Cat's In the Cradle and the Snake Firewall AAR

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Cat's In the Cradle and the Snake Firewall AAR
LocationSeattle Tourist Ville
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Irish Nobody's
Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel"
Radar O'Riley
Buncha Irish Goons
Casualties and losses
None All except Radar O'riley who was delivered to employer alive.


Runners were called at inopportune moments whether while eating ice cream, fight ghosts on rooftops, or while dealing with their sons rebellious nature. They all met up sooner or later, Bannerette with a helpful cat and Vikar with an unhelpful snake, at a Japanese Stake house to talk to their Mr. Johnson Mr. Tanaka. The gig was to capture an Irish Mobster by the name of Radar O'riley. The group did some searching and the Matrix Nerd Energizer found the bars he frequented by looking him up on the net. Afterwards the cat leaked our DNI chat in the bar and we had to leave. Vikar got shocked by his car's safety system due to snake interference, then we fought Irish mobsters out in the streets. Some I am the firewall bull shit happened and the crew vaporized the grunts and took off with an unconscious Radar to deliver for their 8k nuyen reward.


Banarrette got a call from their fixer while pulling naval mine shrapnel out of themselves. Run the Steel was called after fist fighting a ghost on his usual free-running course. Vikar was called while getting mad-lip from his son who was playing some Trog Rock at full blast. And Energizer got a call while day sleeping with a bucket of melted warm ice cream.

The Meet

A japanese steakhouse where everyone arrived before Energizer. We sat in awkward silence while waiting for them to arrive and speak japanese at Mr. Tanaka and get the job details. Some Faux Pas were made, but thankfully Vikar covered up for us and saved the missions ass before it could be fucked by rudeness, the cat, and the snake.

The Plan

There was no plan. Just try and find the guy, beat him up, and run off with his unconscious body.

The Run

We wound up at the right bar by complete chance and Run the Steel being really good at finding Irish bars. The cat leaked our DNI conversation by accident to everyone in the bar, which was owned by the same Irish mob that Radar O'riley was apart of and we had to leave. Vikar got shocked by his car's anti-theft system twice due to the snake pulling shenanigans. Run the Steel and Bannerette detected some mobsters in an alleyway by a Taco Temple trying to whack the party in secret and combat broke out. No time for drugs as everyone began firing and Run the Steel moved in to punch a man unconscious with his massive meaty trog giant hands. The combat was short and sweet minimal bluefor damages, the Irish mobsters were vaporized by a Ball Lightning from Vikar and with Run the Steel's help Bannerette knocked O'riley out cold. The crew took off to get their money.


O'riley was delivered to Mr. Tanaka at the arranged warehouse and the crew was paied.


8 thousand Nuyen each

6 Karma


Bannerette and Vikar lose 500 nuyen for 200 pounds of cat food and 100 mice. Fuck you Techno-Animals

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was a nice easy job, mostly. My dress got soiled when that S%$#head Radar O'Reiley unloaded his shotgun at me, but I paid him back for it in the end (like always). Though it sucks, I'm still sore from the last major injury. Also, for some reason, $500 worth of cat food got charged to my account and that weird decker used cat themed warnings in our AR feed; Maybe they were making fun of me for taking care of Sunglasses's cat, but I was just paying back a favor I owed a friend from back when I needed a truck to steal an ice sculpture of a dragon for a different gangster. I don't understand why they couldn't just do it normally. In any case, I should probably take my dress to get repaired... or maybe replaced, since it's all covered in blood. White probably wasn't a good choice in hindsight.

Run the Steel Earn the Brass "Steel"

Maybe the city ain't so bad. Well except for the spirit problems we got in Auburn but that's another story. Auntie scored me good and simple job with a rocky start, no one spoke japanese so it was all down to our pixie wizard to smooth things over and keep the guy from just ditching us. Couple people showed up with animals, thought it was weird but it only gets weirder with them, then an *actual* animal showed up some bunny person who could speak the language. We got the details, find some Irish mobster bring him alive to a warehouse. Here comes the matrix shit again, I hate how often this comes up. Our decker or whatever the hell they were found out that our guy frequents Irish bars. As luck would have it I take us to the one he was sitting in. Unfortunately the cat leaked our DNI and all the mobster inside knew we were after their guy. So we had to leave pretty quick, the snake turned the pixie's car defenses against him, and thankfully me and Bannerette got good eyes and ears. Spotted our target and his goon squad trying to whack us. I grabbed the guy, the pixie vaporized them with ball lightning, and we bailed. Course that's leaving out the fucken I Am The Firewall bs that the cat was pulling for us and the snake was pulling for them. God I need a drink.....

Vikar You know what they say it's always sunny here or somewhere else and the possibility of catching some Irish mobsters was something different I never thought I would do. of course, I'm Norwegian, so that thrown into the entire European mix of dealing with some folks who wanted us dead and were not afraid to give us the guy we wanted till he could be taken towards the yakusa to be dealt with whatever the hell they have planned for him. of all things who in the hell have a snake that can access the bloody matrix you know a creature that is literally could be the world serpent messing around with whatever it could and the fact that it could easily be a threat to anyone us