Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel"

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Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel"
Troll Street Samurai
(Can't run the steel, don't deserve the brass. Speaks for the quality of guns, same for quality of character.)
Metatype(Troll, Giant)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - B
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - D

Character Information


Norwegian Immigrant child. Father settled in Seattle, just where he grew up.


Become a SINless runner. Being like the cool kids with fake SIN's

Do some absolute fuck-shit with an assault cannon that gets on national T.V

Find someone who can "Earn the Brass" and settle down himself.


2061 Born in the heart of Seattle, Jesper had an unlucky start to life. He was born to a human mother and a giant troll father. His family was got SIN's by virtue of his father becoming a corporate wageslave, gaining a Limited Corporate SIN after Jesper was born, his mother soon got a National one afterwards through a small government position she got at a post office. He spent most of his days in the house playing with the family dog while waiting for mommy and daddy to come home from work.

2070 Jesper got tired of waiting at home. He would wait until both had left for work and then go walk the dog, after that he'd head to the ork underground to be with 'his people' as they convinced them they were. Jesper fell in with a gang of orks and trolls who called themselves the Belly Bristles, they all had lots of stomach and chest hair using product to make it stiff and bristly. They taught him how to scrap, fists, small weapons, and after one smash and grab they did without him, they got access to swords to spar with. Jesper thought he was where he belong, with the crowd who believed he was cool and encouraged him to do more and more bold and stupid acts in the name of Bristle Pride and fighting back against the human system.

2076 The last straw was broken with Jesper that evening. It was his fifteenth birthday and the Bristle Bellies wanted to do something special with him, specifically their leader Jason. He took him to a Street Doc he knew, 'Doc' Mortimer, and got him installed with a smartlink that Jesper picked out himself. Then gave him the crews gift, a Ultimax Rain Forest Carbine, and news that he'd finally be going with them on a mission. They loaded up in Jason's car and hit the streets. It was supposed to be simple, hit some human family coming out of a trideo-theater and leave, that was it. He was gonna be the muscle this time, his shoulders got real wide compared to the trolls in the group already and he was burlier than them as well. Things went wrong. Things went very very wrong. A richer man and his security exited as the robbery was in process, the guards started putting rounds down Jesper's way. Jason used the wife as a meat shield, which worked until they'd gotten back to the car. A .45 ripping through her stomach and Jason's forehead. One of the other bristle bellies pushed them both out of the driver's side and shakily drove everyone back to the underground.

2080 After the events that had happened Jesper cut contact with the Bristle Bellies. He wasn't about that life anymore, he started doing private security for clients who wanted someone big and scary. Eventually he made friend's with a troll fixer in the area who liked being called Auntie. He enjoyed the familial relationship she liked to keep and they hit it off. Eventually she started putting him on 'different' kinds of jobs to his usual work, he became a distraction, a negotiator at times, and most usually a big guy with a scary face. She got him used to the idea of Shadowrunning before getting him to talk with the runners, dipping his toes in so he wouldn't know when the water was to hot. He took a new name he felt was more personal than most people use Run the Steel, Earn the Brass. A personal statement to himself and others, he'd run with the steel already and now he was looking to earn the brass. Although most people just call him "Steel".

He got a little more cyber to get better at shooting, becoming a regular with 'Doc' Mortimer for repairs and maintenance. He got briefly acquainted with another street samurai who gave him a crash course on heavy weapons and kept tutoring him on Assault Cannon specialization. He never loaned him any weapons off the range but the training has lasted, leaving "Steel" with a longing to buy his own when he got the chance.

2081 "Steel" moved out of his parents place, using some of the cash he earned to get his own apartment and start his new life. He's living an almost rock star life right now, partying where he can at clubs when he can afford it, keeping himself in shape, most importantly taking jobs that let him keep his up close skills in tact. The range is easy to get access to, willing knife and fist fight participants less so. At the moment "Steel" is just trying to become the best runner he can be, and find his path to the Brass.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Thermographic Vision

Exceptional Attribute (Agility)

Human Lifespan

High Pain Tolerance (1)


Code of Honor (Norseman's Code women, children, the unarmed, unaware, and unprepared)

SIN (National, UCAS citizen)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
For Running WildMaly27 February 2083
Solace And The SorrowsAurora7 February 2083
A Devotee Of Conrad Of ConstanceAurora5 February 2083
Cat's In the Cradle and the Snake Firewall AARAurora27 January 2083
Pawwagon The Other side of the crateDraknic24 January 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Auntie Amelia 4 4 Fixer(N,K,G,A) Elderly Troll Gossiper, Old Adept, Tea Horse Road, Shadow Networker, Seattle Streetwise Even
'Doc' Mortimer 5 3 Custom(G,A,K,N) Street Doc Biotechnologist, Advanced 'Ware, Black Market Pipeline, Forbidden Gear, Cybertechnologist, Cyberlimbs Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


R4 UCAS: Jesper Finseth Licenses-Street Samurai, Firearms, Melee weapons


Has a woodsman's face. Heavy features, big beard, and hard eyes.

His skin has a light grey-tint to it.

He has blonde hair.


He wears white button up shirts with athletic jeans and shoes, usually has on a small faux gold necklace.

He's usually in his Urban Explorer jumpsuit while doing his work out and freerunning around the city.

Matrix Persona

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