Pawwagon The Other side of the crate

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Pawwagon The Other side of the crate
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp Enemy Runner Gang
Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel"
Voice of the Whirlwind
6 Grounds, Rigger, Techno and Street sam


The runners were tasked with recovering a musical idol who happens to be a shapeshifter who was kidnapped during her last concert and of course due to her being a shifter and among other information, the media did not care about but the company she was tide towards where they wanted to recover their important asset.


It was a kidnapping hosted by the company but those who grab the idol, were going to backpack the corp and try to sell the shapeshifter off to horizon for more money.

The Meet

the team would have to head to a AAA zone and arrive at a place that was the happy Paw’s Medical Center which is being converted into the first branch of Pawwagon which is an institute devoted towards animals, very similar to their parent company doc wagon. Of course, being such a highly restricted area some of the runners stood out due to their weapons and had to quickly get escorted inside to prevent the information or people being alarmed due to armed criminals on the street, they would agree to the money which is 12,000 and 16,000 upon asset recovery unharmed along with one of the suspects who were part of the kidnapping to interrogate them For more information.

The Plan

After being dropped off by Vitol in Georgia the runners would need to somehow acquire information and identify who are the kidnappers in a massive city and have very little information to go off with sides very blurry and foggy camera footage from the incident. they would go around finding out they would there are two syndicates that deal with magical creatures one is a type of mega black market and the other is a syndicate devoted towards a unique hunting practice of throwing dangerous animals and criminals into a massive arena and having hunters hunt them down. the runners would find out one of the participants in the arena hunt was killed so they would have to track down their body and found their magical ticket to allow them into the arena, afterward they unexpectedly found their rescue target at the side of the black market end to where they use the ticket to buy their rescue target and to set up like ambush against the opposite runner team who were the kidnappers

The Run

They would set up their ambush waiting for the opposition to show up for some important deal that would stage they would engage them with the sound of a sniper going off in the distance, a heavy gunner, and a heavily modified troll beginning to the onslaught with a few lesser goons who would eventually die due to their rigger firing a grenade launcher and misfiring it flying directly towards the grunts killing them all instantly. the sniper would accidentally dome his heavy gunner friend leaving a few of the team in a desperate situation most of them begin to fall back while the runner team would focus fire on that troll bringing them down and towards the extraction vehicle. with the singer collected and one of the suspects apprehended they would leave heading back to Seattle being paid and all then fortunate news.


The Singer seems to be not affected by being kidnapping and life goes about their day, with Pawwagon using this to help learn how to protect their VIP better.


(8RVP) 16k or 32 for Ware,Weapons, armor 18 and below avil

6 Karma (6 RVP )

Optional Contact

Dreaming Star The Singer (Shifter mage?) 4/3 (6 RVP)

Second in Commanded for Pawwagon Bolodenka 3/2(4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Voice of the Whirlwind

Well, that was interesting. First, one of Mr. J's shifter bodyguards wanted to eat me - not that I blame them, I'd get a similar way with someone who caused me pain by being close enough. Then we headed off across the continent to Atlanta, and found a big 'special' hunt going on. Some idiot runner had got his hands on a ticket and then got himself eaten by ghouls, we raided his hideout - I disarmed the grenade tripwire and then Steel kicked the door down but got a shotgun blast to the chest - and found his body. We managed to trade his ticket for the shifter and then ambush the runners who kidnapped her - said runners mostly succeeded in killing each other, we got a captive, and then we headed back on a sweet VTOL. And got paid in 'ware, nice.

Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel"

What the hell have I gotten myself into? When I was called I thought it'd just be a simple gig, save some shifter from some local goon squad who kidnapped them. Nope! Surprise flight to Georgia and I spend most of the gig twiddling my thumbs because it's all matrix work out here. Finding local criminals and black-markets where our shifter target could have been put. Got to do something when I kicked down a door and took buckshot to the chest. Turns out that was a false lead though as we soon found our target under some illusion to look like a normal puma or was it a panther? I got no idea. Best bit was surprising the people who brought her here after securing a deal with the black-market boss to take our target home. I drugged up and slugged up with the enemy troll and the combat went by real fast. One died, another couple ran I think. Then we bonked the other troll unconscious and dragged him back for extra pay in the VTOL. I need to get more connection skills man....


A good day is a day when I parry a nodachi with my club. A better day is one where I consider that a dangerous animal hunt in Georgia is a red herring and we should scour the matrix for more leads, leading us to the crime mall but in Georgia. Luckily we picked up a matrix specialist when we did because they saw through the tiger's lady's illusion and I confirmed it by cracking open my third eye. That was my first time outside of UCAS and one of my few runs, there is something to using my mystic aptitude to push my strength even further beyond, and matching a troll blow for blow, and to know he's only standing because of his pain editor.