Forests

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Falling Forests
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Logging Corp
Voice of the Whirlwind
Troll Soak Tank
Casualties and losses


The runners are hired by a shifter to discourage a corporation from chopping down her family's homes.


Xyvis, a young bat shifter, lives in a colony in Snohomish. Loggers were cutting down the trees they lived in, and they couldn't discourage them themselves.

The Meet

The runners met Xyvis at an abandoned shack in Snohomish, finding a colony of bats and then discovering that Xyvis was herself a bat shifter. The meet went awkwardly due to Xyvis' lack of social skills, Prince's bat phobia, and Whirlwind's critter spook, but payment was agreed on and the runners set off.

The Plan

The runners decided that, instead of killing the guards as that would only attract more attention, they would pretend to be vengeful nature spirits and attempt to scare off the corpsec. The runners also bought some aqua regia to disable the equipment with.

The Run

Prince and Hound disguised themselves as nature spirits, Babylon summoned one and then turned Whirlwind into a bear, which Hound rode into battle. Aside from problems with a pepper punch grenade and a typically tough Troll corpsec, the guards were overwhelmed in fairly short order, one fleeing and the rest being downed. Bear-Whirlwind then roared at them a bit as the others sabotaged the machinery.


Xyvis was pleased with the runners' work in protecting her family's homes, and paid them in assorted stuff she'd found.


4k Nuyen (2 RVP) assorted baubles and credsticks 8 Karma (8 RVP) 4 CDP (1 RVP)

Optional Contact:: Xyvis ~ Curious Shifter as a 2/4 (5 RVP, taken from other rewards.) IG discount for Prince

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Voice of the Whirlwind

I got to be a BEAR! Next to that, anything else is insignificant. Well, 'cept getting paid, of course. But the run went great, good team - shame I hurt a couple of them just by being near them, but them's the breaks for being a changeling. Xyvis is a nice lass too, weird as fuck but she seems to only be weirded out by my aura, not wanting to eat me like other shifters I've met. She's helpful with finding things out, too.

Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel"

Was very odd job kind of work. However I got to be a forest demon riding on the back of a bear dual wielding axes. All in all a very fun job. Beat up some gangers logging where they shouldn't, scare the piss out of some Knight Errant officers, and get paid by strange bat girl. Good work, good pay, makes a Street Samurai happy every day.