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LocationDarien Gap Atzlan
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Wasp Spirits
Attention Please!
Voice of the Whirlwind
Casualties and losses
Total annihilation


The Shipbreaker hires a group of runners to investigate disappearances in the Darien Gap


Following more disappearances than usual, Coyotes from the Darien Gap reach out to Seattle Johnsons, and reach the Shipbreaker who enlists the Shadowhaven's runners to bring some law to the most dangerous jungle in the world.

The Meet

The Shipbreaker's secretary briefed the team on the Darien Gap. Oathbane called her brother to get a layout of the place as Attention Please expressed disbelief in it being a true jungle as opposed to a metaphor and she covered hot weather gear. Her offer of 14,000 went unchallenged and the party took the corporate Banshee to the Darien gap

The Plan

Oathbane used her Aztechnology contacts to get a lay of the land and they would hike to the source of conflict and put it down

The Run

The polyglots of the party Oathbane and Pell endeared themselves to the multilingual and multiethnic migrant tent town by providing healing to the people suffering trench foot, bug bites and other ailments. A coyote informed them that people were disappearing even more than usual and that people weren't talking, but post their help they did speak and direct them to a path, which most of the party nearly failed to see.

Following the path they happened upon remnants of the Ghost Cartels, smoking deepweed and using Tempo. After much deliberation and going down from violence it was decided that the party should speak with them directly. The goons raised their guns and then lowered them at the behest of the leader who requested they leave and a bribe. Oathbane stated an HTR would come to their rescue if trouble started, and the leader called that bluff but was eventually rattled by the runners not backing down and cursed the dryad and order his group to leave.

Up above they happened upon remnants of fifth world paramilitaries, Pell's air spirit concealed the party and they went by.

The party happened upon two squads, one soldier, two workers, an adept, and several militiamen. And in the distance a spire of spiderwebs came into view. They came out with area jammers and taking anti-sniper positions with some of their informants having recognised Oathbane and Pell. With quick thinking, a grenade launcher was fired 200m behind the first squad and they went to investigate. In the ensuing chaos, the party dashed for the river, Whirlwind and Attention Please forded the river as the air spirit pulled Pell and Oathbane across, and Oathbane puppeteered an area jammer to jam the second squad, and in the chaos, the party fled upstream.

Suddenly there was matrix signal again an ad tried to ping their locations, which Oathbane stopped, it was offering them safe passage to CAS and UCAS in countless languages. The facility below them was swarming with bugs, adepts, and militia. Oathbane scouted their matrix and sent her sprites to work destroying everything, even getting a goon's grenade to go off. As the party put their heads together, they realised the Darien Gap was full of unexploded ordnance and took time to find the ordnance around the area. Whirlwind fired a missile dead-center and Pell fired a sniper shot into one, with the three concurrent explosion the entire facility went up. Only one squad pulled themselves from the chaos, unbroken and ready to fight. At first the toxics and insect spirits were capable of resisting however Whirlwind got a violent shot in on the massive toxic spirit, Attention Please sliced a soldier in half, Oathbane destroyed the decker and Pell taught several of the targets brief lessons in her school of pain.

Next came the hostage rescue, and Pell clawed through all of the webs with ease, Oathbane armed the migrants with the weapons of the dead, and one final time they snuck past the paramilitary men and led the migrants triumphantly back to the tent town. With that their trecks northward began again.


Power 4 Site Cleansed

Bugs wiped


14,000 Nuyen (7 RVP)

13 Karma (13 RVP)


Pell IG 7 Ordeal

Whirlwind can take perfect time at chargen prices

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


If I had a nickel for every time I've dealt with toxic insect spirits, I'd have two nickels; which isn't a whole lot, but it's concerning that I've done so twice. Still, helping people was nice.

Voice of the Whirlwind

I'm starting to love fighting spirits, especially those from the buggier end of the spectrum. You picked the wrong reality to invade, fraggers. Plus, they're a big enough threat that jobs to deal with them tend to pay deliciously well. And the moment when Pell, Oathbane and I blew their nest full of unexploded ordinance to hell... that's the best HE rocket I've ever used.


felt good returning to weather that my body is use to, then dealing with rain and cold. i like the hot and wet air and now thinking about what I have done some good...i really do need to help more people for my own soul.