Solace And The Sorrows

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Solace And The Sorrows
LocationSeattle, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The Sorrows
Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel"
Crow Mage
5 Gangers
2 Mages
2 Gangers
Casualties and losses
Crow Mages, 3 Gangers, 2 Mages, 1 Ganger


A new gang called The Sorrows has been attacking Solace over this past month. Mr. E asks the runners for help persuading them to stop attacking, though the runners do not find out why Solace was being attacked.


The Meet

Mr. E meets the runners in a basement at Solace. There, he discovers that Reaper needs a place to live and a fake SIN, and offers both, on the condition that she not attack any more priests. He tells the runners of the problem and asks them to persuade the gang to stop, nonviolently if possible, offering 8k nuyen for a solution. The runners agree.

The Plan

Ember and Tanuki scout out the locations of one of the safehouses of The Sorrows given to them by Mr. E. Ember has shapeshifted into a dog and is soon attacked after being assensed by the ganger's mage. The bullets explode on contact with the pavement. Tanuki uses a flyspy, but some nearby crows start attacking it very quickly. The team decides direct, brute force is most appropriate.

The Run

The team rolls up, though their sneaking is for naught as their mage has a Detect Enemies spell up. During the opening of the battle, one of the crows casts a Force 10 Napalm spell on the party, which destroys Tanuki's drone. The team realizes the mage is one of the crows, and focus fire on the group of crows over the building. During the fight, the team gets word from Solace that they are under attack! The team disengages and heads back to defend the religious organization.

At Solace, the two gangers here and the two mages repeatedly try to take out Tanuki's vehicle, though with some expert driving they fail. Reaper, Ember, and Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel" manage to defeat the gangers, convincing the last one to surrender.


The Sorrows disband over their humiliating defeat, though the runners do not discover why Solace was being attacked. Reaper lives at Solace now.


  • 8k nuyen or double that in R4 SINs/ Licenses up to Availability 12 - 4 RVP
  • 5 karma - 5 RVP
  • 4 CDP - 1 RVP
  • +2 Solace Rep (would be more but much murder)


  • 2 months towards a basic low lifestyle - 1 RVP

Everyone else:

  • 2 CDP - 1 RVP


  • Everyone: Shoot First, Don't Ask for -2 KARMA

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Ember Always think how people have this faith idea, really don't see the point, but overall they normally pay well and I taken a few hits during this...but why were gangers using bullets, that is not easy for them to get their hands on?

Reaper Not sure what that was all about, but we got it handled. Solace seems like a nice org, though they oughta get some security around here, if ganger attacks are a thing that keeps happening. Maybe something I can do in my off time, I'll have to ask them.

Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel" More of the same stuff, although thankfully this time the spirit fucked off and the opposition was much simpler. Gangers with guns and a couple mages, although the fuckers turned the floor into napalm. These nobody gangs are getting out of hand, hope the Belly Brisltes aren't like this yet. Be a shame if those good ol boys turned to stuff like this.