30 pieces of Copper shackles

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30 pieces of Copper shackles
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Voice of the Whirlwind
Nova Kid


The merc group We are Ever Watching is up to its horrible ways and hit a church ready to steal an old set of coins, dating back to 1678s. that the person thinking is a magical item and needs to be in his hands, and whatever the mercs do, seems to have backfired for him.


(Forgot the name here) a church was hosting an old set of coins on display, made of 30 pieces of silver that were back in 1676. and so with that on display a mage wanted this to melt it down to make new foci due to his own madness and hired the merc group WE are Ever Watching, who made a lot of noise and rush in without a plan. acting without much reason.

The Meet

The group would meet a woman by the name of Sister Hana, who has been tasked with recovering the coins and due to being overworked has barely any info on the group the people are looking for. she would ask the runners to recover the coin without putting any civs in harm's way.

The Plan

The plan was to check out the feed of the camera, and look over other info from that, other than that not much the runners can do with it aside from finally getting into a data host when it was easier to have paid for it.

The Run

Once the runner has found one of the forward bases for the mercs, they would move in and see everyone was dead, due to some bad blood and pissing off a mage who pick to kill everyone inside of there and doing a ritual to turn their bodies into zombies. not very good zombies who were meant to ambush any mercs, but the runner team showed up and put them down for good. and recovering the coins and taking them back to the church for their payment.


The world keep moving forward, as the coins are put on display, with a fake being the one the people are seeing while the rare set is locked away in a safe. a data host has marked down a few people who have entered one of their buildings without the key card....but not enough information was found to link it towards a group of runners


16k (8RVP) 6 Karma (6 RVP) For Kraken 8 GMP due to playing pre-gen


Sister Hana 3/2 (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Pay a data host my ass, who needs that hassle when I can get a solid chance to crack it instead. And those zombies? Pretty fucked up but pointless too... Why would someone bother making those things ?"

Voice of the Whirlwind

Fuckin' Templars, lol. Nearly shot at me, not that it would have much effect. It would be nice if the J had chosen a nice, out-of-the-way place to meet, but ah well. The job went nice and smoothly, some fucking magical cold and ice zombies, but nothing that was really a threat.